Streamlabs Review

As a streamer, you understand the significance of having quality software that’s easy to use yet packs all of the features you require – Streamlabs fits this bill nicely.

Easystream offers an intuitive user-interface, offering numerous customization features to customize your stream. Furthermore, its built-in monetization system enables you to set up merch stores or donation pages.

Video Quality

Streamlabs Desktop is an application designed to record and stream video from your computer screen. With multiple support for devices and platforms as well as its extensive library of stream overlays, as well as its test feature that shows what your stream will look like before going live, this software offers everything needed for video capture and streaming.

Start streaming and recording videos easily with this program for beginners. Its free version offers essential features, such as unlimited recording time and multi-scene recording. Plus, its extensive library of royalty-free music makes finding the ideal soundtrack easy! Plus, there’s even an interactive chat function so viewers can interact with you!

However, to access all its features effectively you will need to upgrade to Streamlabs Ultra. The paid version offers more advanced features, including custom video encoding settings, advanced graphic configuration options and chat moderation. There’s even a mobile version for easy use on-the-go!

Streamlabs app is available for both iOS and Android devices, working with major streaming platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Loola Trovo Nimo. Furthermore it features several tools designed specifically to facilitate live video game streaming such as customizable alerts.

Streamlabs differs from other apps by not requiring you to sign up with yet another social platform in order to use it. Instead, it integrates seamlessly with existing streams and allows fans to chat on any of your preferred platforms. It also offers features to monetize your stream – for instance you could add a tipping feature and receive consistent tips from viewers; or create a Merch shop and sell merchandise through it!

Streamlabs is not associated with OBS Studio; however, its predecessor OBS Lite existed as an offshoot developed in 2014 as a fork of OBS Studio that provided livestreamers the ability to add on-screen alerts that are activated by viewer interactions such as following, subscribing or donating. Furthermore, the company provides other software products related to livestreaming and content production.

Audio Quality

If you plan to broadcast live, audio quality is of utmost importance. Streamlabs makes setting audio quality easy so your viewers hear you clearly and can comprehend your words.

The Streamlabs dashboard offers several features designed to enhance audio production. You can adjust sampling rate and bitrate, creating higher-quality sound at higher sample rates; however, this requires additional bandwidth and processing power. In addition, its audio monitoring feature can ensure that microphones are working as intended.

Streamlabs makes recording video and audio incredibly convenient, perfect for demos, presentations, tutorials and stream-capture content creation on YouTube/Twitch. Plus it includes an integrated chatbot to increase interactions with your audience!

Streamlabs also offers an advanced audio mixer that allows you to assign different sources to different tracks for editing later, including desktop audio on one track and your microphone on another. Furthermore, you can adjust the delay between mic and game audio to help prevent lag issues.

Streamlabs not only offers audio streaming capabilities but also features an advanced dashboard for managing your stream in one central place. The interface is straightforward and you can customize it easily using themes and widgets; additionally there is a selection of plugins to add extra features and functionalities.

Streamlabs stands out from the competition with its built-in chat bot that can improve interactions with viewers. Notifying audiences of new messages or responding to questions/comments. Also providing information such as location/age. Even suggesting content to publish!

Streamlabs is a cloud-based streaming platform designed to facilitate professional live streams. Featuring an easy user-interface and support for multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), its features include overlays, widgets and alerts; in addition to being capable of broadcasting multiple channels simultaneously.


Streamlabs offers an assortment of widgets designed to enhance your livestream and engage viewers. Their Alert Box, Donation Goal, Chat Box and Event List widgets can help expand your audience while simultaneously engaging them more fully – not to mention helping monetize and raise donations on your channel!

Add a Streamlabs widget to your OBS scene is straightforward. Just visit its website, copy its unique link and paste it as a Webpage URL source in OBS or XSplit. Customizing its visual theme and display properties is also simple; with multiple notification delay options and profanity filters to prevent viewers from abusing alerts features, customization possibilities are practically limitless!

The Alert Box Widget displays notifications for new followers, subscribers, bits, raids and cheers. With customizable settings tailored specifically to meet your needs and animation options for every type of alert – even adding custom animations – the Alert Box makes an excellent way to highlight special moments like donation milestones on your stream!

Event List, another innovative Streamlabs widget, displays recent events on your stream to show your viewers that their support is appreciated and help build stronger communities. It can be configured to either show scrolling events or pin specific ones; additionaly you can display viewer shoutouts as well as the top donor of the day, week, or month!

Streamlabs also provides an app store, packed with hundreds of applications designed to enhance your streaming experience. Many are free, while some require a subscription to Streamlabs Ultra or higher; these applications can enhance graphics, audio quality and monetization on your stream while providing royalty-free music, adding chat rooms or providing viewers with additional ways to interact with you and interact with each other.


Streamlabs provides users with various monetization options. Users can accept donations and subscriptions from viewers, which can generate extra income for your streams. Furthermore, its streaming alert system enables you to inform viewers of important announcements made in your stream.

Streamlabs also provides you with another excellent monetization option to sell merch directly to your audience. Simply set up a merch store with just a few clicks and start selling tees, bags and hats directly on your stream – printing and shipping are handled for you – making this a simple yet effective way of making money from your stream while building stronger bonds between viewer and creator alike.

Set up a tip widget on Streamlabs to collect tips from viewers. This is an effective way of rewarding your most loyal subscribers and showing your appreciation. Streamlabs supports various payment methods, plus allows you to set a custom message that will appear when someone donates.

Lastly, Streamlabs also features an inbuilt chat function that enables you to interact with viewers. Its chat is more advanced than OBS Studio, offering features such as bot builder integration and chatbot creation. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of plugins you can add for further stream enhancement.

Streamlabs is an excellent option for streamers looking to elevate their livestreams to the next level, offering features such as disconnect protection, built-in chat functionality and multiple platform support. Furthermore, it is extremely secure with frequent updates to ensure streamers have the best experience possible. However, keep in mind that it may cost more than OBS Studio and require more system resources. Therefore, before deciding on one platform over another it’s essential that you consider both your budget and requirements before making a choice.

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