SlimBrowser Portable V8 005 Review

SlimBrowser is a quick web browser with many useful features integrated within itself – cutting out external plugins altogether and giving the user a smooth experience.

Reduced number of libraries loaded at start up that hog CPU resources when browsing the web. Also featured: Ad blocking capabilities, faster download speeds for YouTube videos and translation between languages for web pages or selected text.

Fastest Browser

SlimBrowser Portable V 8 00 005 is a fast, smooth and powerful internet browser with many unique features not found elsewhere. Built around Trident rendering engine and featuring a compact setup package of only 3MB. Furthermore, this browser supports numerous protocols including HTTPS for more secure browsing experience while its built-in ad blocker helps reduce clutter while increasing load times by blocking ads from webpages.

SlimBrowser distinguishes itself from other web browsers by integrating most of its features internally without depending on external plugins, meaning there are fewer DLL libraries to load upon startup and less plugins that consume CPU resources while browsing the internet. Furthermore, this browser boasts an advanced multithreaded download manager capable of connecting up to 12 connections simultaneously in order to download files quickly from servers – this ensures downloads complete within fractions of a second!

Facebook integration lets you share links, pictures and text with online friends quickly. YouTube tools allow you to save online videos as MP4 or FLV files to your computer or extract audio portions for MP3 conversion. Finally, the browser offers shortcuts so you can quickly go to frequently visited web sites with just one click – an ideal feature when saving online videos as MP4 or FLV files can take hours instead.

Fastest Download Manager

SlimBrowser aims to ensure you can browse the Internet freely while protecting both your personal information and privacy. Packed with various functions and options that boost productivity and make Internet use much more comfortable – for instance its built-in download manager can speed up download speeds up to 12x while keeping a complete download history; its intelligent form filler will complete web forms automatically while its newly designed ad blocker eliminates annoying bandwidth-stealing ads which frustrate users;

SlimBrowser browser takes less time to start up and load web pages than most other browsers due to integrated features that reduce memory and CPU overhead during regular Internet surfing operations. This also reduces overall Internet browsing overhead costs.

YouTube tools allow you to download online videos in various formats including MP4, while its photo upload utility automatically reduces photos to web-friendly resolution on upload, saving both time and bandwidth. With Facebook integration, you can share links, selected text, pictures or URLs directly with friends at one click – plus its translator allows for two-way translation between any two languages on web pages! Furthermore, its current weather condition and forecast are displayed directly on your browser status bar without needing additional plugins!

Fastest Photo Upload

Speed up photo upload speed up to 12 times by automatically shrinking photos down to web-optimized resolution (by default, 1M pixels) just before uploading, speeding up the process almost instantaneously – uploading 10M pixel photos takes only seconds rather than a full minute on fast uplink connections!

Your browser comes equipped with an automated password manager and QuickFill form filler that help automate all your favorite website logins so that you don’t have to remember dozens of user names and passwords – saving both time and decreasing risk from hackers who might try to gain entry to your information.

Use the Picture-in-Picture video feature to view videos in a separate window that stays on top of other pages and programs, making it possible for you to work in one tab while watching YouTube videos without risking accidentally closing or switching tabs.

Most people understand the significance of download speeds, but not everyone appreciates how important upload speeds can be as well. For example, sending a 5M pixel photo via email takes up twice as much bandwidth to upload back onto the Internet compared to downloading it initially. That is why using wired connections to your modem or router over wireless will provide much more consistent upload/download speeds than Wi-Fi connections can.

Fastest Video Download

SlimBrowser features an enhanced download manager to facilitate lightning-fast file downloads – up to twelve times faster than usual – from sites such as YouTube. In addition, SlimBrowser makes uploading photos lightning fast; automatically shrinking them down to 1M pixels before being uploaded can reduce upload time from 10 minutes on 1Mbps uplink down to just seconds!

An onboard ad blocker can help protect you from ads on websites while keeping browser performance at peak levels. Plus, its translation features allow for rapid translation without needing additional translation plugins!

This browser also features a tabs page with configurable rows and columns, automatically resizing according to window size, as well as a search bar that shows results from both address bar and web page title searches; quick-dial page with customizable button images for faster call setup; current weather condition/forecast displayed on status bar, site group feature for saving multiple websites as groups that you can open with just one click; as well as weather forecast on status bar display.

SlimBrowser is an advanced web browser with an attractive user experience designed for both novices and more seasoned Internet users alike. Based on Mozilla Firefox open source project and using Chromium engine technology, most files inherited from this project can be freely redistributed under Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Fastest Translation

SlimBrowser features an extensive array of tools designed to make browsing the internet simpler and more enjoyable, such as ad blocking, multi-threaded video downloader that supports many formats, photo upload and photo editing tool with features for advanced users, translation capabilities that outshone Chrome translation tools as easily translated text or web pages directly in popup windows or within your current UI language and searching directly from address bar in OmniBar mode.

Other handy features include domain autocompletion and spell-checking of web forms.

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