SpyHunter Review


SpyHunter provides an intelligent heuristics system to detect new viruses and threats that might otherwise bypass current malware detection systems, and also includes a vulnerability scanner to scan for programs with known exploitable vulnerabilities that hackers could take advantage of to gain entry to users’ systems and gain control.

Subscribers of paid versions receive one-on-one technical support that provides custom fixes for persistent malware threats and can customize the scans and settings according to their needs.

Detects & Removes Malware & Other Threats

Malware threats are ever-evolving on the Internet and pose an imminent risk to your computer or personal information. SpyHunter offers protection from such malware threats with its powerful heuristic engine and constantly updated malware definition database ensuring they are detected and eliminated as quickly as possible.

SpyHunter not only detects and removes malware and other threats, but it also offers additional protection features. For instance, it monitors HOSTS files and Windows system files for any unapproved modifications, protecting them against phishing websites or any other threat. Furthermore, DNS settings can be protected against spoofing, IP hijacking or any other activities which compromise your online security or privacy.

SpyHunter can detect and eliminate many types of rootkits, rogue anti-spyware programs, hoax PC optimizer programs and other forms of malicious software installed without user awareness. Furthermore, SpyHunter is also capable of detecting adware designed to monitor users online activity for profit generation by its developer.

Additionally, this program can detect and eliminate adware designed for various purposes – like showing targeted advertisements – as well as detect any nuisance software that prevents users from accessing specific websites or applications.

To ensure the complete and efficient removal of all unwanted software from a computer, this program can scan numerous areas on the system such as registry files, startup and root directories, browser caches and download histories to detect any software that might have made its way onto the hard disk and remove it. Furthermore, it will identify any files which alter, delete or move information off-line to ensure removal from hard drive space.

It can also identify and remove duplicate files to free up space on your computer. Furthermore, this program can identify and delete any that are contributing to disk drive fragmentation as well as large files no longer required in order to increase performance of your PC.

Custom Fixes

Anti-malware programs provide users with protection from various security threats that threaten the safety and privacy of their files, devices and personal information. By eliminating threats that cause system slowdowns or instability on devices, this advanced anti-malware software ensures peak performance from devices. With its advanced heuristics module and constantly up-to-date malware database, users are protected against contemporary security hazards that pose threats against privacy, personal data and device protection.

SpyHunter is designed for ease of use by novice computer users as its intuitive and user-friendly interface provides users with everything they need to customize scans or adjust their settings without much effort. All features and options are easily understandable so users can create scans that meet their individual needs or make changes without much fuss; should SpyHunter unintentionally delete an object which shouldn’t have been deleted accidentally, rollback changes to restore original file. Furthermore, schedule scans at specific times (daily, weekly or on a specific date every month).

Spyware HelpDesk, another highlight of this program, allows technicians to directly analyze a user’s computer in order to create and implement custom malware fixes that effectively eliminate hard-to-remove threats.

This program can detect and delete rootkits which are frequently used to stealthily install ransomware, rogue anti-spyware programs, spyware, and other forms of malicious threats on computers. Furthermore, the Exclusions tool enables users to protect any programs or tracking cookies they would prefer not be detected by this software in future.

Anyone needing extra support with an anti-malware application can take advantage of the company’s free, fast, and helpful tech support available through their website. With access to FAQs, guides, video tutorials, support tickets and technicians available 24/7 they may quickly resolve issues quickly or submit support tickets with urgent issues submitted for support tickets to be responded back by them quickly.

Scan Customizations

SpyHunter comes equipped with an extensive suite of scan customization options to meet the unique requirements of your computer. You can choose which locations the security tool should scan and when, in addition to performing large file and duplicate file scans which help locate and delete space-hogging data from your machine.

As malware evolves, anti-malware and antivirus tools find it increasingly challenging to catch it, which makes maintaining effective protection essential. SpyHunter stands out by adapting to new threats quickly and eliminating them from your computer, while at the same time updating its internal definition files so it can detect and eliminate new infections as they emerge.

SpyHunter may not boast the sleek or graphically rich interfaces found in some competing programs, but it remains easy for both beginners and advanced users alike to navigate its interface. A left-hand navigation pane provides all key controls while an individual scan results display panel provides details about your PC’s protection status.

Use SpyHunter’s Scan Scheduler to automate system scans at regular intervals – providing protection even while you’re away! Automating this process ensures your PC stays protected even while you’re not there!

The Suite also comes equipped with an Exclusions panel, which enables you to specify specific items you’d like excluded from future malware scans and removal processes, saving time while decreasing false positives during scanning processes. By taking this proactive step, time can be saved while false positives may be reduced substantially.

In case your suite cannot remove certain malware, simply contact our Help Desk feature and our support team will create and implement a custom fix for it. Alternatively, log it with SpyHunter Live Technical Support so they can fix the problem remotely via remote connection to your PC.

Technical Support

SpyHunter is an extremely effective security program that protects against various forms of malware such as Trojan horses, spyware, adware and rootkits. The user-friendly interface easily allows customization according to each individual’s individual needs; furthermore it also features free customer support for specific infections as well as receiving regular malware database updates.

System Guards allow for full control over which processes run on your computer, providing full access to block malicious programs or potentially hazardous operations. They can also monitor Internet access to prevent web threats from making modifications to Hosts files or other critical Windows files and can notify you if certain applications attempt to disable Task Managers or cause browser hijackings.

This robust application not only detects and removes general malware variants, but it can also uncover more sophisticated infections – like rootkits – which are difficult to remove once they take control of your system. Furthermore, it scans your registry in order to pinpoint specific files associated with certain infections – making it easy for you to pinpoint where a problem exists.

SpyHunter stands apart from other anti-malware solutions by including a comprehensive helpdesk support service that enables users to generate diagnostic reports and submit custom malware fixes directly from SpyHunter itself.

SpyHunter also provides automatic scanning on boot, initiating a complete system scan every time your computer boots up. When running, SpyHunter can be minimized to a taskbar icon for convenient operation while its security suite works behind-the-scenes. Furthermore, SpyHunter supports scanning of external drives such as USB devices, memory cards and hard disk drives.

For new users, the app offers a 30-day trial period during which no payment method will be charged; however, approval requests may be sent out to verify your financial institution is still active. Once the trial period has expired, your subscription will automatically renew each month and payment will continue automatically.

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