Streamlabs Review

Streamlabs is an easy and free streaming platform designed to enable creators to broadcast to YouTube, Twitch, Kick and TikTok simultaneously. For new streamers starting out, it prioritizes ease-of-use for maximum success.

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Stream to multiple destinations at the same time.

Streamlabs enables simultaneous streaming on multiple platforms at the same time, such as Twitch, YouTube, Kick and TikTok – as well as supporting multistreaming on mobile devices – enabling you to reach a wider audience and expand your following.

As using Streamlabs requires significant resources, it is recommended that a computer with enough processing power be utilized. Additionally, there is also an automated chatbot feature within Streamlabs which can be customized with tipping prompts, social sharing links and shoutout commands for added flexibility.

Streamlabs also offers an impressive variety of music for broadcasts. However, it’s essential that any songs used in your broadcast have the appropriate licenses in place as failing to do so could expose you to copyright strikes and takedowns. A music search engine such as Streamlabs provides the ideal way to find appropriate tracks for your streams as well as multiple alerts specifically tailored for your channel.

Create a strong online presence.

Streamlabs is an invaluable tool for creating an impressive online presence. Packed with features to personalize and brand your broadcast, such as an overlay which displays subscriber count and donation totals, this platform makes establishing an impactful digital footprint easier than ever before.

This platform also boasts various features to help monetize and engage with your content, such as a chatbot, customizable overlays and an on-demand merch store.

Streamlabs Ultra is an advanced suite that includes a mobile app for streaming to Twitch, YouTube, TikTok Reels and TikTok from multiple devices simultaneously. Furthermore, users can create VODs, shorts, TikTok Reels using this software – upgrade now to increase reach and quality across multiple platforms!

Customize your layout.

Streamlabs provides content creators with everything they need for livestreams: rendering custom scenes, streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously, inviting guests for live streams, receiving tips from viewers, using overlays and designing merchandise – not forgetting its test widget that makes checking technical issues with just one click easy before going live!

Personalize your Streamlabs layout by choosing from various templates, then dragging-and-dropping elements to their appropriate slots. You can even change the order of sources and scenes.

Streamlabs also allows you to set dynamic alerts that notify of new followers, subscribers, cheers, donations, hosts and more – perfect for monetising your stream as a hobby or side hustle! Plus it helps avoid copyright strikes and takedowns! Upgrade anytime for extra features!

Stream with a guest.

Streamlabs enables you to invite guests directly into your live stream through a website URL. Your guests can join from any device, whether it be their smartphone, tablet, PC or TV – and can even screen-share what they’re playing!

Visitors to your stream can engage with it using dynamic notifications for subscribers, cheers, tips, and donations; these can be displayed as animated transitions on your overlay.

Streamlabs is built upon OBS Studio and offers users an array of features that allow them to tailor their streams. Some features, like multistreaming or removing the watermark, require paid subscriptions; other benefits may include custom backgrounds and overlays as well as chatbot integration and merch store support. Streamlabs’ software also includes an customizable chat function which helps manage chat room interactions for maximum enjoyment!

Stream with a mobile device.

Streamlabs has an app designed specifically for mobile that makes livestreaming simple. Use it while playing mobile games or add an additional camera for duos, vlogs or anything else!

Streamlabs mobile app stands out from other streaming applications with several stand-out features, such as customizable overlays and themes to make your stream truly your own. Furthermore, you can upload music for streaming use with its chatbot that provides custom commands like tipping prompts, social sharing prompts, shoutouts and more – an unrivalled combination!

Streamlabs is an ideal option for new streamers due to its intuitive user experience and support across various platforms, but it does come with some drawbacks – for one thing it requires a powerful PC with ample processing power in order to run efficiently.

Stream with a friend.

Streamlabs makes creating engaging live video content easy by enabling you to broadcast with friends. To do this, Streamlabs features Collab Cam, which works by connecting a video capture device directly to your computer or phone.

Custom alerts allow your viewers to know which game or stream you’re participating in and their goals for it, while you can even add a test button so everything runs smoothly before going live.

Streamlabs provides a free integrated theme and overlays to help create a distinctive livestream look, but if you want to take things a step further you can upgrade to Streamlabs Ultra for additional features like customized tip pages and priority support – costing $19 monthly when billed annually.

Stream with a pet.

If you want to add something memorable and playful to your stream, Stream Avatars may be just the ticket! By creating little characters for each viewer that walk along the bottom of your screen, these Stream Avatars can keep audiences engaged while stimulating chatter.

Collab Cam can also connect a pet cam to your stream. It’s free and works through your device’s browser – meaning no separate camera or app are necessary!

Showcase your adorable (furry, scaly or feathered) friend while providing an incentive for channel point or bit donations (if your donation software supports that). Simply set dynamic alerts so your viewers know when their avatars have activated; these can include custom alerts to notify viewers about chat, cheers, donors, hosts or anything else relevant.

Stream with a keyboard.

The Streamlabs keyboard was specifically created to work seamlessly with its companion software, providing a comfortable typing experience with minimal noise and precise pressure points. It’s an ideal option for new streamers looking to take their streaming game up another notch with minimal effort or expense.

Streamlabs was built upon OBS Studio, the original open-source broadcasting software. However, unlike OBS Studio, Streamlabs can be freely utilized by any streamer without incurring additional charges or restrictions.

Streamlabs makes it easy to customize your stream with your own logo, overlays and music – as well as create and manage a tip page where viewers can donate directly through multiple payment processors – no commission or fees taken out! Tip pages can help show your audience just how much you appreciate their support by showing how easily the process can be managed through the platform.

Stream with a mouse.

Streamlabs provides a variety of free overlays and layouts to customize your livestream, as well as tools like chatbots to increase audience engagement.

Streamlabs Desktop software supports a range of third-party apps available from the Streamlabs App Store that can enhance your broadcasting experience, from social media integrations to donation options.

Streamlabs Ultra is a professional-level suite of tools that makes creating short and long-form content across multiple platforms easier than ever before. It combines Streamlabs Desktop, Talk Studio Pro, Cross Clip Pro, Video Editor Pro and Web Suite in one login for just $19 monthly or $149 annually – providing access to high-quality short and long-form video production!

Stream with a keyboard and mouse.

Streamlabs aims to assist streamers in building an audience and making money with streaming, by offering tools that promote monetization. One such feature is its tipping feature which enables viewers to send money directly through PayPal with only a processing fee taken by Streamlabs.

As part of their offering, this platform also has a dedicated app store featuring various applications designed to enhance and optimize its platform – giving streamers the power to truly customize their streams while reaching audiences in innovative ways.

One drawback to using Streamlabs is its high system requirements; with so many features and components it requires a powerful computer in order to run smoothly and can put extra strain on CPU and cause lag. Therefore, for those on a budget or using low-end computers it may be wiser to look into alternatives like StreamElements as it offers simpler navigation than its rival Streamlabs.

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