Star Trek: The Sublight Lounge

If you need a break from all the action aboard your Galactic Starcruiser, head to the Sublight Lounge for drinks and small bites. Here, you can practice your Sabacc skills, hold an unofficial meeting, or just soak in space-time scenery.

Sublight travel is faster than warp drive but requires long journeys – potentially lasting days or weeks.

Getting More Sunlight

Sublight is an invaluable program for moviegoers who prefer viewing movies with subtitles in their native tongue, as well as students of foreign languages looking to use this software as a way of learning a foreign tongue through watching a film.

Sublight (or subwarp) speeds are far from quick journeys. Even short journeys between planet surface and moon or from one planet in the same system to another may take many days due to real space’s vast distances and other extenuating circumstances such as heavy traffic or unexpected events that could shorten or extend your trip, like meteor showers or an Imperial fleet’s presence in orbit extending your voyage timeframes further.

Getting More Sleep

Most of us have at some point experienced an uncomfortable night’s restlessness. While a single restless night may not cause too many issues beyond feeling slightly less energetic the following day, long-term sleep deprivation has been linked with coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s. Aim for seven to eight hours of quality restful sleep each night in order to achieve optimal results – ensure your bedroom is quiet, dark and temperature is comfortable before going to sleep and avoid large meals, caffeine or alcohol before sleep time; adequate quality rest will also help eliminate fuzzy thinking and restore clarity!

Sublight makes this possible and can be especially helpful to film lovers and foreign language students, though as of yet the selection of non-English films remains relatively small.

Getting More Water

Sublight is an easy-to-use subtitle viewer for movies on your computer, making subtitle use straightforward for those watching foreign films or studying languages. Furthermore, Sublight allows synchronizing subtitles with audio clips in video clips – plus it’s completely free! For your convenience you can download Sublight directly from their official website.

At sublight speeds, less than the speed of light (c), space-normal speed, it took the enemy fleet an hour to travel across a system by micro-jumping from star to star before finally dropping down to sublight and making their final approach. Hyper missiles couldn’t target such moving targets so sublight countermissiles raced towards them instead, blossoming in megaton bursts as proximity fuses activated.

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