Speedify VPN Review


Starting out with Speedify on Windows, iOS, or Android devices is relatively effortless. Installation is automatic and the application runs instantly once downloaded; additionally there is a free plan available with limited data each month plus monthly, 1-year, and 3-year plans to suit various budgets and needs.

Customers can reach support via email and the knowledge base, with us receiving a response within two days after submitting our questions.

TCP Multiple mode

Speedify’s TCP Multiple mode can significantly enhance performance by opening multiple network sockets for internet traffic to travel through. This feature can help minimize situations of high latency or packet loss that impact a connection; for example if it experiences frequent packet losses which lead to video streaming lagging; TCP Multiple can help alleviate such problems by sending data packets over multiple sockets simultaneously.

Speedify also features multiple Internet connections to increase download speeds, making it especially helpful for P2P users who wish to download large files at high speeds and online gaming with low latency applications such as Scrabble or Dota 2. Furthermore, it can even hide your IP address and provide an encrypted tunnel for greater privacy.

To enable TCP Multiple mode, first enable all your connections – such as Wi-Fi networks, cellular networks, Ethernet connections and any other devices connected to your PC or Mac. Next, click the menu button and select “TCP Multiple mode”, this will bring up a settings window that enables you to choose which servers to use as well as selecting your connection type as well as configuring how many TCP sockets to use.

Speedify’s settings are straightforward and customizable to meet the unique needs of each user, with just a few extra options that let you personalize your experience. By default, Streaming mode optimizes web traffic for streaming; additional reliability or performance enhancement can be provided through Redundant or Speed modes respectively. Furthermore, UDP and TCP both can be enabled simultaneously to increase speed; UDP provides speed enhancement while TCP stability may provide additional support if needed, with additional UDP connections acting like parallel TCP sockets to speed up performance further.

The settings in Speedify’s app are straightforward and provide clear explanations for every option. You can view your usage stats, showing how much encrypted data was consumed over the past month or day; and set limits on how much can be consumed per session to limit overuse of encrypted data. Moreover, the app includes links to its blog and events section for those looking to learn more about optimizing their connections.

Channel bonding

Channel bonding is an innovative technology designed to increase internet speed by combining two or more network connections – such as DSL and cable, Wi-Fi and LTE from your smartphone, Ethernet and satellite – into one network connection. Speedify’s channel bonding feature works by optimizing performance of these individual connections to give you optimal connection speeds; you can even use multiple wireless and mobile data connections simultaneously, giving a more reliable experience than using just one connection alone.

Speedify provides two main modes, “speed” and “redundant.” “Speed” prioritizes streaming traffic with bonding to increase internet speeds; in contrast, “redundant” mode will switch over to redundant traffic when an unstable connection is detected in order to protect data and ensure stability of internet services.

Speedify’s bonding feature optimizes up to 2GB of internet activity free. Subsequent optimization costs $6 per month; upgrade for unlimited optimization plus VPN security on up to five devices at the same time.

Speedify app tests demonstrate a significant increase in browsing speeds when connections are bonded together. Connectify, an additional software product from Speedify’s company, allows your Windows computer to function like a router and allows channel bonding of LTE and WiFi connections.

Load balancing can help increase your connection speed. Unfortunately, load balancing does not work for every type of traffic; for instance, streaming movies that require 8Mbps per second won’t benefit from load balancing as it will not split web traffic at the packet level.

Channel bonding offers an effective alternative to load balancing as it combines multiple network connections to optimize internet speeds. Channel bonding uses wireless, cellular, and Ethernet connections together in order to boost bandwidth speeds while simultaneously decreasing latency times and increasing reliability – the only drawback being more power consumption than regular ad-hoc networks.

Streaming mode

Speedify’s Streaming mode aims to enhance live streaming and video calls by bonding multiple internet connections together and optimizing them to offer optimal performance, increasing reliability while decreasing jitter and latency; in addition, this app minimizes bandwidth consumption by compressing data packets and shrinking their size; it is available both desktop and mobile apps.

Speedify not only improves streaming quality, but can also save on data charges by blocking unnecessary traffic and saving money on packages. With its data overage protection feature and ability to select apps that use your connection, Speedify helps protect from data overages as well as monitoring real time usage of services that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Setting up Speedify is straightforward, with clear instructions provided within the app itself. The free version offers an ideal opportunity to experience its service before committing to one of the paid plans; however, some features found in other similar products may be missing from it.

As soon as you open the Settings menu, you’ll discover various controls for managing Speedify’s operation. These options include a default “bonding mode” that prioritizes streaming media files as well as two additional modes – Speed and Redundant – that differ in terms of their internet connections but both provide improved network performance.

The Settings menu allows you to choose which type of servers, including P2P-friendly ones, you would like to use, although no location-specific setting exists. With servers in 37 countries worldwide, Speedify provides a good experience for most of its users.

Speedify stands out from competitors with features such as its bonded network and multi-TCP transport mode, smart header compression, and an iPerf3-powered integrated speed test that tracks performance over time. In addition, it has an extensive customer support network offering articles, step-by-step guides, tutorials and even an email address where support team can be reached directly.

Custom rules

Speedify is a mobile VPN with a sleek user-friendly interface that offers an extensive set of features. It supports both Wi-Fi and cellular data connections and utilizes a custom protocol which boosts speeds by connecting multiple Internet paths together at the same time, as well as customizable settings and usage statistics for users.

This program features an easy installation process that does not require technical knowledge for optimal use. Once downloaded and installed, it connects automatically to the fastest available server according to your location and bandwidth, featuring customizable speed test features and handy widgets showing current connection speeds. Furthermore, advanced security options such as VPN over TCP/UDP security as well as proxy connection support make this software unparalleled in its field.

Speedify stands out among its competition with its ability to navigate firewalls and NAT networks seamlessly, bypassing any restrictions encountered on guest Wi-Fi networks and using TCP and UDP connections for maximum data security when networks become slow or unstable.

ChaCha also supports an extensive array of encryption protocols, such as AES-128-bit and ChaCha’s three times faster ChaCha cipher compared to other VPNs, providing high performance gaming, video conferencing, cloud storage and filesharing without compromising privacy. Furthermore, AES-256 bit encryption protects data against hackers or snoopers gaining entry.

This app is easy to use, featuring an intuitive user interface with clear displays of current, top, and bottom VPN speeds as well as latency and data usage information. Furthermore, there is a settings menu to configure VPN preferences as well as manage primary and secondary connections.

Speedify boasts an expansive set of features and an intuitive FAQ section to provide details about their services and business hours. Their support team is accessible via email, while they have an in-depth knowledge base with step-by-step guides and tutorials available online.

The company provides several subscription plans tailored for both desktop and mobile devices, including Individuals plans, Family plans and Teams plans – with monthly, yearly or three-year agreements available for each plan.

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