Sublight Lounge

The Sublight Lounge is the cantina on board the Galactic Starcruiser, located just off of its atrium and featuring an entertaining playlist of global hits as well as stunning holo-sabacc tables.

Inertial compensators are devices used inside of ships to apply artificial gravity forces that help make sublight acceleration safer for passengers, and protect sensor systems against the effects of ion drive trails.


Sublight is an application designed for viewing films with subtitles (also called captions) in any language of your choosing. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive selection of movies make Sublight perfect for film lovers and foreign language learners alike. We hope it continues its development over time so it will remain useful to both groups.

Subtitles and captions need to adhere to an editorial convention when translated, especially if used for people without access to sound or as an alternative form of dialogue. They must always convey the narrative without using unnecessary punctuation such as full stops in sentences or text breaks unless needed by context. It is advisable to be familiar with editing techniques that add depth, such as showing characters accents or by using apostrophes for silent letters when characters miss words out or soften words or their accent includes glottal stops.

Use of various colors is also advised for different characters and to include their names when they first speak – either during an episode, or when time and caption space permit – by placing their names within square brackets.


Sublight drives are a crucial part of modern starships, used to propel vessels at speeds less than the speed of light (c, 299,792,458 meters per second). A freighter-sized vessel powered by two ion engines could cross realspace faster than light within minutes using this technique; typically sublight drives were employed to achieve speeds that would otherwise be considered subwarp speeds, rather than faster-than-light travels; they can however also be utilized on FTL journeys.

Starship thrusters are typically located at the stern, facing backwards along their longitudinal axis. When flying at sublight speed, thrusters are used to propel forward while in normal mode they will accelerate to sublight speed. A more agile starship may achieve rapid changes of direction by diverging or diverging exhaust streams of their ion thrusters in either direction using external devices that resemble flaps, rings or rudders located near its mouth ion drive.

This application is great and should continue to develop over time, adding more films with subtitles synchronized correctly to our database. We look forward to using it ourselves and enjoying movies in their original language with subtitles synced correctly!


Many viewers use subtitles when watching movies, and these subtitles can also be invaluable for people who are hard of hearing – they help them follow plot development and understand what is going on on-screen. After pressure from the National Association for the Deaf, streaming services began providing captioned shows – most major TV networks and streaming services now include them as standard feature.

Subtitles serve the primary function of reading aloud the spoken words that appear on screen, however there are various approaches to doing this. Some subtitles present themselves as full translations while others simply display what was spoken aloud – known respectively as interlingual subtitling and intralingual subtitling respectively. Other strategies of subtitling may include omission, paraphrase, official equivalents direct translations cultural substitution.

Example: In the Arabic movie yny nt fkrny mbswT wbdyat yny, one slang phrase (“bdyWt”) was replaced by more formal language such as leave in English subtitles – diminishing its communicative effect and making it harder for viewers to follow its meaning. An alternative strategy might have been using an equivalent English phrase such as “amazing,” which has the same meaning.

Slangs can often be difficult to translate, due to their unique combination of characteristics that makes them hard to capture in translation – including creativity, conciseness, humor and cultural implications that may not translate easily.

Though translating slang can present its own set of challenges, several scholars have come up with subtitle translation typologies designed to address them. Based on an assumption that there is no single strategy which will convey all aspects of it effectively, these typologies seek to address these specific needs of translation slangs.

To successfully face these obstacles, subtitlers must first identify the intended meaning of slang expressions before selecting an effective strategy to communicate this meaning to their target audiences.

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