StartIsBack Restores the Windows 7 Start Menu


StartIsBack is a free program that enables you to customize the look of your Windows 11 Start menu and File Explorer, offering many personalization options and even changing its appearance.

This program is both small in size and cost effective; therefore it should be worth giving a try if you want to get rid of Windows 8’s ugly new Start screen.

It restores the original Windows 7 start menu

Microsoft introduced a tiled start screen with Windows 8, which many users found convenient and customizable, but many still prefer a traditional desktop experience. Luckily, some programs exist that can restore Windows 7 start menu functionality – one such program being StartIsBack which promises to bring it back without compromising other features.

Lightweight software application that consumes minimal system resources. The configuration window features many customizable settings to meet your individual needs – choose start menu and taskbar styles, change visual appearance of Start button, configure Win key actions as required and halt processes that may be slowing down your computer, to name just some options available to you.

This app boasts an elegant user experience and easy navigation, featuring a convenient shortcut for quickly launching programs. Furthermore, its customizable menu can be further personalized by adding icons or customizing settings based on personal preference. Various themes are also offered so that users can select one best suited to them; additionally it works on both 32- and 64-bit Windows OS versions as well as supporting updates to Windows 8.

This tool delivers exactly as advertised; it restores the classic Windows Start menu on your PC and lets you use your favorite applications more freely again. It is an ideal solution for people who are tired of the modern look of Windows.

Not only can this program restore your Start menu, it can also help optimize PC performance by eliminating some unnecessary Windows processes and corrupted system files. To use it as an administrator in Command Prompt and enter SFC/scannow; once this scan completes restart your computer and check if your Start menu has returned; otherwise try switching user profiles until one works or reset your computer as a last resort if problem remains.

It restores the Windows 7 taskbar

StartIsBack is a free program designed to restore the classic Windows 7 taskbar. While not offering as many customization options as Open Shell, StartIsBack makes an effective impression by accurately replicating its look and feel. Users can customize menu color independently from system theme settings; additionally, StartIsBack features allow for decluttering desktop space as well as distinguishing modern programs from classic programs.

Developers have taken great care in creating this app from scratch for Windows 11. Their new interface has been created to be more resource efficient than the built-in taskbar in Windows 11; therefore, it may improve performance on your PC. Furthermore, this is an ideal alternative if you don’t like Windows 11’s default File Explorer design.

StartIsBack’s most noteworthy feature is its ability to restore more familiar context menus – this means no more “Open with” dialogue boxes; simply click a file icon directly and launch it. Plus, the app also lets you easily create shortcuts to folders and thus simplify desktop navigation!

The software features an intuitive configuration interface to help simplify setup. Within just a few steps, you’ll have an attractive Start menu with full customization options and beautiful context menus; extended dark mode support in File Explorer; transparent taskbar transparency support – an added plus for many fans of Windows 7 taskbar!

While Windows 8’s Start menu provided many useful functions, its interface could be cumbersome and difficult to use. By contrast, the classic Start menu in Windows 10 is intuitive and well organized. By using StartIsBack you can transform Windows 8’s new Start screen into an app launcher for modern apps, separating real work from automatically pinned apps.

The program features a 14-day free trial that gives you ample time to assess its capabilities. After this evaluation period has elapsed, licenses for one PC cost $4.99 or $8.99 when purchased together; additional group policies can also be added for corporate use.

It restores the Windows 7 notification area

One of the main issues with Windows 8 was its transition from traditional desktop computing to an updated Metro user interface (UI). Many people found this to be disorienting and confusing, particularly for use in an office setting; others prefer more classical options offered by older versions of Windows. Thankfully, an app called StartIsBack can restore an older Windows 7-style start menu and start button on later versions of Windows.

This application is easy and free for personal use, offering three start menu themes – Proper Windows 11, Kinda Windows 10 and Remastered Windows 7. Furthermore, you can customize File Explorer views as well as keyboard shortcuts with this program. Simply download it via this page’s link and follow its instructions! Once it’s installed you’ll be able to choose between three distinct start menu designs – Proper Windows 11, Kinda Windows 10 or Remastered Windows 7. Furthermore you’re also given control over how File Explorer looks as well as customizing File Explorer views or customizing keyboard shortcuts!

Once you have chosen a theme, the program will display a window describing how to configure it. Here, you can decide whether these changes affect all users on the computer or just your own user account; once made, click “Install” and wait for its completion.

Another feature of this program is its ability to clear away clutter in the new start menu and start screen. You can select which programs appear on screen while others remain hidden, making it easier for you to locate what you need quickly. In addition, icons may be adjusted or colors changed according to personal preference.

StartIsBack can also customize other aspects of your system, such as the taskbar and Windows settings. It allows you to change jump lists, context menus, resize taskbar icons and enable live badges that show up in the taskbar – this makes keeping up with files and applications much simpler!

StartIsBack is a lightweight zero privileges application, designed to be fast, stable and secure – you can even run it directly off a USB stick without prior installation!

It restores the Windows 7 start button

Microsoft decided to replace it with a modern-style screen reminiscent of live tile dashboard, making managing apps, settings and files from one location much simpler while its search tool makes finding anything quickly much faster. Furthermore, this modernized Start screen provides access to recent emails, appointments and news that might otherwise go unseen; some users still prefer more traditional ways of accessing programs though.

To address this problem, several third-party software developers have designed solutions. One such popular option is StartIsBack, a free program which restores the classic Start menu on both Windows desktop computers and Surface Pro devices. You can set how your Start menu and Start screen work; choose between having it appear on either monitor; adjust taskbar features as needed; even move it all the way up your screen, something only possible through registry hacking in the past!

StartIsBack is an efficient program with minimal resources usage, ideal for computers of varying processor speeds and memory capacities, including portable USB drives. Furthermore, this lightweight tool includes both a basic FAQ as well as two support forums to assist in its use.

Windows 11’s new Start menu has received mixed reviews. While most people appreciate its convenience and aesthetic features, some individuals were dissatisfied with its lack of options and customizations. As a result, just months after its release there was an alternative method which enabled Insider builds to display the old Start menu again; StartIsBack also restores classic functionality along with some personalization settings for File Explorer.

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