SmartDraw Is a Powerful Diagramming Software


SmartDraw is an advanced diagramming software with a vast library of templates. This versatile diagramming solution can help create everything from flow charts and mind maps to org charts and floor plans, with additional CAD capabilities and network design features as well.

SmartDraw can easily integrate with various tools such as Microsoft Teams, Jira and Trello. Furthermore, its visual tools such as decision trees and cause-effect diagrams help illustrate workflows more easily than other solutions.


Flowcharts are an effective way of visually communicating a process and its steps, and for making decisions and planning strategies. SmartDraw’s diagramming software comes equipped with templates and symbols to assist users in designing their own flowcharts quickly. Plus, its user-friendly interface and integrated tools make SmartDraw an increasingly popular choice among businesses and organizations alike.

SmartDraw offers an assortment of pre-built templates designed for every occasion, such as flowcharts, floor plans, organizational charts, CAD/engineering diagrams, electrical diagrams, landscape designs, network diagrams and more. Its powerful automation, Visio file import capability, visual symbols and simple commands make this an intuitive solution which runs on any device so that projects can be completed anywhere at anytime.

SmartDraw’s drag-and-drop functionality makes creating and rearrange shapes simple, as it automatically aligns and fixes them for you when any shape is added or deleted from a diagram. In addition, any time one of your diagrams changes shape or removes one altogether, SmartDraw also offers design themes which let you instantly change its color by simply applying one click!

SmartDraw is a versatile program, ideal for both individual use and team collaboration. With real-time edits visible in real time and sharing files across Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Drive – and integrations with apps such as Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence to document processes while improving workflow – as well as advanced editing options and an extensive library of symbols – SmartDraw makes an invaluable addition to your workspace.

An image can add a professional touch to your flowchart quickly and easily. Simply select any symbol or shape, click “Picture” from the Insert menu on the main toolbar, select from your computer’s photos to insert into your chart, and export or print your diagram for a more polished presentation.

Floor plans

A floor plan is a scaled diagram of any space created using software applications such as SmartDraw, Sketchup or Cedreo to provide architects and designers with blueprints of homes, offices and other buildings. While each program provides different features and benefits when creating floor plans, their basic functions remain the same.

This software includes many customizable pre-made templates that can be tailored to meet user’s individual requirements, while being integrated with existing applications to facilitate collaboration on projects from any location. With an intuitive user interface that makes creating floor plans simple and efficient.

This program can be found both as a download for Windows computers and as an online version that can be accessed through the Web. With an intuitive user interface and comprehensive library of templates to help beginners get started quickly, this program boasts wide-ranging functionality comparable to more specialized interior design apps such as AutoCAD.

SmartDraw was developed to assist anyone needing to make diagrams, from contractors and architects to business executives and project managers. Its powerful capabilities range from creating organizational charts, flowcharts, blueprints for homes, strategy plans and calendars; designing electric circuit designs or website sketches as well as organizing calendars. Plus its power came from experts with years of professional experience in stretch ceilings!

Comparative to its competitors, SmartDraw offers less costly yet more advanced features. It can be run on computers running Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems and supports most major graphic formats including PDF, SVG and PNG; you can export them into Microsoft Word PowerPoint and Excel as well as sharing via email or file sharing platforms.

SmartDraw’s user-friendly learning curve and minimal system requirements set it apart from other floor plan programs. However, its high-speed rendering can cause issues on older computer hardware – for optimal use it’s recommended that users possess fast processors with sufficient RAM and sufficient storage space.

Organizational charts

Organizational charts are an integral component of any business, providing visual representations of reporting relationships in your organization. SmartDraw makes creating your org chart easy with templates and built-in examples, making changes as your team changes easily.

SmartDraw differs from other diagram-making software by eliminating the need to draw individual lines on your diagram manually; its Intelligent Formatting Engine adds them for you, with perfectly spaced and aligned lines that instantly present-quality org charts from start to finish. Plus, SmartDraw makes it simple to move, insert or delete positions as well as connect them via automatic connectors – saving both time and effort!

SmartDraw allows you to go beyond simply communicating position names by adding photos for every position on an organization chart. Simply select the one you’d like to add a picture for and click “Add Photo” on the SmartPanel – adding photographs is even simpler! For an extra personal touch, add color themes designed by professionals or design your own.

SmartDraw makes creating organizational charts quickly and efficiently easy, whether in horizontal or vertical orientation. Simply choose from the drop down list on the SmartPanel to change direction of your chart; SmartDraw will instantly reformat it according to that direction without the need to redraw or reconnect shapes.

To change the style of an individual branch, select it first and then click one of the green icons in the upper left corner. One will increase or decrease spacing to either right or below selected location while another features left/right arrows to expand or contract shapes to either side of selected position.

Once your org chart is complete, it can easily be exported into PowerPoint(r), Word, Excel or Google Workspace apps for further use. Furthermore, SmartDraw makes collaboration easy between coworkers that may or may not be in the same room!


SmartDraw offers several wireframe templates to get your project off to a smooth start. They make it easier to communicate the structure of a website or app without spending hours crafting mockups or prototypes, while adding functional icons quickly helps team members understand what you are attempting to achieve. Plus, these symbols are user-friendly as they automatically adjust when changing dimensions of shapes!

SmartDraw stands out from other diagramming tools with its innovative collaboration feature that allows users to share ideas and designs across departments. Real-time editing capabilities help teams stay on track, make progress and remain productive. Furthermore, its variety of file formats – PDF and PNG formats in particular – makes working with other programs such as Microsoft Word or Google Drive seamless.

SmartDraw offers more than wireframes; it is an effective platform for visualizing complex data. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can build diagrams from technical drawings to process models easily. In addition, its visual collaboration features allow multiple users to work collaboratively on the same diagrams simultaneously – eliminating confusion while streamlining team work processes on one platform.

Gliffy is an increasingly popular alternative to SmartDraw that combines powerful visualisation with collaborative work management. Its extensive library of over 280 diagram types and customizable templates provides teams with everything they need to visualize their data into customized flowcharts, floor plans, org charts, CAD drawings and other diagrams quickly and efficiently. Plus, its robust collaboration features keep everyone on the same page to ensure projects get completed on schedule.

Wireframes can save both time and money for startups by helping to avoid costly redesigns while making their product user-friendly, intuitive, and functional. Furthermore, using wireframes allows agile development teams to obtain valuable customer and stakeholder feedback before creating their final product.

As with any design project, when creating a wireframe it’s essential not to add too many details that might confuse or overwhelm the audience and confuse their focus on your website’s primary message. Instead, concentrate on depicting key concepts like navigation, pages and layouts with illustrations for these key ideas – don’t forget also including text boxes for feedback from audience members!

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