SMPlayer Review

SMPlayer is an intuitive front-end for MPlayer’s award-winning multimedia player that supports virtually all video and audio formats, including YouTube videos and subtitles. It includes various interesting features like searching and playing YouTube videos as well as configuring subtitles.

Memory settings can also be stored, so that if you leave and close a movie, when you come back later it resumes from where you left off. Other notable features of the app are its thumbnail generator and wide selection of audio/video filters.


SMPlayer is a media player that boasts many features for its users. It supports various formats without the need for external codecs to be installed on your computer and even streams content over the Internet with wireless adapters compatible. Furthermore, this software includes an equalizer that lets you tweak every aspect of the video as you watch – an invaluable tool that rivals those found in video editing programs.

SMPlayer stands out as an exceptional media player by remembering your settings for each file you play, making it useful if you begin watching a movie but must close it for whatever reason; when you reopen it again it will resume from where it left off with all its original settings intact – this offers many advantages over similar applications that require you to install extra codecs just so you can play a specific file again after closing it!

SMPlayer can automatically adapt its interface to fit a high DPI screen by scaling its menus and toolbars according to your resolution, making navigation simpler on your computer. This feature can help prevent menus and toolbars from becoming very small and hard to see on a high DPI monitor.

SMPlayer contains a hidden compact mode which enables users to watch videos in a smaller window, which can be activated by pressing F or selecting Video > Compact mode from the menu. There are also many additional features, including customizable skins and an exclusive setting for tablets that allows this mode of viewing videos.

Advanced features of media players include audio/subtitle delay adjustment, multiple audio filters, changing of playback speed, video equalizer and more. You can even configure keyboard shortcuts and mouse wheel to do various things according to your own personal preferences.

Notable features of the software are its playlist, autorepeat and shuffle options for queuing files, its detection of multiple subtitle tracks (allowing you to select just one per file), its use of mouse directional buttons to move forwards/backwards in a video clip and ability to apply filters such as deinterlace, postprocessing or voice removal karaoke-style filters among many more!


SMPlayer utilizes the MPlayer media engine, making it capable of playing back a wide array of audio and video files such as avi, mkv, wmv, mpeg and divx files as well as YouTube videos. Furthermore, this player saves recently played files so they can be resumed later as well as remembers track, subtitle and volume settings for all recent files played back.

SMPplayer features numerous advanced features, including a graphic equalizer and various filters for improving the appearance of videos. You can access these settings using Ctrl + E or shortcut keys; additionally it offers various audio plugins such as deblock, during, denoise add noise black borders software scaling auto detect phase plus many others – and can even customize its color palette GUI!

As opposed to other media players, SMPlayer stands out by having its own built-in codec pack that supports almost all file formats without needing additional downloads – saving both time and effort! Furthermore, it even lets you download and install subtitles for movies or TV shows; play YouTube videos; as well as provide other useful features like thumbnail generators and audio and video filters.

SMPlayer stands out amongst its competition thanks to its robust set of features while remaining lightweight enough for use on convertible laptops and KDE desktop environments. Unfortunately, recent versions have some minor bugs regarding Chromecast support which should be ironed out before proceeding further with any use cases.

Staying updated with SMPlayer to achieve optimal performance is essential, and updating is easy using either APT package manager or Flatpak. While APT updates SMPlayer as well as all related system packages installed alongside it, Flatpak may perform this update process more quickly – however this could take an extended amount of time before completion.

The latter method requires more work, but is still safe and secure. It helps avoid conflicts with other applications and is particularly handy if you have multiple Ubuntu installations. Furthermore, this approach is compatible with Snap packages, so SMPlayer can be installed and updated across any desktop environment using snaps.


SMPlayer is a user-friendly front end for the MPlayer media player that can handle most audio and video file formats, and comes equipped with built-in codecs so there’s no need for external plugins. Furthermore, YouTube videos are supported, enabling you to adjust their synchronization between audio and video playback.

Smplayer supports multiple file types including AVI, MKV, MPEG-4 MOV AAC OGG and WAV formats as well as YouTube videos in different quality settings, including HD. Furthermore, subtitles from various languages can be downloaded and displayed alongside them for playback. It offers numerous features like taking screenshots changing playback speed creating playlists taking screenshots enqueuing multiple media files at specific intervals etc.

SMPlayer features a customizable, user-friendly interface with options that are simple and straightforward. You can configure keyboard shortcuts, change themes, adjust font and size settings of subtitles and adjust font and size settings of fonts. Plus there are plenty of extra features such as the ability to record video and audio recordings as well as YouTube browsing and an equalizer for video – available in over 30 different languages with helpful user manuals offering tips for getting the most from using this software!

SMPlayer stands out by being compatible with both Windows and Linux systems, making it an excellent option for dual boot users looking for an equal experience on both platforms. Furthermore, its touch screen compatibility also makes it a good fit on convertible laptops with touch screens.

SMPlayer Forum is an ideal platform to meet other users and get support with any queries. The community is very active, while developers regularly update the application to fix bugs and add features. Furthermore, an API provides other applications with access to integrate with SMPlayer and this may save both time and effort by automating media preparation for playback or simply backing-up your configuration when switching operating systems.

Final Words

SMPlayer is an efficient and speedy video player that works straight out of the box without extra settings or extraneous extras (like Vlc Player) that could potentially cause bugs, making it ideal for unattended playback. With an easy-to-use graphical user interface and access to all MPlayer features – including customizable subtitle font size and audio track selection as well as DVD support, seek by mouse wheel seeks, video equalizer support and support for DVDs – SMPlayer deserves your consideration and is open source and free – compatible with Linux Mac OS X and Windows platforms alike!

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