SlimBrowser Review

SlimBrowser is a free web browser built specifically to work well on Windows PCs and provides many useful features that may prove attractive to you.

FlashPeak Inc, which also specializes in productivity tools and text processing applications, created this web browser with speed in mind and an extensive set of features to maximize online productivity.

Faster web browsing

SlimBrowser was developed with both convenience and productivity in mind, providing many key features that make it an attractive alternative to mainstream Web browsers. These include auto-filling of login information, form submission automation, page navigation automation and text form saves. Users can even save text entered into online forms as a form file to use when filling other online forms with just the click of a button!

SlimBrowser also provides useful features like an inbuilt spell checker, RSS reader and pop-up blocker. Furthermore, its multi-threaded download manager boosts download speeds up to 12x while supporting resumable downloads; users can even use SlimBrowser to download MP4 videos and music directly from the Internet without installing additional third-party software.

This browser also enables users to open multiple websites simultaneously as tabs within a single window, making browsing pages quickly and efficiently possible. With an intelligent form filler storing login and identity details into predefined form files, log-in information doesn’t have to be typed manually for every login and identity check – saving both time and typing efforts! A built-in ad blocker removes bandwidth-consuming ads from Web pages before they appear again while advanced privacy tools safeguard user’s personal data.

Furthermore, this program features a photo uploading utility which optimizes photos for the Web and includes stylish frames. Furthermore, its social media-aware features allow users to quickly and easily share links, pictures and selected text from any webpage onto popular social networks such as Facebook with just a few clicks – similar functionality exists with Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon services to allow content sharing across the Internet. Likewise, its browser allows them to synchronize all their data across computers by simply signing into one account – as well as finding what they’re searching faster and easier!

No ads

SlimBrowser stands apart from popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox in that it does not display advertisements of any kind, providing an uncluttered browsing experience and saving significant resources on your computer. Because of this, it has gained notoriety as one of the lightest web browsers online.

SlimBrowser may lack advertisements, but that doesn’t stop it from providing some other useful features. Facebook integration allows you to easily share links, pictures or selected text with your friends with just a single click; an integrated YouTube tool enables downloading videos into MP4, FLV and WebM formats – or extract mp3 audio directly. Plus it employs cutting edge techniques against computer attacks and intrusions including virus scanning, password management and more!

SlimBrowser stands out from its competition in several areas. These include its speed and ability to easily handle complex websites without breaking down, working well even on older computers with limited RAM. Furthermore, its ad blocker helps speed up page loads by blocking out bandwidth-hogging ads from most pages so you can load pages faster.

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SlimBrowser does not offer as many extensions and plugins compared to its rival browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox), though. At most it offers just a handful of plugins and skins.

Additionally, this program features a useful file manager which will locate and download updated versions of popular applications and programs from the internet for you. This time-saving feature can save considerable amounts of effort as it eliminates manual searching for them.

Only few advanced plugins and limited customization options limit its usefulness, but nonetheless it remains an ideal choice for those wanting a simple yet fast web browser that runs efficiently on older or slower computers.

10x faster file & video download

SlimBrowser from FlashPeak Inc is an easy and lightweight web browser designed to maximize both productivity and efficiency, as well as provide access to the latest features. SlimBrowser includes all essential and desirable browser features like an ad blocker, popup blocker, tab browsing, fast search capabilities, web groups/site grouping features such as multi-page download and YouTube video downloading capability and also boasts super fast photo upload speeds, in addition to translation tools making foreign websites easier to understand.

Ad blocking functionality of a web browser reclaims memory and bandwidth consumed by various forms of advertising online, freeing up resources that have been taken over by ads. Users may enable or disable it for individual sites at their discretion; some advertisements can even be displayed by adding them to a “whitelist”.

An improved download manager embedded into web browsers helps to accelerate internet downloads up to 12 times faster than usual, breaking large files down into smaller parts to increase download speed, as well as pause/resume functionality without the need for third-party plugins or any third-party applications. Users can view, reorder and manage all ongoing or completed download jobs directly within this download manager.

Other features of a web browser include customizable toolbars and mouse gesture support to ensure efficient browsing experience. Users may also choose multiple search engines in their browser and automatically fill out forms online with just one click, using its spell check feature to double-check that all personal information entered correctly.

The browser includes an easy way of sharing links and images on social networks like Facebook or Google+, making sharing easy. Users can also monitor local weather conditions with 5-day forecasts displayed directly in their status bar after providing location details. In addition, this browser offers an utility for optimizing photo uploads by shrinking images before offering options to add stylish frames – as well as offering downloads of YouTube videos directly as MP4 files within its web browser itself!

10x faster photo upload

SlimBrowser is an intelligent browser packed with useful and critical features like automatic form filling, 10x faster photo uploads and an ad/popup blocker that do all of their work without plugins. Furthermore, this lightweight web browser uses Blink engine – developed to fully utilize multi-core processors – which has all your web browsing needs covered.

SlimBrowser provides users with an effortless Internet browsing experience through its user-friendly interface, featuring essential and nice-to-have features like fast photo uploading which saves hours of time, photo sizing that automatically optimizes uploaded images for optimal quality, form filler that instantly completes online forms, site group functionality and weather widget.

Another fantastic feature of the browser is its support for captions and subtitles on YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix videos – especially helpful for viewers who require closed-captions or subtitles to enjoy movies and shows they watch. Furthermore, Picture-in-Picture mode enables them to browse a website while simultaneously watching a video in the background.

This browser comes equipped with several security features designed to safeguard users’ privacy, such as its ad blocking system and privacy settings which can be tailored for maximum protection. Furthermore, tabbed browsing and multi-site browsing capabilities make the browser an invaluable asset when visiting multiple websites regularly.

SlimBrowser is an exceptional browser for taking and displaying screenshots of web pages, making this feature invaluable when needing to showcase specific pages and screens. Users can capture single windows, entire web pages or selected regions – plus the browser can adjust screenshot resolution accordingly and supports various file formats!

FlashPeak’s program can be found for free download at their official website and is suitable for both personal and commercial use, requiring Windows XP/Vista or later versions as an operating system and featuring an installer with only 3MB size that runs on 32-bit or 64-bit systems.

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