Stronghold AntiMalware Review

Stronghold AntiMalware

Stronghold AntiMalware is an innovative software program that can effectively remove spyware, adware, dialers and trackers as well as hidden processes not visible in system processes lists. It identifies and deletes these threats completely from a system’s memory space.

Protection against malware that could compromise computer systems and steal sensitive information is of utmost importance, and this program helps detect and eliminate it on both local and network computers by scanning files, registry keys, CD-ROM drives, removable media drives, system settings and processes to locate and eliminate threats; additionally malicious BHOs and tracking cookies must also be removed to ensure optimal computer health.


Stronghold AntiMalware is an all-inclusive software program for protecting computers against various forms of spyware. Using an extensive scan to identify all places where the spyware may take hold in registry and files, Stronghold AntiMalware detects and eliminates harmful programs like spyware, adware, trojans, dialers, worms rootkits trackware BHOs tracking cookies privacy breakers etc quickly and effortlessly – perfect for novice as well as professional use! It works quickly too making its use quick and straightforward for novice as well as professionals alike! It works quickly while being easy for both novice as well as professional users alike to use quickly! It works quickly as well and can easily used both by novice as well as professionals alike!

Stronghold stands out from similar programs due to its unique approach. Instead of active protection software which constantly scans files for threats and slows down system performance, Stronghold uses Passive Defense Approach (PDA). PDA involves selective scanning on demand of PC areas selected beforehand by you. Stronghold then compares their characteristics against its database to identify and remove any known threats.

Antivirus and firewall protection may be effective against malware, but they do not offer enough security against online pests such as online pests, which steal private information, destroy data and cause other harm to your system. Stronghold AntiMalware provides the perfect solution by eliminating existing threats as well as preventing future ones.

Search your hard disks, registry and processes and detect and delete all types of malware programs such as spyware, trojans, adware, worms, rootkits, dialers, trackware and BHOs (Browser helper objects) without missing anything important! Additionally, this program detects and eliminates tracking cookies and privacy breakers which traditional anti virus software does not detect or eliminate.

Stronghold Security Anti Malware provides an economical solution with on-time support that makes an ideal fit for small and mid-sized businesses looking to safeguard their computers against ever-increasing online threats. Easy to use and cost effective protection make Stronghold Security Anti Malware the ideal choice.


Stronghold AntiMalware is an all-inclusive security program that safeguards you against various types of spyware programs such as Trojans, adware, dialers and trackware. It scans hard disks, registry and processes and detects and eliminates all threats detected; its database is updated via the internet to compare characteristics with known pieces of spyware that enables it to recognize and kill it; additionally there are handy tools such as Reset Browser Settings and Toolbar Removal that help restore browser settings or remove extensions that have infiltrated them – additional tools help restore browser settings or remove extensions that have infiltrated them from a computer or host system.

This program uses multiple detection engines and heuristic detection combined with patterns, gibberish identification and debugger to accurately identify new malware threats. It also utilizes memory scanning technology and system file scans to search for any hidden malicious code which often gets missed by standard antivirus solutions. Furthermore, this tool detects and removes rootkits that hide threats as well as cleaning temporary folders to optimize computer performance while optimizing for better overall system health.

Stronghold AntiMalware’s other major advantage is that it can detect and delete so-called zero-day infections from computers. To keep its database updated with any newly emerging computer viruses, Security Stronghold releases updates daily or more often if new viruses emerge globally.

Ransomware has emerged as a significant threat for businesses of all sizes. Attackers may steal data and encrypt it for ransom, damaging both reputation and finances of an organisation. Stronghold Data offers quality cybersecurity services tailored to small and mid-sized enterprises (SME).

Stronghold AntiMalware takes an intelligent Passive Defense Approach that only scans those PC areas you choose at times that suit you, without interrupting work or being intrusive to you or slowing down PC performance. This program can detect spyware and adware hidden anywhere on your system without disrupting you or interrupting work; even finding threats missed by traditional antivirus due to active shielding or constant monitoring of the operating system.


Stronghold AntiMalware is a comprehensive program that protects against various malware infections, such as spyware, Trojans, adware, dialers and keyloggers. It scans for and deletes these programs that harm computers while stealing personal information; in addition to this it blocks users from accessing websites known to contain such threats; cleans temporary and unnecessary files as well as optimize the computer system speed up; provides free trial version, technical support and money-back guarantees – an all-in-one security solution!

Your PC needs advanced protection from new computer viruses and malicious software, and its database is constantly being updated with advanced protection against them. It detects and removes stubborn malware that other antiviruses miss; its log of threats detected and removed keeps a record of everything it has found or removed. Furthermore, its organizational features help you keep your PC organized by cleaning out temporary and unnecessary files off the hard disk, freeing up space on disk drives, cleaning temporary cached data files from memory sticks or saving space by deleting unnecessary ones altogether; plus it helps you manage browser history settings in a snap!

This security software can also monitor your computer in real-time and alert you of any new threats that might try to infiltrate your privacy. Its comprehensive scanner detects and eliminates all forms of spyware, adware, rootkits, trojans, dialers, BHOs (Browser Helper Objects), tracking cookies as well as unauthorised browser add-ons and reset homepage and search engine settings.

This program boasts an interface that is user-friendly and simple to navigate, offering various scanning modes – express, deep, system drive and custom. Each mode can detect different threats and perform the necessary actions to remove them. Furthermore, there is also a scheduler feature allowing for scheduled scans; removable devices as well as registry checks are scanned automatically by this tool.

Stronghold AntiMalware stands out from its competition by not being overburdened with unnecessary features or resources, enabling it to work on older computers without straining resources too much. Furthermore, this anti-malware app doesn’t rely on any central server and has minimal impact on operating systems; plus it works on both PCs and Macs!

License key

Stronghold AntiMalware license keys can be obtained from Security Stronghold’s official website by writing reviews, sharing content on social media or taking part in their promotion program. Regular updates, technical support and a 30-day money back guarantee come included with the software which also boasts powerful browser cleaner and startup optimizer features as well as protection against spyware, adware, trojans, dialers rootkits BHOs (Browser Helper Object), tracking cookies and other malware infections that might otherwise have infiltrated into your PC.

This powerful program offers precise scanning and removal of all possible places where spyware may hide. It scans hard disks, floppy drives, CD-ROM and removable devices with its large Malware threat database to detect and eliminate all threats detected and eliminated. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 as well as working well with other antivirus programs it has an user-friendly interface which is intuitive for use – additionally offering customizable maps which can be shared. Furthermore, Stronghold Crusader Extreme can even be played at home provided the necessary equipment and internet connection are present!

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