SmartDraw Review


SmartDraw offers an expansive library of templates for diagram types like flowcharts, org charts, maps, mind maps and wireframes. In addition to supporting Microsoft Teams as well as two-factor authentication and a variety of cloud storage services.

SmartDraw Software contains thousands of professionally designed templates for over 70 diagram types. With its automatic formatting system and shape dragging features, creating perfectly laid out layouts is quick and effortless.

Powerful diagramming tools

SmartDraw diagramming tool offers pre-made templates to easily create infographics, network designs, flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps and tree diagrams. It supports numerous file formats. Furthermore, its formatting tool automatically spaces, aligns and sizes the text. Furthermore, built-in extensions enable single sign-on (SSO). Furthermore, there is an intuitive drag-and-drop feature to customize shapes, lines, nodes subnodes icons to make graphs and charts; its intuitive user interface enables quick finding specific features you require.

Utilizing this tool to create diagrams allows you to quickly and visually communicate information quickly. It can also help with workflows, project management and documentation for companies of any size; with over 3,500 symbols applicable across various fields including engineering, IT and software development as well as 70 visual templates including flowcharts and floor plans – this is an ideal solution!

Teams worldwide utilize this software to work collaboratively on projects and initiatives of all sizes. Its powerful diagramming tools help teams document processes to improve operations and decision-making; its integration capabilities allow users to send diagrams directly into other applications like PowerPoint or Outlook; furthermore, its collaborative cloud allows multiple users to work simultaneously on one diagram at the same time.

This software is available as a web app, making it effortless to access. Compatible with both PCs and Mac computers, its mobile version can also be accessed from iPhones and iPads; its website offers clear instructions on how to navigate its contents.

MindOnMap is an excellent alternative to SmartDraw because it features pre-built themes and templates for different kinds of diagrams, making organizational charts, tree diagrams, mind maps, fishbone diagrams online for free without adding watermarks to their output. As it’s web-based you can access it from any device with an internet browser compatible web browser.

Easy to learn

SmartDraw is a browser-based organizational tool that allows you to easily create organization charts, flowcharts, project diagrams, and mind maps. It is user friendly with intuitive tools that make the diagram creation process fast and straightforward; additionally, thousands of templates exist to get you started quickly and efficiently. SmartDraw’s powerful capabilities can help keep you organized and productive!

Smartdraw has long been used by teams from different industries to collaborate and communicate their ideas in an easy, visual format. Its features include drag-and-drop functionality, automatic formatting service and various flowchart symbols useful in creating flowcharts. Furthermore, you can tailor Smartdraw to meet the unique needs of any team with its customizable options for viewable data in ancestor, chronology, family tree, individual pedigree formats as well as pedigree views – plus custom report generation with Unicode support for even furthering its usability!

Ease of use and compatibility with over 70 software programs makes Draw easy to use, making it an excellent solution for users who need professional-looking diagrams quickly and accurately. Unfortunately, though it does have its limitations. One such shortcoming is its inability to remove trial watermark from prints and exports while being slow may become an issue when working quickly and accurately.

No matter your level, Smartdraw makes creating beautiful diagrams simple for any business. Its intuitive interface and extensive collection of templates make the program user-friendly; plus its real-time collaboration tools like sharing files on Google Drive or Microsoft Teams make working together with colleagues much simpler.

This program makes it possible to quickly create diagrams such as flowcharts, org charts, floor plans, mind maps, strategy maps and strategy maps. Additionally, it offers numerous other options like electrical circuit designs and website sketches, making it suitable for everyone from contractors and architects to sales executives and business managers.

Smartdraw can be an extremely useful diagramming tool, but it’s essential that you fully comprehend its limitations before investing in this software. While it might not offer as much customization or intuitive functionality as Visio does, Smartdraw remains an excellent option for creating various diagrams and collaborating with others.


SmartDraw is an enterprise-grade diagramming and visual collaboration platform, boasting more features at an attractive price than its competitors. Its Intelligent Formatting engine streamlines diagram creation by automatically adjusting shapes as you add, remove or move them – this enables professional-quality diagrams in minutes! Furthermore, SmartDraw’s templates and extensive symbol library support any CAD drafting project from architecture to mechanical.

SmartDraw stands out as an exceptional solution because it works seamlessly across platforms – including Windows and Mac OS. Furthermore, its robust diagram types support includes floor plans, flowcharts, org charts, network designs and 3D. Furthermore, its advanced tools for 3D mapping make creating maps simple as well. SmartDraw supports an assortment of file formats including PDF, JPG and PNG while its intuitive user interface makes getting started fast easy for anyone.

The software offers three pricing packages, each encompassing its own set of features. Individual plans cost nearly $10 monthly and come equipped with basic capabilities; Team plans cost $5.95 monthly with five users or less and come equipped with premium support, shared team folders, administrative controls and administrative controls; Finally, Site licenses can be purchased for $2995 to provide everything included in a Team license as well as custom themes tailored specifically for your company and SSO capabilities.

SmartDraw offers affordable prices and offers a seven-day free trial period, making it an easy solution to integrate into existing workflows. Furthermore, its compatibility with various third-party applications makes SmartDraw an excellent solution for organizations seeking flexible visual communication solutions.

Lucidchart offers an alternative, free plan that lets users work on three editable documents at the same time while offering access to 100 professional templates and integration with Microsoft Teams, Google Apps and other services.

OpenOffice Draw, an open-source suite of office tools with full diagramming features, is another viable alternative. Running freely on both Linux and Windows OS versions, including older ones like Vista. Furthermore, OpenOffice Draw is compatible with Microsoft Office; therefore providing businesses with an effortless transition between software programs.


SmartDraw app enables users to easily create diagrams in multiple formats. With hundreds of quick-start diagram templates suitable for various projects and customizable ones designed specifically to meet project requirements, users can quickly create flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, infographics, decision trees and software designs with its powerful toolset. Furthermore, users can share and collaborate their work across teams while its new version 7.3 introduces several important enhancements like improved color styles and more options for layout.

This program is compatible with multiple applications and platforms, including both Windows and Mac operating systems. As it requires minimal free space compared to programs like Visio, it’s extremely user-friendly; no special hardware is necessary and compatibility with most major web browsers ensures hassle-free operation.

SmartDraw offers an expansive library of templates and symbols, an intuitive user interface, and smart automation that enables users to draw diagrams quickly – perfect for professionals communicating ideas to team members or customers.

SmartDraw stands apart from similar programs by starting with a template tailored specifically to your diagram type, then automatically builds it for you. Addition or removal of elements is simple with SmartDraw automatically realigning and reconnecting them accordingly so your final result remains professional and polished.

This feature can be transformative when creating large flows and diagrams with plenty of details, as it supports different views of a diagram for easier team collaboration on projects. Furthermore, its intelligent formatting is unrivaled by other diagramming tools; shapes will remain aligned even after being moved or added or subtracted from flowcharts – saving designers plenty of time in their designs!

SmartDraw goes beyond these features to enable you to easily create timelines and plan for uncertainties through process maps. Furthermore, this program helps document organizational change more quickly, plan projects with timelines and deliverables quickly, and make strategic decisions quickly. SmartDraw can be an invaluable asset for project managers, sales professionals navigating territory maps more effectively, HR professionals onboarding new hires more smoothly, facility managers designing office space layouts as well as sales professionals visualizing territories for sales territories.

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