SmartFTP Review


SmartFTP is a graphical FTP, FTPS and SFTP client offering great value for its price point.

Fast and feature rich, this browser works smoothly across a variety of servers. Furthermore, transfer resumption enables you to resume failed downloads.


SmartFTP is a Windows network file transfer program with support for FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Drive and Backblaze B2. It can be used to publish websites, backup/synchronize files across local computers and servers and execute scripts via its terminal emulator and browser – making it the ideal way to publish and maintain websites as well as execute scripts!

This program boasts numerous features that set it apart from other FTP clients. Notable among these are its user-friendly interface that’s simple even for novice users, its integration with Windows Explorer for seamless file transfers between locations, transfer queues, multiple connections and drag-and-drop capabilities as well as other useful capabilities such as multiple connections chmod capabilities and drag-and-drop.

As is typical for sophisticated and intensively used programs, SmartFTP is regularly enhanced to keep up with emerging online demands. Recent updates include improved secure connection to SFTP through SSH, thumbnail views of remote files on servers and email notifications about successful and failed transfers.

SmartFTP also features the capability of synchronizing local and remote folders for more complicated transfers, ensuring that any changes made on one server automatically upload to both of them – an especially handy feature if you are working on several projects that share similar file structures.

Resuming interrupted transfers is another useful feature that saves both time and effort when your internet connection becomes unreliable or slow. Resuming interrupted transfers allows you to pick up where they left off if your connection becomes disconnected or slow – an invaluable time-saver compared to restarting it from scratch every time!

SmartFTP may not be the easiest program to use, but it is still an ideal choice for anyone needing an FTP client with plenty of advanced features to use for various projects. Although its price might seem steep for some users, SmartFTP’s features make up for any drawbacks it might present.

SmartFTP users who wish to try the program for themselves can do so by downloading its free trial version, available both for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.


SmartFTP is an FTP client designed to meet the needs of most users. It features all the expected features associated with full-featured FTP clients such as passive mode transfers, multiple FTP connections and site to site transfers capabilities; additionally it also comes equipped with some unique tools that may not be found elsewhere such as an integrated editor and terminal emulator.

Installing the application quickly is made possible through an effortless installation process, leaving a desktop shortcut, Start menu entry and installation directory all created quickly and seamlessly. Furthermore, this tool creates a log file during its process for troubleshooting purposes.

Once SmartFTP has connected to your web hosting account, you can begin uploading files and managing your site. With its simple user interface that will be familiar to anyone familiar with FTP clients, moving and downloading files should be simple using just mouse-clicks – floating statistics, favorites menu and custom commands also make its use simpler.

SmartFTP supports several file transfer protocols such as FTP, FTPS and SFTP and can be used to publish and maintain websites, back up and synchronize local and remote folders and perform automated transfers. With SSL encryption support, multiple connections, proxy firewall support and remote directory caching – along with compatible with Windows Explorer providing additional tools and functions such as spell checker, quick find and replace, clipboard ring support and an indicator bar – SmartFTP offers secure yet reliable automated transfers that meet business needs.

SmartFTP was designed with ease of use in mind, accommodating novice and expert users alike. It boasts many advanced features designed specifically to make life easier for experts such as automatically keeping folders synchronized between local and remote servers; handling transfers simultaneously; editing files directly on servers without manual transfers – these all make SmartFTP an indispensable resource.


SmartFTP offers a free 30-day trial period, providing an opportunity to assess its functionality before purchasing it. Once you make up your mind to purchase, there are two licensing options: annual subscription or perpetual license – annual subscription being the annual payment for updates to be provided and continued use forever; perpetual license provides ongoing use.

Smart FTP is an advanced and powerful FTP client that features many advanced features to enhance your online work. For instance, it enables you to interact with multiple servers using different protocols such as FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SSH and WebDAV; editing files directly on the server without first downloading them and uploading again is another capability of Smart FTP.

SmartFTP makes it simple and effortless for you to synchronise specific local and remote folders, giving you access to the latest versions of files on any connected device – making site creation and management simpler without manually downloading and uploading every file individually.

Configuration is quick and simple with SmartFTP, just launch a New Remote Browser window (by clicking the link in the Welcome screen or File menu) then fill out your protocol details, host address information, user name/password credentials as well as checking off Autobox to connect automatically each time you launch SmartFTP application. SmartFTP will remember your details and display them in an easily accessible quick connection bar for you.

Once connected, you can move files easily in the two-pane interface of your computer on the left and a remote server on the right – transferring them between them can be achieved simply by dragging and dropping.

SmartFTP’s features make it an attractive option for novice and expert alike, including detailed logging, transfer resumption in case of failed connections, Windows Explorer integration that makes file transfers effortless, scheduled transfers with no user interaction required, unattended transfers taking place automatically and scheduled transfers with scheduled or unattended transfers taking place automatically at scheduled intervals.


SmartFTP boasts an abundance of features that make it suitable for novice and advanced users alike. In addition to traditional passive mode transfers, FTP connections, bookmark creation, compression on-the-fly transfers, site-to-site transfers and an easy way of synchronising local and remote folders – SmartFTP offers everything a user may need in one convenient package.

SmartFTP features a familiar two-pane interface, showing your local system on the left-hand side and your server on the right. File transfers between systems can be accomplished using drag-and-drop as well as block select/cherry pick methods to select specific files. Another convenient feature of this program is being able to customize its menus and features for easier use of various components of its features.

One of the greatest strengths of SmartFTP lies in its capability of automating and scheduling file transfers. You can set the program to automatically download a specific number of files from a server after every upload – this saves a great deal of time as it eliminates having to download and upload them manually on an ongoing basis.

SmartFTP allows you to easily keep specified local and remote folders synchronised at all times, giving you peace of mind that any crucial data won’t get lost. Simply set it up so a local copy of files always matches with their version on a server.

If you are an advanced user looking to effortlessly manage large file structures without leaving the program, this FTP client could be ideal. Packed with advanced and comprehensive features, it is no surprise this software is popular among professionals; however, the learning curve for this program may take some time before becoming comfortable – especially if this type of software is new to you.

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