SMPlayer – A Powerhouse of a Media Player


SMPlayer is an award-winning MPlayer GUI that also offers additional features, such as being able to watch YouTube videos using media player rather than web browser flash/html5 players for improved performance.

It comes equipped with a vast number of codecs, meaning it should play any file. Furthermore, it remembers settings for files if they are closed and opened again.


SMPlayer is an easy to use graphical front end for one of Linux’s classic media players, Mplayer. Its main strength lies in being compatible with almost all video and audio formats – including online streams – while offering additional features that make this app powerful.

These extra features include an excellent graphic equalizer that enables users to adjust sound levels and presets, an impressive slideshow mode with various frames and transition effects, as well as being able to switch video tracks quickly with just the click of a button. Furthermore, this program includes the capability of automatically creating thumbnails of videos you open into its window; you can even adjust how many threads the decoder uses depending on the speed of your computer.

Another excellent feature of File Explorer is its ability to remember settings of every file that has been opened so that, when reopened later on, they pick up right where you left off – this feature is especially helpful with large video files as they can continue playing while doing other work on your machine.

Other great features include mirror mode that enables you to mirror any video on your screen as an image, stereo 3D filtering capabilities, compact mode support and skin selections for personalizing SMPlayer’s look.

SMPlayer is an open-source cross-platform media player for Windows and Linux platforms as well as some convertible laptops equipped with touch support. Its only drawback appears to be failing to remember settings for some music or video files; this issue can be easily rectified. SMPlayer features support for various codecs as well as YouTube videos (with subtitles) along with its built-in search component and audio ripping features; additionally it has the capacity of downloading them directly and ripping audio out for use as ringtones or mp3.


SMPlayer comes equipped with built-in codecs that should enable it to play most video formats without needing additional plugins; however, some files may still cause issues.

SMPlayer stands out from other video players by remembering the settings of videos you play, meaning if you open one later it will continue from where it left off with identical audio track, subtitles and volume levels. You can even use this feature to bookmark online streams so they resume later on!

This program boasts several advanced features such as karaoke filter, mirror mode and stereo 3D filter. Furthermore, it supports various input devices and gives you the option of altering its size as well as selecting desired video quality settings via keyboard shortcuts or menu.

SMPlayer can also be used to download and play subtitles for videos. With its new search component, SMPlayer will quickly locate the right subtitles for any film you are watching automatically in its list of available choices. Furthermore, SMPlayer provides support for casting files to external devices like smartphones and tablets.

Version 0.6.3 introduces several new features and addresses some bugs. A problem which caused video windows on Windows to remain black when Compiz was activated has been addressed; additionally, Chromecast files will now be served via a different library; plus an unicode display issue has been addressed by switching libraries used for serving files for Chromecast.

Other improvements include a revamped interface for high-DPI screens and support for global shortcut keys – activate this option in Preferences > Keyboard and mouse section. Furthermore, assign different functions to mouse wheel in order to avoid clashes with programs mapping this function to the same key.

SMPlayer is one of the most flexible media players and makes an excellent alternative to VLC. Its interface is well-organized, while its functionality is easy to understand. Furthermore, SMPlayer boasts lightweight hardware requirements while boasting unique features that set it apart from competitors.


SMPlayer comes equipped with an inbuilt codec capable of playing most video and audio formats, eliminating the hassle of searching and installing additional codecs. Furthermore, SMPlayer remembers your movie settings so when opening any file again it will resume from where it left off; this feature is particularly handy when resume watching fullscreen mode movies.

Smplayer offers comprehensive subtitle support. It can load external subtitle files and adjust their synchronization settings; set font styles, sizes, colors and position settings for individual subtitles; access individual shortcuts quickly to help navigate movies faster.

SMPlayer also boasts another unique feature – it automatically moves subtitles to the bottom of the screen when in fullscreen mode, working well for both SRT and ASS subtitles (I have not tried DVR ones yet though). Unfortunately this requires that movies contain an adequate vertical margin.

Overall, SMPlayer is an impressive multimedia player that boasts extensive format support, advanced playback features and customization options. It can serve as an alternative to more popular programs such as VLC or Windows Media Player – free to download for both Windows and Linux operating systems and accessible in over 30 languages thanks to a community translation project.


When viewing movies with SMPlayer, you have the option of splitting the display screen into two; one could display only video while displaying SMPlayer interface on another (change audio track, subtitles or volume settings, etc). Once pausing or resume playback has resumed, your video will reattach automatically with it again; its thumbnail generator provides thumbnail images to preview your videos while remembering settings from all files you play so when reopening one they start from where they left off with all previous settings unchanged.

SMPlayer supports an impressive variety of media formats including avi, mp4, mkv, ts, mov divx and h.264 files. With built-in codecs it makes playing most videos effortless making this an attractive alternative to VLC and similar players – plus YouTube videos can even be watched and subtitles searched and downloaded without further needing additional packs!

SMPlayer features several advanced features, such as a graphic equalizer that lets you adjust brightness, contrast, hue and saturation levels; stereo 3D filter for improved image quality; jump forward or backward in videos using mouse buttons or the keyboard; multiple speed playback allowing 2X-4X faster movie viewing experience and can sync audio and subtitles seamlessly – this program supports over 30 languages!

This program is built using Qt and MPlayer for cross-platform compatibility and fully supports Windows, most Linux distributions and FreeBSD. Available as binary packages in many repositories for installation as well as manually, it’s completely free under GNU General Public License – making it one of the most feature-packed media players out there and worth exploring further!

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