Snes9x – Play Super Nintendo Games on Your Android, Jailbroken iOS, and 3DS

Snes9x is an outstanding, free Super Nintendo emulator with excellent compatibility across various platforms including Android phones, jailbroken iOS phones and 3DS systems.

Some speculate that Nintendo may have cancelled Snes9x, prompting Silhouette – an anonymous version that appears and functions similarly but was released without being advertised – to appear and function similarly.


Snes9x is one of the most advanced and comprehensive Super Nintendo emulators currently available, having emerged from a merger between Gary Henderson’s Snes96 and Jerremy Koot’s Snes97 emulators, two early efforts at emulation. While not as accurate as its competitors such as bsnes or ares, Snes9x provides great compatibility as well as additional features not found elsewhere.

It supports both NTSC and PAL games, along with Super FX chip graphics enhancements, and allows you to save and resume game progress midway through levels, as well as support multiple controllers so that multiple people can use one computer at the same time for gaming fun! You can even record gameplay as an AVI file; perfect for capturing all the music and effects found within classic SNES titles!

This emulator is portable, meaning that it doesn’t require installation on your PC or any external drivers to work properly. Its user interface is straightforward and intuitive for easy operation, and supports HD video quality playback allowing for full HD resolution gaming enjoyment. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X it requires 64-bit operating systems in order to function effectively.

Snes9X also provides several guides on how to install and configure its software, but beware: outdated graphics cards could slow the program considerably – to avoid this issue, consider upgrading to a more powerful graphics card.

If you can’t install the Snes9X software on your PC, a USB drive may provide an alternate way of running it. To do this, first create a folder where the emulator will live; copy all ROMs over to that location before launching the emulator and selecting your chosen ROM from its “Roms” menu.

Snes9X includes support for IPS files, which can help improve performance in certain games. To use an IPS file effectively, it must be located in the same folder as its base ROM and have the same name; except with an extension. Furthermore, this emulator supports screenshot capture allowing you to take quick snapshots of game screens at any given moment in time.


Snes9x is a free emulator designed to let Android device owners play Super Nintendo games on the go, with extensive compatibility support, simple use, minimal memory usage and Bluetooth keyboard and controller support – perfect for mobile gaming!

SNES9x is one of the best-known emulators for the Super Nintendo console, providing compatibility with an extensive library of games while offering unique features that set it apart. For instance, its advanced CPU core enables it to be faster than original hardware while handling high-resolution graphics more effectively, and its audio core uses low-pass filters to produce authentic analog sounds for an authentic experience.

Widescreen Hack allows users to play older games in 16:9 aspect ratio, increasing frame rates and improving graphics resolution on lower-end devices. Built-in controller support includes two standard analog sticks and a D-pad; compatible with most third-party controllers including Wii Remotes and Xbox 360 controllers.

Another key feature is the ability to save and load state files. SNES save states can be loaded at any time, enabling you to relive those favorite moments over and over. Similar to a real console’s save system, each ZSNES save state file weighs in at approximately 270KB in size which could potentially pose issues for players with limited storage space.

Recording games as movie files is also possible, and can include save state, SRAM data, controller information and controller setup information – resulting in an exact reproduction of how it was recorded – including reset capabilities! Unfortunately, however, Konami Justifier special input device games (Lethal Enforcers) cannot be captured this way.

If you prefer more comprehensive and accurate emulators, there are various alternatives to Snes9x that may better meet your needs. These include bZSNES, NO$SNS, higan and mGBA; with the latter providing more user-friendly interface and improved graphics rendering performance than its counterpart.


Snes9x is an emulator for Super Nintendo Entertainment System games that enables users to enjoy playing them on their computers. Compatible with most ROMs and offering various options – including saving game states at any time and accessing peripherals built-in to the emulator; additionally it features filters which improve graphic and sound quality for an enhanced gaming experience.

This free app is one of the most comprehensive SNES emulators on the market, boasting excellent game compatibility and multiple useful features. Specifically designed to run well on low-end PCs without needing too much memory for operation, while not being as accurate as BSNES or ares, it still boasts impressive performance with easy use.

SNES9X is a free-to-use emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Compatible with most SNES ROMs, this application provides many features such as saving game states at any time and accessing built-in peripherals. Furthermore, its user interface is simple to navigate; in this version of SNES9X there’s also an enhanced core called Geolith that improves performance and accuracy of emulation.

The SNES9X project began as the result of the merger between Gary Henderson’s Snes96 and Jerremy Koot’s Snes97 emulators – two early SNES emulators released around 1997 – both developed by Gary Henderson himself. ZSNES was superior at recreating gameplay while higan provided greater accuracy; still SNES9X remains an excellent emulator choice for most systems.

Once installed, Snes9X will launch automatically when opening a ROM file and allow you to customize game controls using menus in the upper right corner of your screen. There are multiple input modes supported including mouse, keyboard, USB gamepads as well as additional controller mappings (IPS files).

For an easy start with Snes9X, download and install the most up-to-date SVN build from its official website. Once complete, you can play all your SNES games instantly! Please keep in mind that these early builds may become unstable over time and it is necessary to frequently update them with fixes and patches.

Final Words

If you experience the error “Failed to Initialize Current Display Configuration” when playing SNES9x ROMs on a Windows computer, installing DirectX may help as well as changing its Display Configuration settings in Snes9x. Also it would be beneficial if all SNES ROMs you are trying to load were SMC or FIG files instead of ZIP archives.

Snes9x emulator’s configuration changes aren’t saved when closing or reopening it, which could be particularly bothersome when playing RPGs and wanting to restart from previous save states. One way around this issue is creating an ANSI cheat file in Notepad with the same name as your savestates file (ROM file in this instance), then add these cheats in Snes9x’s Cheats tab.

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