SMPlayer – A Feature-Packed Media Player

SMPlayer is a feature-packed media player, easy to use and compatible with many devices.

It supports all known audio and video formats without relying on external codecs, enabling you to play local files, DVDs (DVD and BlueRay), television streams and radio stations without any hassles or interruptions. Furthermore, it remembers any settings for files you had already played so they can be resumed at their same point in the same manner.

It’s free

SMPlayer is one of the most feature-packed media players around and its developers make no secret of that fact: they claim it can play virtually all audio and video formats due to its built-in codecs that keep its package size small; in addition, its speedy processing speed adds another advantage.

The player can access local files and remote ones, discs (for those still using DVDs and BlueRay), radio and TV streams as well as create thumbnails while videos play by selecting Thumbnail Generator in the Video menu – it is a fantastic feature which enables you to see a preview of movies without waiting until they complete playing!

SMPlayer stands out as an ideal media player because it remembers settings for each file you play, meaning if you close and reopen it, your file will resume playing from where it left off. This feature makes SMPlayer especially useful, particularly since it allows casting to external devices such as smartphones or tablets.

SMPlayer provides various additional features, including caption tools, a screenshot button and adjustable playback speed settings. Furthermore, the software supports various screen sizes and resolutions and even adjusts audio latency of videos played back – it even plays YouTube videos while supporting an abundance of subtitles!

SMPlayer team recently updated their application with a new release that fixes several bugs and makes several improvements, as well as add Chromecast support allowing users to control their video player from mobile devices.

SMPlayer’s latest update is free and available to download across all platforms, such as Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Featuring an intuitive user interface and highly configurable settings – ideal for users wanting to tailor the look and feel of their videos.

It’s easy to use

SMPlayer is an extremely feature-rich media player. But despite all its bells and whistles, its usage remains intuitive: playing videos or navigating its menus are straightforward experiences while more advanced tasks can be easily executed without assistance.

Smplayer is an open-source multimedia player and graphical front-end for mpv (the default audio/video player). It remembers where files were last played and supports Chromecast through a software package, plus features an embedded YouTube browser and disc support and TV/radio streams (if supported by your device).

As soon as SMPlayer starts up for the first time it will display with its standard layout: menu bar on top, toolbar on left and timeline on right with play/stop buttons and volume slider. However, you can customize its look through choosing from among several skins from Options’ Skin selection list; additionally there’s also a secret compact mode allowing viewing in a small window on screen (ctrl-f).

SMPlayer provides powerful video settings that include options for rotating, adding filters and subtitles, altering audio remixing quality settings, remembering time-stamps for jumping backwards in videos and even remembering time-stamped clips for jumping forward. In addition, its video equalizer lets you adjust brightness, contrast, hue saturation gamma for optimal pictures while audio effects include deblocking, during and debanding for even greater customization of viewing experiences.

Another impressive feature is the ability to create thumbnails for videos, which comes in handy when sharing a video with friends or on social media. Simply open up the Video menu and click Thumbnail Generator; the software will automatically generate images that display length of video along with short descriptions for easier sharing.

One unique feature offered by SMPlayer is the ability to stream a video directly to Chromecast or other devices supporting DLNA. While this feature remains experimental, it’s extremely straightforward. When selecting the option “Cast to smartphone/tablet,” an HTML web page opens that communicates with your Chromecast or other device and provides you with a QR code you can scan with your mobile phone to control playback on that particular video.

It’s powerful

SMPlayer is a robust media player with numerous features designed to make its use simple and user-friendly. It can play almost any file format and stream videos directly from the Internet, with options to customize its interface such as selecting keyboard shortcuts and assigning functions for every mouse button, activate or deactivate subtitles and navigate directly to specific parts of a file.

SMPlayer stands out with its ability to play YouTube videos ad-free and DVDs ad-free, as well as touch support on laptops with touch capability. Furthermore, dual-boot computers will find SMPlayer an ideal option as it can run both Windows and Linux operating systems without issues.

If you have ever attempted to view video on a computer running Ubuntu or another Linux distribution, chances are you have encountered an error message stating that the necessary codecs for playing your video were not installed on your system. This occurs because certain Linux operating systems cannot pre-package multimedia codecs due to copyright restrictions; SMPlayer can help solve this problem by playing all major formats without external codec packs being necessary.

SMPlayer goes beyond providing audio and video filters; it also can display multiple subtitle tracks with adjustable font size and position, remember settings for various file types, and resume files at exactly where they were interrupted – an especially convenient feature for users who frequently watch movies and television shows on tablets or smartphones.

SMPlayer features an assortment of skins and is compatible with various input drivers, including X11, Xv, OpenGL and VESA. Users can customize SMPlayer’s preferences for their desktop environment as well as enable advanced options like changing playback speed or adding subtitles – in addition to providing compact mode support on tablets.

SMPlayer can also be used to control an HTPC or television, enabling users to watch HD videos without experiencing frame drops or quality loss – an advantage over the default flash/html5 video players in web browsers which may become unresponsive on older machines.

It’s portable

SMPlayer is a portable multimedia player, meaning it can run on any computer, with 32 and 64-bit Windows systems alike. Featuring built-in codecs for maximum compatibility and easy operation, this free multimedia player works well on both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows. SMPlayer features support for popular video formats including AVI, MKV, ogg VOB MPEG 3GP ASF MOV etc as well as DVD discs/streams as well as wide selection of subtitle formats including Srt Sub Ssa embedded Matroska files/DVD subtitles etc – offering you many choices when choosing subtitle font size/color preferences when selecting subtitles/subtitles etc.It features an extensive playlist feature while you can change font size/color by altering subtitle font size/color etc!

Smplayer is a multimedia player which leverages both Qt libraries and MPlayer to play video files locally or remotely, discs (DVD and BlueRay), television, radio streams and television shows. It remembers where you left off watching any movie so when you come back it resumes where you left off; its simple yet intuitive user interface also makes this application simple to use and it supports advanced features such as multi-monitor support, software scaling and filters for image processing.

SMPlayer stands out by not requiring external codec packets for playback, making it extremely fast and stable. Its lightweight design also enables it to run on low-powered machines while being compatible with numerous file formats and highly customizable with skins available to choose from – perfect for low-powered machines that lack memory for media playback! SMPlayer makes an excellent media player solution.

SMTube is an add-on for SMPlayer that lets you watch YouTube videos with real media player instead of flash or HTML5 player, providing better performance on older computers and providing subtitles and graphic equalizer features as well as downloading directly from URL. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

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