SoftPerfect Network Scanner Review

This free network scanner can easily run off a USB flash drive, providing system administrators with a range of networking tools that help streamline support procedures. Pinging computers, scanning ports and discovering shared folders as well as retrieving information about network devices via WMI, SNMP HTTP SSH PowerShell.

Ping Sweep

Ping sweep software is an application that automatically scans IP addresses within an IP range for devices connected to a network, often used by network administrators to quickly identify active devices on large networks as well as detect any unapproved machines or potential intruders. Ping sweep also facilitates discovering hidden and writable shared folders through extensive pings conducted to every IPv6 address in its scan range (up to four last octets may vary).

There are numerous free and commercial ping sweep applications that provide an array of features and capabilities, with the popular one being Angry IP Scanner often recommended by professionals on comment sections and message boards. It provides a user-friendly dashboard displaying results clearly with minimal clutter; its presentation style combines both command line-style utilities with window fonts and functionality commonly found on GUI systems for maximum effectiveness.

Although the application is relatively user-friendly, conducting a full ping sweep across many IP addresses may take considerable time and generate network traffic that could disrupt other activities on a machine. Therefore, for optimal results it should only be run at times when network usage is relatively low or when scheduled sweeps will reduce ping traffic send through.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner features an effective ping sweep that enables network administrators to detect the presence of hosts within a specified network. It enables an accurate and complete list of active hosts on that network for the duration of the scan, while simultaneously pinging each device over specific IP ranges and retrieving its DNS name for inclusion into its list of detected devices.

Another advantage of this program is that it automatically scans a range of IP addresses using predetermined configuration parameters and generates reports in an easy-to-read and organized format that can be exported as HTML, JSON, TXT, CSV or XML for easy and efficient data retrieval.

IPv4/IPv6 Discovery

The IPv4/IPv6 Discovery function enables you to easily scan a network for devices with either an IPv4 or IPv6 address, using Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) pinging to identify live devices and display results intuitively. It is an extremely versatile tool, capable of pinging computers, discovering shared folders and retrieving virtually all information regarding network devices via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, SSH or PowerShell protocols.

This program gives you the power to configure different scanning options and tailor it to meet your particular needs. It supports all three versions of SNMP, has an OID browser built-in for quick selection, MAC address lookup method selection and default gateway mode selection capabilities, etc.

An additional useful feature is being able to quickly check whether a host is online and connect directly. This feature can come in particularly handy when reviewing data acquired during scanning processes.

This utility is an indispensable resource for network administrators and system engineers, offering an array of information about networked computers such as their MAC addresses and software installations. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes navigation quick and effortless!

However, one should take certain precautions. For instance, the lack of labeling on certain menu items can make it hard to know what each button does until your mouse pointer hovers over it; this can be especially frustrating when trying to use the program for the first time.

Simply put, this network scanner can save you both time and effort in managing a small network, as it helps automate support procedures. Personal use is free while commercial licenses must be purchased if the program will be used for business. Compatible with both Windows and MacOS systems alike, its flexible display/export formats make this program an essential asset when looking for wireless networks.

Shared Folders Detection

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a multithreaded IP, NetBIOS, and SNMP scanner with an intuitive user interface and several advanced features. Users can ping computers, scan ports, discover shared folders (including system folders and hidden ones) as well as resolve host names, detect hardware MAC addresses (even across routers), listen for TCP/UDP ports listening for listening SNMP services listening on listening TCP/UDP ports as listening services SNMP services mounted as drives within Windows Explorer as well as launch external third party applications.

This application offers a straightforward user interface that requires minimal training for use. From its main menu, users can select an IP range and start scanning – live devices will appear along with their status information in real-time as they scan. A device list that is fully expandable includes all this data as well as information such as MAC address, current logon user, uptime information etc.

After scanning is complete, a new window opens with results. Here you will be able to see both the total number of hosts found and available resources; right-clicking any resource will show its properties within its context menu; selecting “Open with” will launch the relevant program (for instance Windows Explorer).

One of the key advantages of this tool is that it doesn’t require installing any drivers; therefore it can run on machines that do not support an NIC. Furthermore, scan results are saved directly into a file, making them easily reusable for future reference.

Noteworthy among its many features is this tool’s capability of performing hex dumps of target host’s memory – this can be particularly beneficial when investigating security incidents, while additionally reporting any instances where malicious code exists within any hex dumps.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner stands apart from similar programs by not relying on any third-party libraries for stability and resilience under multiple simultaneous thread loads. You can run it portable from an external drive and is offered in different license versions depending on its intended use and number of machines supported (single, up to 10, site or worldwide). In addition, SoftPerfect also includes additional free tools like port monitoring software, FTP/SSH client and DNS client in its package for Windows operating systems.

System Information Retrieval

When the system is operating properly, a log of events (available under View > Live Display Log from the main menu) is displayed as balloons in the notification area. Each event can trigger various actions: sound playing back in response, application launch or writing to file. Furthermore, this log allows you to keep an eye on changes: when devices join or leave networks; network name resolution status changes occur or IP addresses get assigned; so tracking change becomes much simpler!

If a scan identifies multiple devices with the same MAC address, the program will note it in its log. Furthermore, this software can detect network connection speed, record ping time and jitter as well as measure upload and download speeds to ensure a stable internet connection.

To enhance performance, the software uses intelligent algorithms that quickly retrieve and display information. These features take advantage of cutting-edge technologies developed for information retrieval systems to deliver fast yet reliable results.

This software utilizes text processing techniques such as tokenization, stemming and stop word removal to break documents down into smaller units called tokens, thus decreasing the total number of items to process and speeding up search results.

Additionally, this software uses various techniques to produce more meaningful results. For instance, it can detect words within sentences by their position in them (e.g. ‘and’ and ‘the’), making this feature particularly helpful when searching through large amounts of data for specific terms.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner can detect the monitor vendor (the first three octets of a MAC address) as well as find information such as serial number and model of hardware. It displays this data in its own window or can e-mail it directly to administrators.

This software offers additional functions, such as scanning TCP ports for listening connections, checking SNMP/NetBios/resolving host names and auto-detecting your local and external IP address ranges. Furthermore, WMI, remote registry access and file system information retrieval is supported, as are pinging computers/port scanning/shared folder detection/pingback and export results to XML, HTML/JSON/CSV/TXT files for further review and export to any destination XML/HTML/JSON/CSV/TXT for further use – SSH/PowerShell command execution as well as remote shutdown/WAKE-On-LAN support is supported too.

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