SHAREit Review

SHAREit can be installed on various devices with different operating systems; however, the interface may become disorganized on older hardware and iOS devices.

Wi-Fi Direct technology enables this app to transfer files at fast speeds without using cloud storage or USB connections, sending music and videos without degrading their quality in transit.

Fast Transfer Speeds

SHAREit stands out as one of the fastest file-sharing applications, boasting transfer speeds up to 200x faster than Bluetooth and making it ideal for quickly sharing large media files or multiple documents at the same time. Furthermore, it doesn’t require internet connectivity when exchanging data – making it ideal for anyone without enough mobile data plans available for transfer purposes.

This app utilizes WiFi Direct technology to transfer files between devices. This method creates a direct device-to-device connection without an internet connection and is much safer than sending files via email or flash drives. Furthermore, the app claims it can transfer up to 20 megabytes per second! Impressive indeed.

After installing SHAREit onto your computer, it will connect automatically with any smartphone nearby and allow you to begin sharing any type of file – photos, videos, music files and installed applications alike – within seconds – including large movies!

SHAREit stands out by enabling users to send files between smartphones and computers across platforms – this feature makes the app invaluable for those collaborating across devices with friends or coworkers who rely on different types of devices for work or pleasure. Furthermore, you can mirror your smartphone screen onto a laptop so you can watch presentations or videos in full HD quality from either device.

SHAREit provides fast transfer speeds, is compatible with all major operating systems, and easy to use on any device. Even two smartphones running the same OS can exchange files simultaneously – making this a perfect option for families that all own the same brand of phone!

Prior to downloading the SHAREit app, users should be aware of any potential drawbacks they might face. For example, this app may experience connection problems that slow transfer speeds. Furthermore, it has also been known to display intrusive advertisements which can disrupt user experiences; these issues tend to be minor and easily fixed with some troubleshooting efforts.

Easy to Use

SHAREit offers an intuitive user interface that is simple and straightforward to understand, offering compatibility across most major platforms and devices. When opening the application, a screen displaying all file types supported will appear; from here you can begin selecting files to transfer over.

Unlike competing programs that impose limitations on the size and types of files that can be transferred, this application does not. This makes transferring larger files such as movies or music albums much simpler while the quality remains intact and they’re not compressed like many other apps do to save space.

SHAREit also boasts the functionality to group share files simultaneously with up to five other users – an invaluable capability that allows you to share large files easily among family and friends.

SHAREit doesn’t offer many advanced security features, like PINs or passwords, and transfers aren’t encrypted; any physical access could potentially grant someone else access to your files.

SHAREit remains an excellent solution for mobile device users despite a few minor drawbacks. The app offers high-speed file transfer over Wi-Fi networks and is compatible with all major operating systems; furthermore, its user interface makes for simple navigation and offers various useful features. Best of all, it’s free for Android and Windows devices and offers a premium version on iOS gadgets – but please be aware that both may contain ads. However, SHAREit remains an excellent solution for mobile device owners looking to streamline the transfer of information across smartphones and tablets. Another similar application, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer makes data sharing between older devices as well as newer ones straightforward and effortless.

Compatible with Multiple Platforms

SHAREit has quickly become one of the most downloaded file transfer applications with billions of downloads worldwide. As an Android, iOS, Mac OSX and Windows cross-platform application it enables users to share files across devices as easily as they would using WiFi or cellular data alone. Furthermore it offers music management, movies streaming as well as trending music videos and personalized wallpapers GIFs and stickers downloads – making SHAREit an efficient way for mobile users to transfer files between their devices.

SHAREit features an intuitive and straightforward user interface, making it accessible for any person to use. Furthermore, cross-platform compatibility means you can move files between platforms without being tied down by USB port connections – an invaluable feature for people with multiple mobile devices!

Once you launch the SHAREit app, you will be presented with a selection of apps and games you can install, as well as options to quickly send and receive files immediately. However, one area where improvements could be made would be finding devices you are trying to transfer files onto.

Wi-Fi Direct technology requires both devices involved to be within close proximity. Once connected, you will see the receiver’s device icon appear on your device – simply tap to start transferring files!

SHAREit provides more than just file transfers – it also features media player, security features and an ad-free vault to store confidential documents securely using password or fingerprint lock protection. Available free for iOS, Android, Blackberry, MacOS and Windows mobile phones alike!


SHAREit is a secure file-sharing app with encryption and secure connection protocols to protect users against hackers and malware, plus a built-in antivirus scanner to check files for viruses before being transferred across devices – providing a high level of protection – though no app can guarantee safety entirely, so users should exercise caution when sharing files online.

Shareit, originally developed by Lenovo before being spun off into Smart Media4U of Singapore, has been downloaded more than one billion times on mobile devices since it launched. But recently it came to light that its security flaws could expose user data, according to cybersecurity firm Trend Micro. These flaws could potentially allow hackers to gain access to sensitive information or execute remote code, Trend Micro informed its maker three months ago but none has patched these vulnerabilities since.

Additionally to its security flaws, Shareit’s Android version also requests privacy-invading permissions such as location tracking, camera usage tracking, storage usage tracking, contacts usage tracking and microphone use tracking, device & app history viewing/editing/manipulation information for each app installed, Wi-Fi connection information access as well as photos/media/files storage for photos/media/files and so forth – leading to hackers accessing private phone files as well as installing third-party apps covertly on phones without their owners knowledge. It also falls prey to man-in-the-disk attacks which allow hackers to gain control over application resources stored externally.

Though these concerns exist, many users still deem Shareit safe and reliable file-sharing app. Wi-Fi Direct technology enables a direct link between devices to reduce the likelihood of malicious files being transmitted over unsecure networks; its built-in antivirus scanner regularly updates its virus database so it stays protected against threats; plus its visibility settings allow users to control how visible they are to other users within the app, offering another layer of security to those concerned about privacy.

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