SecureFX by VanDyke Software

SecureFX by VanDyke Software is an innovative file transfer program with terminal emulation and support for SFTP/FTPS/SCP protocols. Featuring advanced features like site synchronization and automation to simplify tasks for end users as well as network administration professionals.

Authentication options include password, public key and X.509 smart cards (PIV/CAC). Host keys may be viewed, imported and exported.

Easy to use

SecureFX provides users with an intuitive tabbed interface for managing multiple sessions simultaneously, supporting FTP, SFTP, FTPS and SCP protocols as well as high productivity UI features like filter view and synchronized browsing. Furthermore, multi-file transfers can automatically resume themselves – perfect for Windows, Mac and Linux computers alike – with strong encryption, certificate validation capabilities as well as the option of customizing keyboard shortcuts and toolbars for greater security features and customization.

SecureFX makes network administrators’ tasks of collecting log files from remote servers, transferring end-user data between systems or moving large files easier and more efficient than ever before. Through scriptable and interactive command line tools they can automate file transfer operations easily while recovering quickly from network disruptions resuming multi-file transfers with just a click of their mouse button.

SecureFX Quick Connect makes connecting to servers effortless by offering users an easy method of selecting a protocol and entering either hostname or IP address. Users can also create sessions using Session Manager; settings for appearance, terminal emulation and connection may be saved as named sessions for future use.

Transferring files between local and remote systems is made easy using drag-and-dropping or the Transfer menu commands, with folder synchronization also supported between local and remote folders. File permissions can also be set individually per-file allowing a user to force saving of lower or uppercase file versions as desired, or change permissions across multiple files at once.

SecureFX comes equipped with several additional features, including a secure FTP server that can be set up using either SSL or TLS for increased security, supporting up to four simultaneous connections and being set to send files in encrypted form. Furthermore, its built-in editor enables the user to make edits remotely using either its built-in editor or through SecureCRT’s graphical user interface.

Users can create a password to gain access to remote systems, and configure their program so it will reconnect automatically when connections drop. They may also wish for it to display messages when transfers complete or errors occur and eventually run on specific machines at specific times.

Easy to configure

VanDyke Software’s SecureFX can meet your ever-evolving file transfer needs with one application that offers support for both secure (SFTP/SCP) and nonsecure transfers via FTP/TLS protocols. With its Explorer-like user interface and powerful automation features for unattended file transfers, SecureFX makes file sharing effortless!

SecureFX offers advanced options like site synchronization, filtering and download/upload/mirroring to increase productivity and decrease repetitive tasks. It works behind firewalls and with legacy systems using FTP as well as with various server configurations – protecting data in transit with file encryption, host identity verification and user authentication while securely transferring files between remote and local machines while keeping control over key agents so administrators can manage multiple sessions easier.

With a new default display theme, end users are easily able to identify which protocol they’re using and a session icon that reflects it (SFTP/SCP or FTP/TLS). Meanwhile, Credentials Manager simplifies password management locally by allowing saved sessions to refer back to an entry in Credentials Manager rather than individual credentials – this saves time when daily password updates need to occur.

Resume features can quickly recover from network interruptions, including support for multi-file transfer resume and automatic reconnect. Use SFXCL’s command-line client to automate routine secure file transfer operations and simplify management.

An integrated task scheduler makes it simple and time-saving to automate repetitive file transfer and synchronization operations at set intervals, saving both effort and time in comparison to manual, time-consuming processes.

The SFXCL command-line client gives you greater flexibility over how a remote host or directory is displayed and modified, giving you more control over file transfer settings. Recurrence options, macros to automate common settings and environment variables provide options to customize paths or features more precisely than ever.

The SFXCL command-line client offers support for altering UMASK permissions of uploaded files, giving you control over whether they appear as lowercase or uppercase filenames and changing their read/write/execute permissions per site.

Easy to automate

SecureFX allows you to automate file transfer tasks while remaining compliant with security standards for data in transit (such as HIPAA and SOX). Its command-line utility* makes creating batch scripts for moving, deleting, renaming or listing files secure file transfers easy while its centralized database for site synchronization provides fast site synchronization via an active session.

SecureFX offers support for many firewalls, such as SOCKS4, SOCKS5, CSM, WinGate, Raptor and others. When combined with VanDyke Software’s separately sold SFTP server (VShell), SecureFX provides secure connectivity that enables access through different network proxies.

The updated Connect dialog includes a quick search bar and session icons to indicate current session type. SecureFX and VShell share global options and session settings so configuring a server once will make it available to both programs – you can even launch both programs simultaneously using toolbar buttons!

SecureFX provides robust authentication through the support of various cryptographic algorithms, including ChaCha20/Poly1305, AES-GCM, AES-128-CTR, AES-192-CTR and AES-256-CTR ciphers to protect data from unauthorised access. In addition, all communications made and received over the Internet or intranets using SecureFX are encrypted, making it harder for untrusted parties to intercept messages.

SecureFX can also be configured to automatically connect through certain proxies without the need to enter URL and port numbers manually. In addition, SecureFX offers a built-in SMTP server which enables users to send email from their computers.

SecureFX and the SFXCL command-line utility* can be combined to perform automated file transfers over the internet. The SFXCL utility recognizes general command-line instructions as well as QuickSync option which requires more specific syntax, providing more information on its usage in FAQs for SecureFX and Automation Tips reference documentations.

Easy to manage

SecureFX features an intuitive Explorer-like interface for ease of use by end users, providing automation capabilities for unattended file transfers. Available on multiple platforms to help organizations standardize operations across operating systems while meeting end user demands across operating systems, the software also supports both SFTP (FTP/TLS) and standard FTP for secure transfers as well as nonsecure transfers.

SecureFX provides advanced capabilities to shield sensitive data from external threats and reduce administrative workload. Its built-in firewall automatically blocks unauthorized connections and helps prevent accidental file deletions or changes; additionally, SecureFX features customizable filter views to block malicious data manipulation during transfers; it works to complete interrupted file transfers as well as mirror them between local and remote sites.

SecureFX allows for creating a default site folder for sessions to help manage and organize connections more easily. Friendly site names help organize site trees more efficiently while making it simpler to locate sites. In addition, SecureFX saves time by keeping logon credentials separate from session data allowing users to copy/paste session definitions between sessions for seamless management.

SSL or TLS connections enable users to connect more securely than standard FTP. Furthermore, the program’s automatic reconnect feature improves reliability and performance as well as decreasing time taken to connect.

An integrated task scheduler helps automate and simplify tasks while decreasing administrative work. Users can set and execute transfer and synchronize commands at regular intervals on either daily, weekly, or monthly cycles; additionally an import/export tool makes moving configuration from one machine to another simpler than ever.

With Quick Synchronize, keeping files synchronized between local computers and remote servers is as effortless as clicking a toolbar button. The synchronize dialog provides easy configuration of operations – you can even preview files that have changed on remote systems before committing. In addition, mirror options allow upload or download whenever files change locally.

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