SecureCRT for Computing Professionals


SecureCRT provides secure, flexible remote access and advanced session management at an affordable price. It boosts productivity while decreasing administrative effort and providing reliable security – all for maximum peace of mind.

SecureCRT has long been known for its stability, performance, and reliability. Utilizing standards-based protocols to protect data security and integrity, SecureCRT offers multiple authentication options that ensure data protection and integrity.

Secure Remote Access

SecureCRT provides computing professionals with reliable terminal emulation, increasing productivity with advanced session management and timesaving features such as advanced session tracking. Employing open standards, this terminal also features secure protocols for file transfer as well as authentication options such as FIPS 140-2-approved ciphers to enhance security and ensure seamless repetitive tasks are accomplished efficiently and on schedule.

SecureCRT provides a flexible environment to set your favorite commands and settings and then execute them with one click. Session logging to text file can be toggled and customized by specifying strings to log upon connect/disconnect/line per line/connect. Dynamic filename generation supports substitution of date/time/session variables/environment variables into dynamic log filename generation processes while logs may be scheduled daily/or whenever user logs out from session.

An extensive command-line toolkit enables users to automate routine tasks using VBScript, JScript, PerlScript and Python scripting – standard languages with script recorders that convert keystrokes to scripts – automate repetitive tasks and write configuration commands on an easily configurable scratchpad. Screen contents may even be copied directly into clipboard.

Configurable auto sessions allow you to easily define which sessions should automatically connect when starting up the computer, with session managers customizing to organize sessions into folders and launch them quickly with just one click. In addition, hundreds of named sessions can be stored in a session list and quickly launched by selecting their name from a drop down menu; lists can be filtered in many ways and settings organized using drag-and-drop reorganization for easier management.

The graphic connection screen can be customized to meet various row and column sizes, as well as supporting 256-color (Xterm) and True Color fonts (Unicode). Full terminal emulation includes character attributes like VT line drawing symbols, bold, underline, and reverse for every terminal character, along with multi-byte international characters.

As businesses transition towards working remotely, road warriors need to feel secure that confidential company and customer data can be transferred securely between devices – whether that’s from a hotel room, customer site or airport terminal – using SecureCRT data tunneling ensures that no matter your location your traffic between systems and POP or IMAP mail servers remain encrypted.

Terminal Emulation

Terminal emulators are an invaluable resource used by IT professionals to connect and access network devices. Their support, capabilities, and features allow system administrators to accomplish administrative tasks faster while saving valuable time.

SecureCRT terminal emulation client provides secure data transmission with flexible protocol support for any environment. Designed for Windows, Mac and Linux (including popular Ubuntu distributions and other Linux environments) SecureCRT provides rock-solid terminal emulation as well as various secure protocols to meet data security needs, including Secure Shell SSH1 and SSH2, Telnet/SSL and more.

SecureCRT provides access to legacy protocols like Telnet, serial and Xmodem that enable you to manage all aspects of your network equipment and applications. SecureCRT’s advanced terminal emulation features include high productivity tabbed sessions with session customization and key mapping to facilitate repetitive tasks more efficiently and a built-in TFTP server for flexible file transfer flexibility.

IT leaders have plenty on their plates and need tools that help them get more done in less time. VanDyke Software recognizes this need, offering products designed to make life easier while offering secure remote system access.

SecureCRT and its companion program, SecureFX, share global options and session settings to reduce administrative overhead. This enables you to set up connections and accept host keys just once without entering passwords every time you access a connection. For added protection, run SecureCRT in FIPS mode; only algorithms from libraries approved under FIPS 140-2 will be applied*.

Both programs provide easy access to a broad selection of network devices through SSH1 and SSH2, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem and TFTP connections, making them suitable as replacements for traditional Telnet. Their flexible tabbed interface makes them user-friendly; furthermore multiple task automation tools such as script recorders can convert keystrokes into VBScript, JScript, PerlScript or Python scripts to automate repetitive tasks and boost productivity.

Extensive terminal emulation features include VT100, VT220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Wyse 50/60 and Xterm with color schemes. Furthermore, an onboard TFTP server allows users to move files between network devices directly without using their host PC as intermediary.

Host-Based Printing

SecureCRT makes setting up your printing needs easy on both terminal emulators and regular desktop computers, whether using host-based or PCL printers, printing directly to screen or file or both options simultaneously.

Host-based printing uses the host computer to process print commands and rasterize data, speeding up print times while decreasing “out of memory” errors. Furthermore, Host-Based drivers offer advanced features not available with PCL printing.

Use the graphical menu to choose which printer you’d like to use and set default printing settings such as font selection and page count per session. In addition, there’s also the option of choosing text printing so your output can be saved as a file.

The Button Bar (version 6.0 and later) is an easy-to-use toolbar that lets you map buttons to specific actions such as sending strings, running scripts, invoking menu functions or issuing protocol commands. It’s configurable per-session for optimal usage and can even be hidden or shown when necessary.

This tip provides information on how to save text from the screen or scrollback buffer into a CSV file, providing a simple method for collecting data from multiple hosts and processing it offline.

Some remote applications do not support pass-through printing or require modifications in order to enable this feature. In this tip we outline an effective solution using perl script and SecureCRT.

If your printer requires ANSI color sequences that aren’t being displayed in SecureCRT terminal window, this could be due to an incorrectly configured color mode. Check ANSI Color option is enabled within Terminal/ Emulation category of Session Options dialog box for best results.

Some older printers cannot support an adequate data flow rate to allow printing over the LAN, in such instances you should consider switching to another type of printer or creating an application-specific script as a workaround. This tip shows how to create such a script that prompts for host/IP address, username and password before connecting directly with host system via SSH2.

Session Management

SecureCRT offers several solutions for managing multiple sessions on one device quickly and efficiently, such as editing multiple session keymaps at once or importing/exporting sessions from delimited text files – making backups and sharing settings between devices much simpler.

As network administrators, managing multiple sessions is often essential. From tailing log files and running utilities such as top to remotely monitor server processes to editing configuration files – tasks often occur simultaneously across several sessions. With SecureCRT you can effortlessly switch between them all using its tabbed interface!

SecureCRT was designed with your needs in mind. By offering various features that facilitate remote system work, such as the Command window for prepping commands to be sent out without interrupting current sessions, or editing files remotely and sending escape sequences, SecureCRT keeps you productive and efficient when performing complex tasks. For example, SecureCRT makes your time spent working on remote systems more productive and efficient than ever.

Customize the toolbar with commands and shortcuts tailored specifically to you, making it quicker and easier to access the tools you use most often. Set Quick Connect as the first feature displayed when starting up to connect directly without opening any new windows or tabs. Furthermore, Credential Manager enables multiple servers with similar authentication credentials – perfect if you are an IT network administrator who regularly changes passwords or have multiple devices requiring the same login details.

SecureCRT’s dynamic port forwarding makes the routing of application data through Secure Shell connections simpler by using local host ports as proxy proxy ports, saving time when connecting to multiple applications simultaneously and protecting credentials while decreasing security breaches by making it harder for unauthorized users to breach your systems.

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