Speedify VPN Review

Speedify is an intuitive, comprehensive app. Suitable for desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices running both iOS and Android operating systems, its capabilities extend well beyond computing tasks.

Channel bonding utilizes all your Internet connections – Ethernet, Wi-Fi and mobile tethered mobiles – to deliver faster bandwidth speeds while prioritizing live streams and video conferences for priority traffic delivery.


Speedify makes connecting easy for everyone: remote workers, gamer’s in search of low latency gaming experience or streamers looking for high-quality video playback. Installation takes only minutes so that you can start reaping its benefits immediately.

Speedify uses an intuitive installer wizard to guide you through the setup process. After selecting an installation location and accepting our terms and conditions, simply click “Next.” You’ll receive several welcome emails, with one including a link that helps set up your password. Our free plan does not require trial periods or credit card information; however, to subscribe for paid accounts some basic details will need to be submitted.

Once registered, Speedify allows users to download an app for their device. In our testing, the software performed exceptionally well on Windows and iOS devices; however, it was incompatible with any routers or gaming consoles we tested. As well as offering a free version, they also offer subscription plans which support up to five devices simultaneously.

Once the installation is complete, the Speedify dashboard allows you to select a server to optimize your internet experience. By default, Speedify connects automatically to the fastest server available but this can be changed at any time if necessary. Furthermore, real-time stats provide insight into your data usage, latency, bypassing and lost data usage.

Prioritize traffic from live streams and video conferences using your dashboard display of active streams. Based on these active streams, data allocation can be prioritized accordingly.

Speedify uses strong encryption protocols to protect your online activities, preventing unauthorized individuals from intercepting and accessing any of your personal data. Furthermore, its kill switch automatically halts internet traffic should your VPN connection drop; in case it does, its kill switch halts traffic immediately; additionally DNS leak protection can be enabled through the Privacy tab in Settings; Speedify also offers AES/ChaCha-256 bit encryption which surpasses 128-bit AES used by many paid VPN services.


Speedify provides a range of options for managing connection, such as a customizable kill switch and DNS leak protection, which halt all internet traffic when your connection fails and automatically adjusts performance across firewalls to maximize performance. In addition, Speedify features redundant mode which distributes packets across two connections for greater reliability.

Speedify’s intuitive user experience makes it the ideal solution for people who wish to avoid ISP throttling and firewall restrictions while streaming or downloading files. Free accounts come equipped with 10GB per month while paid plans offer monthly, yearly, or three-year subscriptions – many even include family plans!

Speedify is a software-based solution designed to work on most major platforms and devices. It automatically recognizes and bonds your ethernet, mobile phone tethering and Wi-Fi connections into one super connection – you can even choose which connection type to prioritize! Plus it has the capacity of using up to 10 connections at the same time!

Enhances internet speeds while protecting privacy by using AES-128 bit encryption and ChaCha cypher to encrypt your data. A custom protocol reduces overhead for older devices while compressing headers for quicker downloads.

Speedify also features a Streaming Mode that prioritizes audio and video streams over downloads or web browsing activity, to protect them from being interrupted by downloads or web browsing activity. This feature can be especially beneficial when used with public Wi-Fi networks or locations with restrictive firewalls.

This app also enables you to set daily and monthly data usage limits that can help those on metered Internet connections manage their data consumption effectively. Furthermore, its network map features allow for easier tracking of Speedify servers if privacy or overage charges become an issue for you.

Customer support for the company can be reached via email, and their knowledge base offers comprehensive set-up guides and tutorials. Although they do not offer phone support or live chat support, their representatives respond swiftly to emails in multiple languages and offer assistance swiftly.


This app’s innovative channel bonding technology enables users to share bandwidth across multiple internet connections such as Ethernet, mobile data tethering and Wi-Fi (up to 10 simultaneously). Traffic then flows on each connection type sequentially thereby optimizing available bandwidth while applications continue working as before.

VPN offers several settings that can improve performance, such as choosing which websites and applications should go through or bypass the tunnel entirely. This feature is especially beneficial when banking apps or streaming services that block VPN tunneling require it.

Speedify VPN stands out as a rare VPN that supports a kill switch feature, which pauses all internet activity if your connection drops due to any reason. You can enable it from the Privacy Tab within Settings & Privacy. In addition, DNS leak and IPv6 protection provide extra safeguards for keeping personal information as safe as possible.

Though the company doesn’t release details of how many servers it maintains, their global reach should make finding one simple. With multiple locations throughout North America and Europe plus South Africa, India, Brazil, Japan, Israel Singapore Australia; you should have no trouble connecting.

Speedify stands out from its peers by employing a unique protocol that’s not open source. Featuring AES-128 encryption with ChaCha cipher technology – strong enough to protect against cyber threats – and hardware acceleration on new phones and computers for improved speeds even further.

While this custom protocol may not offer the highest level of security, it still stands up well compared to many of its alternatives. Furthermore, its torrent-friendly mode enables users to select an ideal torrent-friendly server.

Speedify also features a streaming mode designed to improve live video streaming and calls, though results vary widely; while it can unblock popular platforms like Netflix and Hulu, such as those from Amazon Prime Video or BBC iPlayer it won’t always work as desired.

Privacy-wise, Speedify doesn’t store content but does record metadata about your connection. While this shouldn’t be too much of a worry for most users, it is wise to be aware of what you are signing up for before agreeing to anything.


Speedify VPN is an ideal option if you’re in search of a virtual private network, boasting an intuitive user experience with plenty of features including channel bonding. Unfortunately, however, its shortcomings include not being able to unblock major streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix as well as storing personal information such as IP addresses and connection timestamps which may raise concerns among privacy enthusiasts.

Speedify VPN is an excellent choice for anyone who requires fast and stable VPN service. Utilizing network acceleration technology, Speedify can boost Internet speeds by bonding multiple connections on mobile devices – such as Wi-Fi and cellular data or Ethernet/Wi-Fi on computers – to increase their Internet speeds significantly and enhance performance when used for bandwidth-heavy tasks such as video streaming or online gaming.

While VPN does not have dedicated server features, it still offers several other advantages that make it worthwhile considering. It offers DNS leak protection and IPv6 leak protection to safeguard your privacy. Furthermore, the VPN offers flexible subscription plans tailored specifically to individual users – such as monthly plans that offer discounts upon renewal over longer subscription periods.

Speedify stands out from its competition with more than its standard VPN features; for instance, its Streaming Mode prioritizes live video streams to improve live streaming and video calls, and channel bonding mode lets you combine up to two Internet connections on one device for increased internet speed and reliability.

Additionally, this VPN provides custom DNS servers which can help prevent slowness caused by local ISPs, especially in countries with poor connectivity. Not many other VPNs include this feature and it’s an invaluable asset in improving online experience.

Speedify does not offer a standalone router app; however, Connectify provides a special package to create virtual Wi-Fi hotspots at an extra cost and may not compare as favorably to comparable services from other providers.

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