Streamlabs Review


Streamlabs provides an array of tools that will enable you to craft a professional-looking streaming experience, such as multistream (allowing users to simultaneously go live on Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook at the same time) and free mobile themes.

Streamlabs uses more CPU resources than OBS Studio, resulting in potential lag on less powerful computers. However, it offers several other advantages, including being able to include remote guests and monetise your streams.


A great live streaming app should be user-friendly and offer multiple features, enabling users to customize their streams by installing add-ons like royalty-free music or better layout for interacting with viewers. Furthermore, having an instant test widget allowing them to test the stream with just one click before going live makes for an efficient live streaming experience – something which Streamlabs is capable of.

Streamlabs includes a chatbot that allows streamers to interact with their audience and collect loyalty points. Furthermore, its alert system sets it apart from other streaming programs; users can customize alerts according to their personal style and preferences for an enhanced livestream experience.

Another useful feature is a custom emote editor that makes creating customized looks for streamer’s emotes easy. This feature will help attract more viewers while increasing community engagement; customization options allow streamer’s community to match any style of game being played.

Streamlabs boasts many features, but one that stands out is its mobile app which can be used to stream popular games such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, Clash Royale and Pokemon GO to platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Furthermore, it supports various devices and offers HD quality recording.

OBS Studio may provide more features, but Streamlabs still has limitations that might pose challenges to some streamers and video creators. Notably, Streamlabs doesn’t support remote guest streaming which is essential for certain forms of content creators; fortunately there are ways around this limitation with third-party programs or plugins; nevertheless Streamlabs remains an excellent solution for anyone wanting to monetize their videos and reach wider audiences.


Streamlabs is an open source software program designed to make streaming more user-friendly. Formerly known as OBS Studio, the company has since changed to Streamlabs. There is both a free version and paid subscription available; with the latter providing extra features such as adding remote guests or monetising streams simultaneously as well as broadcasting on multiple platforms simultaneously; both Mac and Windows versions are supported.

Even though Streamlabs is free, it does consume significant CPU resources when used. While this shouldn’t be an issue on high-end computers, older machines could find this to be problematic. Furthermore, many people find Streamlabs less stable than other screen recorders which could pose an issue when recording live streams or video games.

One of the great things about Streamlabs’ monetization tools is its flexibility in helping you earn money. There are various methods for doing so, including its monthly tipping feature that enables viewers to leave tips directly for you; unlike PayPal, which takes fees out of any such contributions; plus there is also the ability to create your own custom merch store!

If you’re serious about streaming, Streamlabs is an ideal platform. Its features include unlimited recording time and multiscene recordings as well as high levels of customization – plus its ads and merch sales can generate extra income!

Streamlabs stands out by supporting multiple streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming, with its mobile app making it simple to start/stop streaming at any location – its templates make this even easier to use!

Streamlabs is an excellent tool for streamers of all skill levels. The platform is user-friendly and makes setting up your stream easy; their support team are extremely helpful if needed; additionally they will send links to tutorials to walk you through creating live streaming channels.


Streamlabs is an ideal solution for new streamers or those looking to expand their audience, being user-friendly and offering a host of features that allow for simultaneous streams across various platforms – not to mention monetising streams – although its high CPU usage makes it unsuitable for PCs with weaker resources.

Streamlabs stands out from other streaming software by providing high-quality video output and an audio mixer, both of which allow you to manage sound quality. Furthermore, its auto-optimization feature helps your computer select optimal settings for video recording and streaming; saving you valuable time.

It also offers tools that streamers need, including the ability to display live viewer numbers and include rolling credits at the end of a broadcast. Furthermore, you can stream simultaneously across multiple platforms while including remote guests in your stream; plus it has an inbuilt chat function so viewers can engage more easily – not to mention support for popular gaming platforms!

Streamlabs dashboard provides an attractive, user-friendly interface that includes all the tools necessary for streaming success. With its mini feed that enables tracking subscribers and followers, and easy integration between social media platforms like Twitch or Mixer; as well as pop-up alerts for subscriptions, followers and donations during live streams, all essential tools you’ll need for streaming are easily at your fingertips.

Streamlabs also provides an array of plugins to make your stream look professional and unique, merch items for sale on its website, custom logo creation services and mobile device use making Streamlabs convenient and accessible at all times.


Streamlabs gives users many customization options to help create a truly personalized live stream experience, including overlays, donation options and chat integration. Furthermore, users can set goals for their stream goals while keeping an eye on statistics such as cheers and donations. Plus it is intuitively designed for non-technical users who are just getting into streaming!

One of the key aspects to keep in mind when selecting a streaming software is performance and customization options. Streamlabs provides various customization features, such as the ability to create or modify scenes, sources and video settings – this enables fine-tuning all aspects of the stream with greater ease. Furthermore, users can preview how their stream will look before going live!

Streamlabs layout editor is easy to use and provides an array of templates from which to select. Simply pick your preferred layout and drag elements that you would like into it, including text or images from your personal collection, while customizing font color and style options and showing/hiding social media icons on an overlay if necessary.

Streamlabs also features an excellent Alert Box widget, which alerts you when new follow requests, subscriptions or participants join your stream. This enables you to engage with your audience and attract even more followers!

With the Streamlabs app, you can customize alerts to reflect your brand. Select from preset text animation options (such as making the name wiggle or pulse). Upload custom images along with alerts as well as select an audio track when activated.

Streamlabs is free for streamers to use, with paid plans providing access to more features and better customer support. Unlike OBS Studio which requires users to install plugins for customization options, Streamlabs comes equipped with built-in features like overlays and alerts which may make the software less resource intensive; however, low-end systems may experience lag due to this resource consumption.

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