Stumble Guys Game Review

Stumble Guys is an entertaining multi-player game that challenges players with fast-paced obstacle courses and rapid competition! A fun way to challenge friends while having some laughs!

Though this game provides great entertainment for children, parents should keep in mind that it contains mild violence and language that may be inappropriate for all audiences. Parents should monitor their children’s gaming experiences closely and limit playback time as necessary.


Stumble Guys is an exhilarating mobile game that challenges players to maneuver their way through an ever-shifting virtual landscape. It features a variety of power-ups that give temporary abilities like speed boosts or jumping enhancements; additionally, daily leaderboard rankings enable competition for rewards while customization features allow personalization options enable personalizing characters with unique outfits and accessories.

Kitka Games, a two-person developer team from Poland, developed this game. It has received praise for its chaotic yet humorous gameplay and sense of humor; making it a favorite choice among those seeking a challenge by racing against friends. Free to play but with in-app purchases available as well.

Stumble Guys stands out from other mobile games by adding fresh mechanics into its experience. Tournaments and imaginative levels regularly host by Stumble Guys offer players new strategies for crossing the finish line, keeping gameplay fresh and engaging as well as offering socialization between players in a social environment.

Playing Stumble Guys on mobile devices can be great fun, but its touchscreen controls may prove cumbersome at times. Executing jumps with precision may prove challenging on such small screens; fortunately, with an emulator you can enjoy this popular game on PC with full control and without any hassles or restrictions!

Stumble Guys recently collaborated with Hot Wheels to bring a limited-time collaboration event to their game, introducing racing mechanics into its multiplayer stumbling game and featuring a special NFL-themed power-up that gives players a chance at exciting prizes.


Stumble Guys is an engaging and challenging game with plenty of obstacles for you to conquer, providing the perfect way to relieve stress! Plus, its short gameplay time means it can easily fit into your daily routine without feeling repetitive! Furthermore, players can customize their characters for maximum personal expression on digital playing fields!

The controls of this game are easy and intuitive, making it accessible for players of all ages and skill levels. Simply run and slide with a tap or swipe of the screen – sidestepping any potential threats along the way – until finally reaching the finish line first in qualifying matches and unlocking exciting rewards!

At any one time, up to 32 players compete in a chaotic race until only one remains. With its unique and comical style, this battle royale game provides an enjoyable challenge that is less stressful than others on the market. Additionally, there is an array of characters, levels, and game modes that keeps things engaging for long.

Graphics may not be top-of-the-line, but they’re colorful and clear; sound effects and music are pleasing; game runs smoothly on most devices with minimal lag; however, initial difficulty may arise in understanding its physics – particularly among younger children.

Stumble Guys developers regularly release updates for the game, offering players a forum where they can discuss their experiences and share tips. It is free to download and play; however in-app purchases may be available; to ensure maximum safety it is important that these options are discussed with your child, with appropriate restrictions set as needed. Also note that Stumble Guys contains ads which could potentially be seen by your children.


Not often do games like Stumble Guys get copied, and even less often do those copies become global hits. When Fall Guys became an instant classic in 2020, numerous developers quickly created hyper-casual titles similar to its original. Most flopped miserably compared to Kitka Games; instead they put forth effort into producing high-quality titles which eventually paid off big time.

Stumble Guys and Fall Guys differ most in the way their characters appear, with Stumble Guys featuring more colorful, cartoony graphics while Fall Guys favour more humanized figures. Furthermore, Fall Guys features an unusual jump mechanic allowing players to dive forward rather than running forward; this feature comes in handy when trying to overcome specific challenges such as moving hammers or rising walls.

The game also offers an extensive variety of backgrounds, characters and costumes that you can use to customize the look of your avatar. Furthermore, you can earn new skins simply by watching post-game ads – a great way to keep the game exciting without spending real money.

Stumble Guys does not feature graphics that are as intense as some mobile titles, making most devices capable of running it without issue. To maximize the gaming experience on your device, using BlueStacks – a free Android emulator – to play Stumble Guys is ideal. BlueStacks gives you control of CPU core usage and RAM consumption to improve frame rate as well as configure shadows more realistically or completely disable them, adding to an incredible gaming experience overall.


Stumble Guys is an accessible and enjoyable computer game you can enjoy competing in against real players online. Download and playing it is completely free; however, there may be in-app purchases and ads which could allow for in-game purchases like emotes and extra lives to improve performance in-game. There are also tips and tricks for this game which may help you defeat opponents more quickly!

Fans of The Fall Guys series will appreciate this game, featuring simple yet fast-paced action with colorful graphics on various platforms – both PC and mobile devices are supported. Playing it can also provide a nice way to kill time after an exhausting day!

The controls in this game are relatively straightforward, featuring a joystick on the left and a jump button on the right side of the screen. Furthermore, you can control your camera by swiping with either thumb or finger across the screen; this feature is especially helpful in certain games like soccer map.

Macro commands in games allow for faster and simpler game play. They can be set using keyboard shortcuts or third-party applications like LDPlayer; creating macro commands gives an edge against veteran competitors.

Learn the patterns and styles of obstacles present in the game to gain an edge. Doing this will enable you to anticipate and avoid them more quickly – for instance in Tile Fall maps you should keep an eye out for players sporting heart-shaped emotes; these players might attempt to hug and carry other players off of a cliff!


Stumble Guys, originally developed by Kitka Games and acquired by Scopely Games in 2022, has proven an unexpected global hit. Drawing its inspiration from Takeshi’s Castle and other obstacle course television shows such as Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Stumble Guys offers players various minigames where they compete against one another.

Like any online game, Stumble Guys presents potential safety issues. While the game does not feature in-app purchases or advertisements, it can be hard to know whether your child is playing games or clicking ads. As such, using an app like Bark to block in-app purchases and set custom screen time schedules would be highly advisable.

Additionally, parents should discuss with their kids the importance of online safety and not sharing personal details with strangers. Overall, Stumble Guys can be enjoyed by children of all ages as long as they use it responsibly.

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