Sophos Home Antivirus Review

Sophos Home

Sophos Home for Windows and Mac offers a comprehensive package of features to protect both machines, including real-time virus protection, anti-ransomware protection, anti-phishing filtering and parental web filtering (which also works to block keylogger programs).

Penn has licensed this software, making it free to Faculty, Staff and Students up to 10 devices at any one time.


Sophos Home is an antivirus software solution that offers real-time protection against phishing sites, ransomware and other forms of malware. Additionally, Sophos Home includes web filtering capabilities as well as parental controls and privacy protection to shield digital life from threats online. With its simple user interface and straightforward features for non-technical users, Sophos Home makes protection easy!

Sophos Labs databases offer robust protection from known viruses, Mac malware, Trojans, worms, bots, potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) and ransomware on Mac computers. It also features protection for webcam use by third parties illegally. In addition, one of its unique benefits includes ransomware file monitoring – making this antivirus an excellent choice for anyone concerned about losing files due to cyber attacks.

Sophos Home provides more than antivirus and ransomware protection; it also features a web filter to stop children from accessing inappropriate websites. With an integrated blacklist/whitelist system to ensure only safe sites are visited from your computer, trackers used for identity theft or predatory activities are blocked as well as hackers accessing microphones/webcams which prevent snooping or privacy violations from taking place.

Sophos Home Premium is an advanced version of Sophos Home, offering additional features. For instance, it can monitor over 10 devices simultaneously for malware and run a scan to locate and eliminate hidden infections; additionally, an online dashboard enables remote management and management. Furthermore, Sophos Home Premium’s advanced set of features features artificial intelligence-powered real-time protection to stop threats that bypass conventional security and anti-virus solutions.

Sophos Home provides another attractive benefit by protecting online banking against phishing and hacking attacks, and has features to prevent browser hijacking as well as protect keystrokes encrypting with keystroke encoding technology. In addition, its price point makes this an economical solution protecting up to 10 computers/mobile devices – plus Sophos can even block cookies/tracking tools!


Sophos is known for providing enterprise-grade security software to many of the world’s largest businesses, while it also produces consumer products designed to safeguard home users against hackers, ransomware and other cyberthreats. Sophos’ Home line of antivirus programs range from free up to $60 annually per device – offering something suitable for every budget and every need.

Sophos Home Free offers always-on protection for up to three devices, while Sophos Home Premium goes beyond traditional antivirus with real-time ransomware, malware and hacking attempt protection on up to 10 systems. Both programs enable remote management and configuration of security from a central dashboard.

Sophos Home offers strong and effective protection. It does an outstanding job of blocking viruses, malware and threats on your system and has an exhaustive blacklist of malicious websites to block unwanted activity online. Furthermore, Sophos can detect ransomware attacks quickly and backup files to protect you against potential attacks – keeping them safe should anything happen to threaten them!

Sophos Home does have some drawbacks that should be taken into account before purchasing this product, such as limited support via social media channels and no firewall functionality – two major shortcoming of any security suite.

Sophos Home offers very reasonable pricing that is significantly lower than its rival suites, making it a suitable option for families that wish to protect multiple computers and mobile devices against online threats. In addition, its feature that allows remote scans and configuration updates provides parents an invaluable tool in monitoring their children’s computer use.

Sophos Home is an effective option for home users, yet falls short in comparison with competitors such as Webroot SecureAnywhere. While its lack of firewall functionality and cloud-based approach could pose problems for some individuals, its anti-virus protection falls below other options available on the market such as Webroot SecureAnywhere.


Sophos Home offers an easy setup and installation process when installed on a single computer, using just an installer file downloaded and an account created. After running it and creating an account, Sophos installs itself automatically and begins scanning immediately after. Its online dashboard offers clear layout for configuring settings, running scans, controlling parental controls on multiple machines simultaneously as well as remote management for up to 10 Macs or PCs as well as adding mobile devices into one account.

As we found in our review, Sophos Home does have some drawbacks that we discovered during use. First off, this program doesn’t work with Linux operating systems or Chrome browsers. Furthermore, Sophos does not include a built-in firewall for desktop computers and its banking protection is limited to alerting you of fraudulent transactions that were detected. Finally, identity theft protection or secure password managers – two features typically seen with other antivirus solutions – were absent here.

Sophos’ customer support could use some tweaking, especially for free users who rely solely on social media support and knowledge-base articles for assistance. While email and live chat support is available only to Premium subscribers (Monday to Friday 8 am-8 pm EST for live chat support), making it difficult to obtain help when needed.

Sophos’s other drawback is its requirement that suspicious items from your computer be copied for threat analysis – an industry standard – but some competitors allow users to opt-out while maintaining full protection. Finally, their website lacks as many helpful guides or videos as some competitors’ sites do.

Overall, Sophos Home is an excellent solution for families and small businesses that are in search of an antivirus program with effective malware detection capabilities. However, it is worth remembering that other programs might offer more user-friendly experiences and advanced features, such as being able to permanently delete files or manage all passwords at the same time. If this sounds appealing to you then check out Webroot SecureAnywhere or compare prices among leading competitors for an alternative choice.


Sophos Home offers comprehensive reporting capabilities. Users can create custom templates, select filters and display settings, generate reports and schedule exports – as well as different report formats like PDF, CSV and HTML – which make Sophos Home ideal for businesses and organizations seeking bespoke security solutions tailored specifically for their environment. It can even integrate seamlessly with tools and platforms such as Windows Server, Office 365 G Suite etc.

Sophos offers business users and organizations looking to secure their environments a range of tools, such as mobile security, cloud management, network security and endpoint protection. Major corporations, universities and government agencies use Sophos mobile security software to protect smartphones and tablets with advanced encryption techniques, device identification controls and protection from Wi-Fi attacks by man-in-the-middle attacks.

The company has also released several apps for both iOS and Android devices that can assist businesses and individuals to protect their data and privacy on mobile devices, including anti-virus/spyware protection for Android phones and a tool that scans websites for malicious links, as well as identify phishing websites and stop spoofing attacks.

Sophos Antivirus for Mac is an ideal business security solution, providing businesses and employees with a broad selection of features designed to safeguard them from threats. Compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices alike. Sophos’ malware scanner scans hard drives, removable media and email attachments for known viruses before eliminating them as needed; additionally it encrypts keystrokes and blocks unwanted applications – providing greater privacy online for those looking for additional online security measures.

Sophos Home is an award-winning antivirus with an easy-to-use interface, using machine learning technology to detect and block phishing, ransomware and other cyber attacks. Users can remotely scan their computers to change security settings; however, Sophos doesn’t include features offered by other antivirus products like password managers and virtual private networks.

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