StartIsBack Review – Bring Back the Start Menu and Start Button in Windows 10

StartIsBack allows users to easily customize their taskbar and Start menu with this inexpensive program. While not free, StartIsBack still offers users great customization capabilities at a relatively reasonable cost.

Windows 8-specific features of this lightweight zero-privileges app include booting directly to desktop mode and selectively disabling hot corners. Pricing begins at $4.99 per PC and this zero-privileges solution provides fast and stable operation.

Bring back the Start menu and Start button

Though many users enjoy Windows 10, some may prefer an earlier version. There are ways of going back without needing to go backward in OS versions; one such solution is StartIsBack, a free program which lets you restore both the old Start menu and Start button from Windows 7.

StartIsBack was designed to emulate the look and feel of traditional Windows start menus, allowing for customizing it according to your own needs and preferences. Compatible with older versions of Windows, its lightweight yet secure nature does not require administrator rights, software installation or services installation and uses minimal system resources while remaining actively updated to support new versions of Windows.

StartIsBack is an intuitive program that offers several personalization features, including the ability to change the size and color of your Start button, add or remove programs from its list, customize taskbar with skins or center taskbar icons for more symmetry, replace jump lists with replace jump lists with custom lists, tweak transparency settings or adjust transparency levels based on personal preferences.

Your menu provides options for you to display folders such as documents, pictures, music, videos downloads OneDrive and other directories. There is also the ability to add shortcuts for websites or administrative tools you use frequently – this app even gives you access to an extensive list of Metro (formerly Modern) apps so that you can switch off or sign out!

StartIsBack is available free of charge; however, paid upgrades offer additional features and capabilities. For example, StartIsBack’s Ultimate Edition provides advanced customization features, including being able to save multiple configurations as well as show various icons in its menus and support for high DPI displays. Customizing your computer and making it more familiar and productive.

Fully customizable

StartIsBack offers users total control over every aspect of their start menu, from basic appearance settings to tweaks of Windows Settings. Furthermore, this app supports high DPI displays – making it perfect for large screens – while offering an attractive user interface and being simple to configure.

Users can customize their preferred font size and layout of the start menu to their personal tastes, as well as selecting an image for display both within it and on the taskbar. Furthermore, users can set it so when clicking on the start button it displays an organized list of apps – further helping reduce clutter while providing a more organized view of app tiles.

This program offers numerous customization options, such as applying skins to the taskbar and replacing jump lists (context menus). Users can also restore larger taskbar icons, customize taskbar colors, restore older Windows 10 designs or quickly launch apps by pressing Windows key or clicking taskbar icon. Ultimately, this is particularly helpful for those familiar with older Windows designs. Furthermore, using Windows key launch is also available, making the program fast and convenient when used to launch apps quickly and conveniently.

Users of Windows 10 can also utilize Group Policy to customize the start menu and taskbar, making this feature particularly advantageous for businesses that need to enforce consistency across devices without needing to reimagine them all. It works on all versions from Windows 7, right down to the latest one; installation does not require administrator rights and only minimal system resources are needed – in addition, this feature is actively supported and developed upon.

StartIsBack’s latest release offers some minor enhancements, including the option to disable app suggestions in the Start Menu. Previously, this program would display other app recommendations when searching specific keywords – however these suggestions do not represent ads and will not interfere with your experience of the application in question.

StartIsBack is a lightweight and free Windows tool designed to restore the classic start menu of Windows 7, without advertisements or system resource requirements. Compatible with all versions of Windows 10, this lightweight application needs no admin rights and uses minimal system resources for proper functioning.

Easy to install

StartIsBack downloads and installs quickly, with settings being easily configured. Its features are numerous: applying skins to taskbar icons, replacing jump lists (context menus), centering taskbar icons, fine-tuning taskbar color — even using minimal system resources! Additionally, StartIsBack is lightweight, doesn’t require administrator rights and uses minimal resources, being actively developed & updated for support of current versions of Windows OS.

Finding and downloading StartIsBack from its official website is straightforward. The download contains an installer that works on all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems; just double-click it to install and follow its prompts. During installation, you may be asked to agree to terms and conditions; once this has been completed, the installation process will commence and StartIsBack will launch itself automatically. For assistance installing this application if needed, refer to either official documentation or customer service for help.

Once installed, this application allows you to restore both your Start button and menu. Furthermore, you can personalize its appearance further by choosing which shortcuts appear in the menu and changing its size as well as customizing its icon and color – even whether or not to display a clock in the taskbar!

This free software allows you to revert your Start screen back to its former glory of Windows 7. It’s fully native, lightweight, and uses minimal resources while remaining stable and secure; plus you get a 30-day trial version!

StartIsBack dramatically improves desktop usability by making the new Start screen clutter-free and refreshing the taskbar and File Explorer, with its sleek, minimal design pleasing the eyes and working on all versions of Windows (even 8 or 8.1) easily. Although its single license license costs $4.99, an free 30-day trial version is also available that provides all its functions if desired; should this option prove valuable beyond that point you may purchase an activation key afterward.


StartIsBack is one of the best programs available to restore your old Start menu and button in Windows. It is user-friendly and customizable without requiring additional software or registry changes; its price point is much less than that of a cup of coffee; furthermore, this program works across all versions of Windows from XP through 10.

StartIsBack is an extremely helpful app that lets you recreate classic start menus on your computer, using a new icon for each Start menu and renaming any existing items to their old names. In addition, StartIsBack restores your original search function, making it easier to locate what you’re searching for and fixing/replacing old apps so they return back to what they were in Windows 7.

Lightweight app consuming minimal system resources, it won’t slow down your computer. There are some configuration settings which need to be managed by an experienced user but shouldn’t be difficult to learn. Furthermore, this program runs fast and without any lag issues making it an excellent option for anyone wanting a classic Windows 7 start menu experience again.

Although there are various methods available for restoring Windows 10’s start menu, none is as straightforward or affordable as StartIsBack. Downloading and installing this program are free; licenses to multiple computers cost only a few dollars more. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set make this an excellent solution.

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