Sonos Review

Sonos supports up to 32 components on one system, which you can organize however you wish. Plus, its streaming options make life convenient; simply use an app on your phone or tablet to control everything!

Sonos provides Bluetooth wireless connections and line-in connections, ideal for older sources like turntables or cassette decks.

Easy to set up

Setup for a Sonos system is fast and straightforward with its app guiding you step-by-step through each process. Add your WiFi network credentials, select rooms where music should play, create groups to control multiple speakers simultaneously or even use voice controls!

No other speaker system makes setup as straightforward as Sonos, with its user-friendly app letting you easily access any streaming service or your digital library – including HD audio formats not supported by other multi-room systems. Plus, multiple Sonos speakers can even be combined together to form a surround sound experience!

Sonos devices stand apart from some home audio products in that they don’t tether themselves to your WiFi router; instead they operate in pure wireless client mode using their built-in Wi-Fi hardware to create their own independent Wi-Fi network called SonosNet, helping increase reliability in congested home networks. If you experience difficulties, Sonos offers an accessory called the Boost which may provide relief from congestion issues on the network.

One feature that sets Sonos apart is its scalability; it can accommodate up to 32 speakers in a house at once as well as various connected devices and peripherals. Plus, there are add-ons available that help expand its functionality even further.

The Sonos app serves as the central hub for all audio playback, from streaming music to listening offline, and is available for iOS and Android. With an easy user experience and sleek, functional design, this app is constantly being upgraded with new features to support new devices and compatible with a range of others devices.

Control your Sonos speakers easily using the Sonos app, as well as play music using voice control. The Sonos app offers one of the most comprehensive multi-room music players available today – supporting Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Audible and Tidal as well as lossless formats and other services.

Easy to control

Sonos stands out by being controlled via one simple app on any phone, tablet or computer – making its controls straightforward, user-friendly and clear to understand. Furthermore, Sonos offers an advanced search function that lets you find music across your content sources such as personal collection, internet radio stations and streaming music services like Spotify (hi-resolution audio is supported with some services but fewer do than with Spotify).

Multi-room audio is another exciting feature. This allows you to effortlessly stream music throughout your home – be it individually, in groups of up to 32 speakers, or pair Sonos speakers for stereo or surround sound systems – for an unforgettable home entertainment experience.

Sonos’ app makes setting up and using your new system easy with an intuitive guide that walks you step-by-step. After initial setup is completed, the app can then be used to control every aspect of your system: individual room music, TV audio and voice command services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Sonos app also gives you full control of existing Sonos speakers, whether that be an original Play:1, Beam or Roam portable speaker equipped with Alexa built-in. Furthermore, you can add analog and digital inputs by plugging in turntables or cassette players (which all accept analog/digital inputs; Port Amp Era 100 and 300 accept these types of sources).

Sonos recently began offering native app control on select devices to give music lovers another way of controlling their existing music apps without the Sonos app. While this doesn’t replace Alexa and GA entirely, their features vary; therefore these alternatives shouldn’t be seen as replacements.

The Sonos app features both bass and treble sliders to tailor the sound of your speakers, while advanced features include Sonos’ proprietary Trueplay tuning technology – this automatically matches speaker performance to room acoustics so that you can experience balanced and accurate audio without manually calibrating every component in your system.

Easy to upgrade

Sonos’ multi-room speaker system connects via Wi-Fi, making it easy to add or move speakers without reconfiguring your home network. Plus, upgrading to more sophisticated models such as Era 100 supports better audio quality or additional functionality; its predecessor, One (9/10, WIRED Recommends), already featured Bluetooth playback and line-in audio capabilities which made connecting turntables or other music players with Sonos easier; previously this would only have been possible using either Five or Amp devices – something only possible via purchasing them separately before.

Apple AirPlay 2 makes streaming audio from any iOS, iPadOS, MacOS or tvOS product direct to Sonos components much simpler for friends to play music on your system or enjoy Netflix or YouTube videos with high-quality sound on TV. It makes music streaming and sharing much simpler!

Sonos Spatial Audio on both Era 300 and Era 100 speakers offers another major upgrade, enabling you to customize the height of audio when listening to compatible content such as movies, podcasts and more on Sonos app with surround sound experience. It makes listening experience truly immersive!

Sonos stands out among tech companies by its longstanding dedication to maintaining existing products with software updates – making their hardware relevant and providing long-term support for them. Few tech firms can match Sonos in this regard!

Sonos’ commitment to longevity extends beyond getting people to purchase more devices; rather, its Trade Up program encourages owners of older “legacy” products to perform a factory reset before giving away, recycling or returning it free to Sonos.

Subscription services provided by Rdio are another great way to access their streaming content for just $15/month or approximately the cost of one CD. Audiophiles will love this option as it provides lossless CD quality music that’s superior to Spotify, Pandora and Tidal with ads removed as well as the option to skip songs on playlists or radio stations.

Easy to move

Sonos Move, their portable speaker designed to deliver music wherever it is desired, features voice-enabled technology and uses Sonos’s automatic Trueplay tuning to adapt sound based on your environment. Furthermore, this unit comes complete with its own handle for portability as well as IP56 rating protection against dust and water resistance – so whether used individually or together it provides multi-room listening experiences!

Although the device can connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi offers greater range and allows audio streaming directly from the Internet. Furthermore, pairing is made simple when pairing it with mobile devices compared to Bluetooth which relies solely on your phone for audio streaming.

As with other Sonos speakers, connecting to WiFi is easy and secure with the app detecting nearby devices and making pairing easy. Furthermore, there is also a feature enabling you to see the status of your Sonos system from your phone so you can quickly diagnose problems or spot potential solutions.

Though not as loud as a Sonos One, the Move can still fill an entire room with music. It has a balanced sound profile out-of-the-box and produces deep bass. Two Moves can even be connected together for stereo pairing; although I was only able to tell which speakers were left and right during Dead Can Dance’s Yulunga Spirit Dance song!

The Sonos Move portable speaker is an excellent outdoor music listening option, featuring rugged construction with IP56 ratings for dust and water resistance and up to 11 hours of battery life. Perfect for road trips and hikes alike, its built-in handle doubles as a grip for one-handed transport and comes in both voice enabled (at $399) and non voice versions ($179) versions; both can connect seamlessly with Roam devices on home WiFi networks for multi-room music streaming!

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