SmartFTP Review

SmartFTP is a free FTP client with an impressive array of features. Connecting with any server is simple, while numerous protocols are supported.

SmartFTP features an intuitive two-pane layout, enabling you to view both local and server files side-by-side and transfer between them via drag-and-drop. In addition, this program supports file compression, remote directory synchronization and scheduling transfers when you are away.


SmartFTP is an FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Backblaze B2, and SSH client which enables users to securely transfer files between local computers and servers on the Internet. With its range of basic and advanced features suited for casual as well as more experienced users alike.

This program uses Windows API and runs on 32- and 64-bit editions of operating systems, supporting IPv6, SSL/TLS, multiple connections, proxy/firewall support, drag-and-drop features and drag/chmod features for drag-and-dropping files between FTP servers. Furthermore, multiple FTP servers may be connected simultaneously and transfer status can be monitored easily through multiple methods.

Users can browse their local computer’s folders on the left and their server on the right, then transfer files between them by simply dragging and dropping. In addition, users can set unattended file transfers with email notifications when they complete or fail, set synchronization options between local and server folders, auto-reconnect/resume interrupted transfers when interrupted transfers occur, support ExaVault connection details, as well as create their ‘favorite sites’ list which contains frequently visited remote locations.

Advanced users will find that this software provides a comprehensive suite of command-line tools for more complex interactions with servers and files. Furthermore, its developers regularly add new and useful features so it keeps pace with changing online demands – such as security enhancements such as improved SFTP connections through SSH.

SmartFTP may not be the easiest program to use, but it certainly offers many useful basic and advanced features not found elsewhere. The effort it takes to become familiar with its interface and learn its intricacies is well worth your while; its robust feature set and user-friendly user interface have made it especially popular with casual as well as power users alike. Plus, its free 30-day trial period and ability to purchase for commercial or personal use makes this an attractive solution – you can view their demo version on SmartSoft website!

File Transfer

FTP programs offer an efficient method for downloading or uploading files from servers over the internet, as well as editing those already there with proper authorization. Different FTP clients offer various file transfer and management features; some support passive mode site-to-site transfers while others enable users to set bandwidth limits for certain files.

SmartFTP provides both passive and active modes for file transfer between servers. Furthermore, it synchronizes folders on both local systems and FTP servers simultaneously so that all updates of any file on either end appear simultaneously – this means if an updated copy of any particular file becomes available on either one, it will be downloaded automatically onto local computers once its existence on either site has been detected.

SmartFTP makes file transfer more manageable by offering users the ability to set a global queue for download or upload. This is useful when moving large files that cannot be processed quickly by user’s connection in one step, and scheduled transfer sessions that occur at specified dates/times.

SmartFTP allows users to easily access remote text and image files stored on an FTP server with its simple browser window, which is perfect for web developers who frequently edit and transfer website content and images. Plus, its browser window supports drag-and-drop functions for uploading/downloading and has an inbuilt file manager to make organization simple!

SmartFTP features numerous additional tools that aid users in accomplishing tasks quickly and more efficiently. For instance, this program can automatically reconnect to servers if they become inaccessible due to server downtime or connection issues, as well as protect data transfers against unintended access with encryption as well as support for various proxy and firewall technologies.

SmartFTP may not be an intuitive program to learn, but its robust features can prove immensely useful for professionals who require flexible yet reliable FTP access. SmartFTP should be considered essential software for anyone regularly transferring and managing files across the Internet.

File Synchronization

SmartFTP’s synchronization features allow users to transfer files between their local computer and an FTP server, creating backup copies that can help in times of emergency retrieval of originals files. Users may select one or multiple folders for synchronization as well as make an exact copy on network computers, flash/USB drives or CD/DVD.

SmartFTP is regularly upgraded with useful new features to stay abreast of evolving online needs and to offer seamless experiences for its users. As an extremely scalable solution, it helps users transfer large volumes of data quickly.

SmartFTP boasts an intuitive user interface and numerous advanced features, but remains accessible enough for both newcomers and experienced users alike. This makes it the perfect option for both advanced users as well as novice users.

SmartFTP supports several FTP and WebDAV protocols in addition to standard FTP, as well as SFTP and WebDAV protocols. Additionally, this program offers features like transfer queues, multiple connections, SSL/proxy firewall support, drag-and-drop features and drag and drop functionality. Users can store login details safely using its site manager feature while its frequent server list feature enables quick connections by one-click connection.

SmartFTP stands out from its competition thanks to its cross-platform compatibility and user-friendly drag and drop functionality, making file transfers between local computers and remote servers extremely straightforward and efficient. Users can schedule transfers for later dates or receive notifications when they successfully complete or fail.

SmartFTP offers many useful features that should satisfy basic users, including password encryption and an easy interface. The less costly premium version adds 15 more useful tools that may increase its utility such as integration with cloud services like Backblaze B2, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive as well as syncronizing between these and FTP or WebDAV servers.

File Management

SmartFTP allows users to seamlessly transfer files between their local computer and a server on the Internet, without the need for FTP, FTPPS, SFTP or WebDAV connections. In addition, there is an integrated terminal client and user-friendly site manager.

SmartFTP can be used to upload and download images, movies, documents and websites of varying file formats and file sizes, while supporting secure connections to protect their data from unauthorized access. With its familiar two-pane design with both local system on one side and server on the other side of a central pane for transfer via drag-and-drop or automated scheduler for automated transfers; additionally it synchronizes folders automatically between local and remote folders reducing time spent managing files as well as compress large files to reduce bandwidth usage costs!

With SmartFTP, users can work on multiple projects simultaneously as each connection is displayed in separate tabs. Windows Explorer integration makes transferring files simple; and its queue system enables resumed transfers should an interruption or failure in connectivity occur.

Users can set sound events to notify them when tasks have been completed or new files uploaded, and to view thumbnails without having to download them first from remote servers. There is also support for editing files directly on the server – an ideal feature for webmasters who rely on content editing services like this for managing their websites.

This program is an extremely reliable FTP client for businesses and individuals needing to manage large volumes of data. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, this FTP client has quickly become popular among many users. Furthermore, it can connect to various types of servers while offering security features like SSL/TLS encryption, password protection, and SSH key support – making it the go-to choice.

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