SoftPerfect Network Scanner Review

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Effective network management is key to business operations today, and SoftPerfect Network Scanner offers a complete set of tools designed to enhance network security, optimize bandwidth usage and enhance overall network performance.

This program can ping computers, scan ports and locate shared folders while offering flexible filtering and display options. Furthermore, it can access virtually all information about network devices through WMI, SNMP, HTTP, SSH and PowerShell while finding remote services, registry files and performance counters.

IPv4/IPv6 detection

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a multi-threaded IP, NetBIOS, and SNMP scanner with a modern user interface and many advanced features designed for system administrators and general computer security enthusiasts alike. This program can ping computers, scan ports and discover shared folders (even hidden ones), mount them as network drives that can be accessed using Windows Explorer, filter its result list accordingly and much more!

This software also allows for the creation of a customized list of devices to scan, and checks if a port that has been specified by a user is open, while it resolves host names and detects local and external IP ranges automatically. Furthermore, its portable version makes it convenient to transport to different machines for use.

One of the key strengths of this tool is that it allows for easier network configuration analysis by reconciling it with documentation and records, which can often be an issue in certain environments. By eliminating unreported issues and making troubleshooting simpler due to less needing to switch tools often enough.

Similar to the Angry IP Scanner, but offering additional features. These include creating a list of devices to be scanned, with results presented in grid format for easier reading. Filters and exports into CSV/XML files are also supported; plus there’s even a command-line version which makes integration into scripts simpler than ever!

IPv4/IPv6 multicast detection

IT professionals and general users alike can take advantage of a free, multithreaded network scanner designed specifically for IT professionals. This tool streamlines routine network support processes while providing you with extensive information on all devices connected to your network. With its convenient user interface, light weight portability, extensive options and features such as computer security features – it proves itself invaluable as both professional system administrators and those offering occasional network maintenance or just interested in computer security can benefit greatly from using this scanner tool.

NetScan allows you to ping computers, scan ports, uncover shared folders and obtain information on network devices using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), SNMP, HTTP, SSH or PowerShell. Furthermore, the program also scans for remote services, registry files and performance counters; offers flexible filtering and display options and exports results in multiple formats from XML to JSON; additionally supports remote shutdown and Wake-on-LAN capabilities.

Noteworthy and useful features include displaying each host’s time to live as an ICMP response; looking up monitor vendor information (vendor name, model number and serial number if available); calculating packet loss and jitter by sending echo requests; enabling duplicate MAC address detection through echo requests; scanning IP addresses at random rather than sequentially; exploring shared folders in background mode and minimising to the notification area when not active.

With “When an event occurs”, you can specify whether to play a sound, launch another program or save the event to a file. A balloon will appear in your system tray when an event has been detected; select from among JOIN, LEAVE and IPCHANGE events as event types.

IPv4/IPv6 local address detection

SoftPerfect Network Scanner Is A Free Multithreaded IP, NetBIOS and SNMP Scanner With Modern Interface And Many Advanced Features

This scanner was created for system administrators as well as general users interested in computer security. This program can ping computers, scan for listening TCP/UDP ports and discover shared folders – even hidden ones! Furthermore, it can mount shared folders as network drives for Windows Explorer to browse with its filter functionality and narrow down results list. The program can also resolve host names and auto-detect local and external IP address ranges. Furthermore, it can access virtually all network computers through WMI, SNMP, HTTP and NetBios; furthermore supporting remote shutdown and Wake-On-LAN capabilities as well.

This program can detect hardware MAC addresses across routers. You can use it to monitor individual devices – ideal for home and small business monitoring environments – while creating reports in CSV, TXT or XML is another great feature. Lastly, the listening ports on computers will help identify vulnerabilities within your network and help create reports to document any security threats or weaknesses within it.

This portable app, accessible from a flash drive, is quite fast for what it does and can easily be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any environment. With an intuitive user-friendly interface and all its features easily explained within minutes, this tool should be an essential addition for any administrator – both professional and domestic alike.

IPv4/IPv6 subnet detection

Small network administrators will find this handy tool invaluable for keeping tabs on their networks and ensuring all devices are properly configured. Pinging all network devices helps identify them and provide information about their status; such as MAC addresses, IP ranges and listening ports. Furthermore, this handy application detects hidden shared folders through performing ping sweeps while simultaneously identifying potential security risks by listing devices with SNMP enabled capabilities.

As a free, portable, and easy-to-use network scanner, it is the ideal tool for administering any small wireless or Ethernet local area network (LAN). It can scan an entire subnet and display a live list of hosts connected to each switch port as well as their MAC addresses, IP addresses, host names and operating systems. Furthermore, it displays each client network card vendor, port speed information as well as counters of incorrect and discarded frames – perfect for anyone working on small networks!

Troubleshooting connectivity issues is made simpler using this powerful tool, as ICMP echo requests can help identify which host on the network is experiencing issues by analyzing responses to ICMP echo requests. You can either proactively use it by sending probes directly to every device or reactively by setting SNMP traps which notify administrators when an in-network device reports a problem to them.

Pinginging aside, this tool offers numerous other beneficial functions beyond simple pinging: retrieving system information using WMI, remote registry, file system and NetBios access points; connecting computers in the network; displaying real-time system data via custom dashboards and top-N widgets; detecting duplicate MAC addresses and more. Additionally, PowerShell and SSH commands can be executed remotely while users can export results as HTML pages, JSON files, TXT or CSV formats for further use.

IPv4/IPv6 discovery mode

SoftPerfect Network Scanner makes use of Nmap, the popular free console-based tool, to offer an impressive variety of features for OS discovery, vulnerability testing, and malware detection. When Nmap runs its output is captured using an XPath expression before being loaded into Network Scanner user interface for analysis – providing detection not only of OS names but also device types and service versions.

The program can ping computers, scan ports and display shared folders (both system and hidden ones) on a local network. Additionally, it can mount shared folders as network drives so you can browse them using Windows Explorer. Furthermore, it can check a user-specified port to report whether or not it’s open; resolve host names; autodetect your local and external IP range; filter results as well as export them in various formats from XML to JSON for user use.

Your Live Display log (choose View – Show Live Display Log from the main menu) allows you to monitor which devices join or leave your network, which is particularly helpful when scanning for vulnerabilities and performing remote shutdown or sending network messages.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner’s many features and options make it a versatile asset for both home users and IT professionals. Thanks to its portable nature, users can run it from any USB drive without installation – perfect for discovering live devices on your network and pinging wide ranges of IP addresses to find live devices across routers as well as discovering shared folders containing both hidden files that cannot be written to. It can even retrieve information about network devices through WMI, SNMP HTTP SSH PowerShell!

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