Spyrix Personal Monitor Review

Spyrix Personal Monitor is an advanced remote monitoring program created to keep track of your computer activities remotely. It logs pressed keys, visited URLs, search queries and activity within popular social networks and IM services like Facebook, Skype, Telegram and WhatsApp as well as clipboard changes captured with interval screenshots taken at regular intervals.

High stealth mode ensures discreet monitoring without users’ knowledge, while remote access via a secure web account enables convenient remote monitoring data access.

Parental Control

Parental control software can be an invaluable resource in guiding children’s online behavior responsibly and helping them navigate the digital realm responsibly. Monitoring programs should only ever be used alongside effective communication and responsible parenting; although monitoring programs offer many advantages.

Spyrix Personal Monitor is an all-inclusive program with various features designed to keep track of every aspect of your child’s online activities. It tracks keyboard strokes, records browser history and captures screenshots to give an in-depth picture of his or her activity online. Furthermore, Spyrix logs visited URLs, search queries as well as social media and IM activity as well as providing live remote viewing of your child’s device screen.

Easy to use and runs quietly so your child will not notice its presence, this software allows remote monitoring via email, LAN and FTP and supports both Windows and Mac OS. Plus it comes in multiple languages for added peace of mind!

Parental control software not only blocks access to certain websites, but it can also prevent users from searching for certain keywords or sites – for instance gambling, adult, or drug stores sites can all be blocked so as to keep your child away from harm.

Spyrix parental control program features a dedicated support page with direct email support for users, assigning each request a ticket number so users can track responses. Spyrix provides customers with a comprehensive user guide and FAQ page that help customers make the most out of their software. As an essential parental control program, Spyrix parental control program should be on any parent’s wishlist in order to protect their children online. Protect your children from predators and inappropriate websites with this powerful program! Teach your kids the dangers of social media and promote positive online behaviors – perfect for modern families looking for peace of mind while making the most of technology!


Spyrix Personal Monitor is an award-winning multifunctional remote monitoring program for OS Windows that enables users to remotely monitor a computer or tablet from any location using web browsers. It features an invisible stealth mode undetectable by computer users or antivirus programs – perfect for parental control and employee surveillance purposes. Spyrix can record IMs, email logs, programs clipboard activity USB CD/DVD storages as well as FTP LAN email logs so logs can be transmitted anywhere and viewed online from anywhere at anytime!

Spyrix provides direct customer support via email and their website provides a detailed FAQ page for each product. Furthermore, their software features an analytics module to allow in-depth analysis of recorded data as well as help you determine which areas of the computer are being accessed most often and allows you to block websites, chats, keywords and programs.

This remote computer monitoring software is user-friendly, offering many useful features to keep track of employees or children. For instance, it can record keystrokes, instant messages (IMs), clipboard values and desktop screenshots – not to mention sending reports and alerts via email or SMS and recording audio/video from target devices!

Spyrix’s unique capabilities include monitoring a computer’s social media activities – an essential security measure to protect children or employees from accessing inappropriate material on the web. Furthermore, Spyrix can monitor instant messaging platforms like Skype and WhatsApp; recording each conversation’s date and time for later reference.

Spyrix can be installed easily on any computer by following the steps outlined in its user guide. Installation should only take a few minutes and requires no technical expertise. Once installed, Spyrix software can be accessed by logging into its secure account on Spyrix website; its user interface makes navigation effortless for everyone.


Spyrix Personal Monitor is an efficient program that makes it possible to remotely keep an eye on the digital activities of your family members. It allows you to track their digital footprint in various ways, including tracking websites they visit, files they download and printed documents they produce. Furthermore, Spyrix allows remote access of target computers via an internet connection; and logs can be delivered by email, FTP or LAN for viewing anytime – this log service even blocks sites based on predetermined topics! Plus it requires no technical knowledge whatsoever for use!

Spyrix can be installed on any device and remains undetectable by those being monitored – making it ideal for parents looking to monitor their kids’ online activity or employers who require productivity monitoring for certain employees. Furthermore, both free and premium versions are available for Windows computers.

This software features an easy dashboard for remote computer monitoring from any location with internet connectivity, including live desktop viewing capabilities – perfect for parents monitoring their children while they work at home.

Spyrix’s software also boasts the unique capability of recording all keystrokes on any target device, taking screenshots at regular intervals and saving them to its dashboard. Furthermore, Spyrix can capture screencasts of tablets or phones using any recording mode imaginable and can take screenshots at custom scheduled times – another fantastic feature.

Spyrix’s Event Log feature makes it easy for you to access all of your recorded data in one convenient place, including keylogs, clipboard values, web pages visited, IM chats, alerts, site blocker features and more. Furthermore, multiple user accounts can be tracked through this feature; whether an administrator, default or guest account – so all activity for multiple user accounts can be seen within this one page!

Spyrix software not only records keystrokes but also monitors what apps are running on the target computer and captures screenshots, and records video chats, IM conversations, clipboard contents as well as video calls & instant messenger (IM). Downloadable via its official website for easy installation.


Spyrix Personal Monitor is an application that can record keyboard use, screenshots, clipboard insertions, visited websites and social media activity without the user knowing about it. Furthermore, it captures webcam images and records audio via its built-in microphone for audio recordings – perfect for monitoring children online activity or employers wanting to ensure employees are working efficiently. This software makes an invaluable companion when monitoring children or employees efficiently at work.

The Spyrix personal monitor is easy to set up and use. Once in operation, you can monitor it remotely using a web account – sending reports directly to email, LAN or FTP servers; uploading screenshots; recording events to an online dashboard or viewing them directly on mobile device.

Spyrix’s personal monitor offers another invaluable feature – its ability to track passwords and usernames can come in very handy when trying to identify who may be accessing your computer without your knowledge, while it’s also capable of monitoring social media activity like chats and emails.

Spyrix Personal Monitor provides much more than its monitoring abilities alone; in addition to recording microphone sounds and images from webcams, monitoring removable drives (HDD, SD and USB), controlling printers and even detecting and removing spyware from computers – although its spyware removal feature should be treated as potentially draining battery power.

Spyrix offers several plans, each offering different features and prices. Prices depend on how many devices you want to monitor as well as any additional features desired; basic plans start at $69 for one Windows PC while premium plans go up to $129.

No matter if it’s monitoring your children or employees’ productivity, Spyrix Personal Monitor is an ideal way to do both. Installed onto any computer or mobile device without being detectable to those being observed, and with an awesome 14-day money back guarantee should any technical problems arise, this software makes an excellent solution.

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