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No matter their data needs – be they downloading log files, transferring website content or keeping multiple servers synchronized – The Broad Institute relies on SecureFX by VanDyke Software to facilitate secure yet efficient FTP data transfers. With features designed by VanDyke that balance strong security with ease of use and productivity-focused features, SecureFX ensures safe & efficient FTP transfers for their FTP data needs.

SecureFX offers password, public key and keyboard interactive authentication methods to establish secure connections to SSH2 servers, in addition to supporting multiple encryption algorithms.

Easy to use

SecureFX is an intelligent and user-friendly file transfer client for Windows, Mac and Linux workstations. Its intuitive user interface makes SecureFX ideal for end users as well as network administration professionals to use, while still offering powerful capabilities such as site synchronization and automation. Multiple platforms enable secure protocols like SSH2 SFTP (FTP with SSH), FTPS (FTP with TLS), HTTPS and legacy FTP accessing multiple systems simultaneously; smart card support facilitates two-factor authentication.

The file transfer interface can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization and workflow. Choose where to place menu bar and toolbar commands most often used; drag files directly from desktop applications into transfers using drag & drop; view an editable address bar that shows you where files have come from or gone out; keep track of downloads/uploads using an editable address bar; use keyboard shortcuts or sound notifications as alerts of transfers taking place – this SFX interface supports them all!

Use the Session Manager to organize sessions alphabetically or by site, saving logon credentials separately to avoid misuse and unauthorized logins. Recover more quickly when transfers are interrupted with multi-file transfer auto-resuming, filtering with wildcard support for filtering inclusion or exclusion and store frequently used configurations in the Synchronize Database for quick recall.

Automate tasks using the SFXCL command-line client (Windows only), or schedule one to run automatically at a specified time or frequency. It supports filtering wildcards to exclude or include files during syncronization operations and keeps folder structures aligned across both sites in sync – perfect for automating manual processes!

VanDyke Software’s SecureFX file transfer client helps your organization comply with government regulations and industry standards such as HIPAA, FERPA and SOX. With strong encryption and authentication features, SecureFX is an ideal tool for secure data transmission across business or organizational networks – request a 30-day evaluation now to experience its capabilities!


SecureFX is an advanced file transfer app with easy and robust security features that makes file transfers quick and effortless. Support for all major industry standards – such as SFTP (SSH), FTP/TLS and HTTP/HTTPS file download and upload operations are included – make SecureFX an ideal solution.

Users are asked to create a configuration passphrase, protecting sensitive account credentials from unintended use. Once saved on their computer, this passphrase can be retrieved when needed to reset passwords if they become forgotten. SecureFX also supports third-party proxies which help prevent unauthorized access by routing traffic through an intermediary server.

SecureFX provides multiple methods of authentication – password-based, public key and keyboard interactive – that ensure only authorized users can gain entry to your company’s SFTP or FTP over SSL/TLS server. In case of network interruptions or interruptions, files can automatically reconnect and resume so your data won’t ever be lost.

SecureFX offers ASCII file transfer encryption using a configurable 2048 bit RSA key length and multiple encoding methods such as AES, 3DES, CBC and Blowfish to protect sensitive company data in transit. Furthermore, SecureFX also supports multiple compression formats to save space both locally and on remote servers.

This software offers the capability of automatically running command line scripts upon startup, providing an effective means of automating file transfer tasks. Furthermore, its SFXCL command-line utility can also be used to automate regular synchronization operations or mirror remote systems using advanced filtering and wildcard support for both downloads and uploads.

Users have the power to tailor both menu and toolbar options according to their own individual preferences, and organize their desktop to reduce clutter by displaying multiple sessions in separate child windows. They may also set their default connection server and choose whether or not dot files such as.cshrc and.login appear in directory listings.


SecureFX from VanDyke Software offers powerful encryption and advanced capabilities such as site synchronization. This cross-platform solution features powerful features designed to assist network administrators streamline synchronization and file transfer tasks. Supporting SFTP, SCP, SSL and FTP over TLS protocols plus legacy FTP compatibility ensure data stays safe in transit while protecting file integrity remotely. Plus this app features multiple authentication choices like password-based, public key or keyboard-interactive authentication!

This powerful tool offers an array of useful features and options for setting common software and data transmission protocols, as well as an advanced task scheduler to automate transfer/synchronization processes at specific intervals – whether daily, weekly, or monthly. For data protection during transit, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), Twofish Blowfish, 3DES and RC4 algorithms are used as reliable safeguards – along with encrypted logons to reduce risks related to unauthorised access of transferred files.

SecureFX provides convenient synchronization dialogs that make setting up and saving session settings for recurring synchronize operations quick and simple, saving both time and allowing you to automate synchronize operations that otherwise require monitoring multiple open windows on your desktop computer. In addition, its powerful resume feature helps recover from interrupted large file transfers quickly while tracking progress of groups of files so you don’t have to check back individually on their progress.

This file transfer software also comes equipped with a personal data folder to organize all your preferences separately from configuration data, making it easier for you to easily share them among different systems or systems that use them. Furthermore, named sessions allow multiple servers to be connected at once without retyping passwords and usernames repeatedly.

This program utilizes a proxy server to bolster security by concealing your IP address, making it harder for third parties to track your connection. Furthermore, you can configure this app to check for updates at startup to save both time and avoid installing outdated versions that could compromise data protection.


SecureFX offers powerful features that make it an excellent companion for download managers, torrent clients and FTP operations. When combined with a proxy server it becomes even more effective at protecting privacy, bypassing geo-restrictions and adding an extra layer of security.

File transfer usability is key to any user interface, and SecureFX offers a Windows Explorer-style interface to make file transfers accessible and effortless. Users can navigate directories quickly, drop files easily onto transfer queues, view real-time transfer progress updates, set common sessions/settings using the SFXCL command-line client, automate tasks such as site synchronization with powerful options like site sync, or send server-specific commands beyond those supported by standard FTP protocol.

Network administrators will find SecureFX’s logging options invaluable in meeting compliance regulations like SOX and HIPAA. With custom log file names enabling efficient organization of large sessions in a central location; log rotation capabilities help meet auditing/reporting requirements; log rotation provides essential audit trail protection.

With SecureFX’s latest update, keeping multiple servers synchronized is now easier than ever thanks to support for FTPS, HTTPS and OpenSSL protocols. Quick Sync offers secure one-click synchronization between local files and remote servers for instant site updates; additionally it’s possible to drag-and-drop files directly between remote windows and applications like native Windows Explorer, WinZip or your preferred file editor.

SecureFX now offers users the power to personalize their user experience by switching between light or dark themes for operating system-specific displays, selecting icons to indicate session protocols (Windows), creating your own shortcuts, global start menu items, and integrated search for quick navigation and accessing frequently visited websites. Other enhancements include better TLS compatibility for Windows 10/11 systems as well as more efficient processing of incoming connections using UDP proxy servers with priority servers offering load balancing that optimize bandwidth utilization and speed.

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