Start Menu X

Start Menu X

Start Menu X is an application created to restore traditional Windows start menu to Microsoft’s latest operating systems, Windows 8 and Server 2012 R2. By default, both devices forgo traditional taskbar-mounted Start buttons in favor of charms bars as a location for their Start button. With Start Menu X’s help, we can recreate our familiar desktop start menu.

The software offers many features and customization options that enable you to organize programs according to their function (office applications, graphics etc). Furthermore, quick access is provided to games and other applications.


Start Menu X is a free software application that enables users to personalize their Windows menu. It comes equipped with features to make accessing programs, folders and files on a computer easier as well as various visual themes and styles that users can choose from. They can create shortcuts and launch programs using hotkeys while creating custom shortcuts – plus templates are provided as a starting point.

Start Menu X’s most useful function is its ability to organize programs into virtual groups. This feature makes it possible to arrange all installed applications into categories such as games and office applications; when mouse cursor is placed over any of them, their contents will open instantly – this makes searching much simpler, saving both time and energy when trying to locate specific programs.

Start Menu X’s most useful feature is its ability to allow users to quickly and easily add any folder, file, or program they choose directly into their menu. It then displays this item easily accessible location as well as searchability – an especially handy feature for those who have many programs installed and need an easier way to access them all.

Additional features of the app include the option to bypass the Start screen at startup, as well as closing it with one click of a button on the taskbar. Furthermore, users are given control over its appearance – from customizing scaling factors and column width adjustments, through assigning custom keyboard shortcuts and creating new menus with different items.

Start Menu X is an exceptionally handy and straightforward software program that is capable of replacing the standard Windows Start menu with one more tailored to individual programs and folders. Compatible with all versions of Windows, Start Menu X makes a perfect solution for anyone with numerous programs or folders needing organization.


Start Menu X is an application that brings back features from prior versions of Windows while offering new functionality for users. Users can customize their experience by adding or removing sections, changing icons, adjusting spacing, alignment and colors as needed and making the taskbar simpler by eliminating distractions and making navigation simpler; additionally it helps improve search results by highlighting content frequently searched for by the user.

With this alternative to the standard Windows Start menu, you can quickly access applications, documents, and network resources with just a mouse click. Furthermore, hotkeys allow for rapid document opening with one keystroke; system settings provide access to user accounts, passwords, images and desktop backgrounds; the program is simple to install without interfering with its functionality or conflicting with Windows Start Menu’s functionality.

This program provides many customizable options, such as changing to day or night mode, expanding views for viewing programs and apps, and a right section which displays only currently selected items. Furthermore, custom colors may be set for background tiles, empty tiles and Start screen tile text – saving or backing up changes or settings into an XML file for future use is also supported.

This software is easy to use and runs on all devices – tablets included! It supports many languages and keyboard layouts. Use either Win+E or Ctrl+Esc to launch it directly or click on its visual Start button; either way it uses only average system resources without interfering with other programs on your system.

Start Menu X is an ideal tool for those who are frustrated with the confusing and disorienting modern Windows interface. Its graphical style resembles earlier versions of Windows, while its functionality includes a folder viewer capable of replacing File Explorer as well as an automatic computer shutdown timer and search engine that searches inside applications and files for files and folders.


Start Menu X is an outstanding piece of software that makes customizing the Windows Start Menu an effortless process. Packed with aesthetic and functional options, and completely free to use – multiple languages support its sleek modern design as well as hotkey support and simple settings changes for customized configuration settings.

This application was designed to replace the standard Windows Start menu, which has become cumbersome and difficult to use with recent versions of Microsoft Windows. By organizing programs into virtual groups that can be quickly accessed, this makes finding files much faster – saving both time and frustration! Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows from XP to 10, including 64 bit operating systems such as Vista/Win7/10

Another key advantage is its integration with other programs and creation of single click shortcuts to any folder or program – making launching games, documents, music etc easier than ever! Furthermore, this app displays a list of recently opened applications with their icons showing names on them for easy launching. Plus it’s lightweight so installation takes only seconds without altering system registry files!

Start Menu X is unique among similar programs because its icons resemble those found in Windows Explorer, making for an immersive user experience. Clicking any folder launches its associated application while hovering for several seconds displays its contents. Furthermore, drag-and-drop functionality enables seamless grouping of apps.

Although Start Menu X is safe to install and use, it is wise to keep in mind that computer malware may cloak itself as part of its application, making removal difficult – even with antivirus protection – as some may bypass antivirus checks altogether. To protect yourself best use a reliable third-party uninstaller to remove unwanted programs from your PC.

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