Slimjet Browser Review

Slimjet is a fast browser packed with features. It comes equipped with Mouse Gestures, can download videos, be used to edit photos and can even be customized – not forgetting anti-tracking technology and sandboxing!

Chrome extensions allow the browser to synchronize settings, bookmarks and browsing histories between Google Chrome and itself.

Built-in ad blocker

Slimjet is a free web browser similar to Google Chrome that is lightweight and fast, featuring built-in ad blocking functionality and turbocharging download management, customizable toolbar and multiple privacy options, built on Chromium (the same platform used by Chrome and many other popular browsers like Brave, Edge and Opera) which also supports plugins and extensions.

Ads can be one of the biggest drains on computer performance, consuming memory, CPU power and bandwidth usage. Slimjet’s built-in Ad Blocker eliminates irritating ads to speed up browsing speeds while saving memory and data usage. You can activate it either from its toolbar button or the settings menu; users can customize ad blocking rules by adding or removing categories.

Slimjet stands out with its intelligent form-filler. This tool makes navigating and logging in to their favorite websites with one click easy, saving both time and effort. Furthermore, this software stores login info in a form file for future reference – making this software essential for those who regularly fill out forms or log into online accounts.

Its user interface (UI) is designed for ease of use and includes features normally found only in third-party apps or programs, such as the ability to record and edit online video clips using its video capture function, sharing links or texts directly with Facebook with one click and translating web pages or texts between languages using its translation feature.

Slimjet, like other Chromium-based browsers, is lightweight and multiplatform. Slimjet 5.0 was recently released with an enhanced ad blocker and turbocharged downloading manager – as well as providing users with an option to sync their bookmarks, settings, and browsing history with their Google account.

Built-in video downloader

Slimjet is a fast and free web browser with more than just basic features. Built on Chromium’s open source platform, Slimjet shares many similar functions to Google Chrome but with added options such as built-in ad blocking capabilities and turbocharged download management; as well as customizability options for toolbar customizations and the addition of additional buttons.

Advanced function set makes this browser simple to use and provides an amazing browsing experience. Its smart gesture feature enables you to launch websites or actions using predefined mouse movements – this enables continuous work without keyboard shortcuts – thus decreasing productivity levels and keyboard-intensive work sessions. Furthermore, multiplatform support and multiple languages support are included. Finally, its password manager saves login credentials in a form file for easy logging-in as well as autofill passwords when visiting sites, further increasing productivity levels. Plus it has Facebook integration so you can share links, text or images onto Facebook with one click!

Software available for Windows, macOS, and Linux with robust ad blocking features that protect you from trackers following you online and block phishing and malware threats as well as customizable search engines and URL aliases for faster typing of long URLs. Its speedy download manager uses multiple parallel connections to download files up to 12x faster; additionally it lets you pause and resume downloads between browser sessions as well as extract mp3 audio from downloaded videos for offline watching or extraction of audio tracks from their video file.

Smart gestures

Slimjet is a lightweight web browser designed to increase productivity and privacy, including features like an intelligent form filler, fast video downloader, full mouse gesture support and an inbuilt weather forecast feature. Furthermore, Slimjet boasts a customizable toolbar where functions can be added for instant access as well as being capable of sharing links, text or images directly onto Facebook with one click and automatically compressing photos for web-ready resolutions and adding frames prior to upload.

The browser utilizes the Blink engine and is fully compatible with extensions designed specifically for Chrome available through its Web Store. Furthermore, users are able to translate a full web page or piece of text between two languages using its built-in translation feature. Furthermore, its highly responsive UI makes for a high performance browsing experience while packed with powerful and convenient features make this an excellent alternative to Chrome.

Slimjet also distinguishes itself from Google’s servers and tracking strategies, something many Chrome users find worrying. Furthermore, Slimjet features various other security protocols including anti-tracking protection and malware defense as well as tab isolation functionality – providing added peace of mind to its users.

This Chromium-based browser is free, yet boasts several unique features that set it apart from its competitors. These include an ad blocker that blocks annoying ads while conserving memory, CPU and bandwidth use; fast video downloader; and its unique security settings which protect against online threats such as ransomware.

This browser is ideal for individuals who wish to take charge of their Internet experience. It features unique tools such as intelligent form filler and downloader; user-friendly interface and wide file format support (including extraction of MP3 file from downloaded media files).

Customizable toolbar

Slimjet is an intelligent and powerful web browser packed with features designed to increase online productivity for its users. Its customization options enable more work to get done without needing third-party plugins; advanced anti-tracking technology; phishing/malware protection; sandboxing feature and compatibility with most Chrome extensions make Slimjet an attractive option for protecting privacy when browsing online.

Slimjet’s customizable toolbar feature makes it easy for you to add or remove buttons as desired, customize mouse gesture settings and adjust button grid width accordingly. Simply go into Settings / Mouse gestures / and make any necessary adjustments easily; after saving your new layout as a template.

Slimjet stands out with its convenient Facebook feature, enabling you to share any webpage or video found online with one click. Furthermore, it records dynamic web page content into local video files for offline playback – such as YouTube videos – for later playback offline. Lastly, Slimjet includes a built-in weather forecast feature that displays current conditions and forecasts directly in the browser window.

Slimjet is a Chromium-based browser which is free from Google’s tracking shenanigans, not syncing your history, extensions, and passwords with them – meaning that it’s easier for multiple computers without losing data! Also suitable for privacy-minded users since its encryption strength stands at 256 bits.

Built-in weather forecast

Slimjet stands out from other web browsers with its built-in weather forecast feature, which displays local conditions and seven day forecasts directly on its toolbar. Users can customize this widget as desired to display more or less weather data.

Slimjet is built on Chromium, an open-source project which forms the core of Google Chrome. Like its counterpart, Slimjet utilizes Blink as its engine; however, with additional features and options. Lightweight multiplatform support; multiple language support. Slimjet even comes equipped with its own built-in ad blocker which helps ensure smoother browsing experience than other browsers.

Additionally, this browser features advanced anti-tracking options and comes equipped with a built-in video downloader, Facebook integration, web translation features and instant photo uploads using compression technology. Furthermore, it features a full form filler enabling easy sign-in to websites in just one click!

Slimjet is an ideal web browser if you need fast, secure, and stable web browsing experience. Its powerful ad blocker reduces page load times while saving memory, CPU and bandwidth resources; plus it comes equipped with an integrated search bar and customizable start page as well as offering access to an impressive selection of plugins and extensions.

FlashPeak Desktop browser is optimized for desktop use and offers a quick and easy bookmark-saving system, in addition to other useful tools like the ability to customize toolbars and accessing local weather forecasts. Available free, this browser works across Windows XP, Vista and 7 OS systems and makes an excellent alternative to popular browsers such as Chrome, Brave or Edge – it is developed and maintained by FlashPeak Inc.

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