Sublight Lounge

Sublight drives are an integral component of starships that enable them to travel at sublight speeds, including those found on TIE fighters and massive freighters such as Halcyon.

Sublight offers users an easy way to generate lists with movies they have seen, publish subtitles using batch processing and configure various settings. Furthermore, this program monitors user-defined directories and automatically downloads subtitles when new items come online.

The Lounge

The Lounge offers an entirely unique atmosphere than Oga’s Cantina; it feels more upscale and refined while still having that fun cantina vibe. Here you can hone your Sabacc skills or meet other guests from across the galaxy, or use our Holo-sabacc table for some friendly competition. Who knows… you might win yourself some credits!

The drinks at Oga’s were impressive – they have an authentic Star Wars-space atmosphere to them and come served in special glasses that truly set off their star wars-y experience. Unfortunately they’re not cheap but make for an awesome start to any evening on board the Starcruiser. My only wish would be that they featured DJ Rex (DJ droid from Oga’s) for added energy and excitement in this space!

Alcoholic beverages and specialty drinks are not included with your vacation package, and have their own pricing structure similar to cruise ships. While this may be annoying for some guests, I understand why Disney chooses this way of operating their business.

Sublight Lounge features seating and tables in its limited space; only 64 people can fit inside at once. This creates an exclusive vibe, leading to feelings of being enclosed when visiting.

Note that the Sublight Lounge is only accessible to guests staying at Galactic Starcruiser hotel; it does not form part of their daytime experience and cannot be visited from outside the building.

The Bar

Picture windows overlook a vibrant broadway, directly opposite of which lies an idyllic backyard adorned with neon lights spelling out “QUEENS”. Comfy banquettes and various table arrangements invite sek’@nd sun visitors to sit, relax, and converse comfortably while various bar areas with exposed brick, reclaimed wood, art-deco fixtures and whimsical details create an ideal mellow space where guests can unwind for an evening of conversation, mystery and mischief.

Sublight in space refers to anything below warp speed; ships moving at sublight 2 will travel twice their normal speed while those at sublight 7 travel three times normal speed – making this option great for smaller, more maneuverable vessels that prefer impulse drives rather than warp drives.

The Cantina Chronicles

SubLight has long been a Windows shareware favorite. This user-friendly program makes watching films with subtitles in your desired language simple and is an invaluable aid for learning a foreign tongue or watching foreign movies with foreign subtitles.

Cantina Chronicles can be found just outside Batuu on its outskirts. A u-shaped bar, it can be hard to spot without actively looking. Inside are bounty hunters, smugglers, and rogue traders gathered here for music and beverages.

The Cantina Chronicles are included with your Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience and will take place on the second day (though this could also coincide with your Batuu excursion). Here, you can sample non-alcoholic drinks while listening to stories about their cosmic roots from your Halcyon bartender.

Drinks were good; but what really makes this event worthwhile and enjoyable is its storytelling and environment – plus, it’s free!

The Holo-Sabacc Table

Star Wars lore depicts sabacc as being played using holographic cards rather than physical ones, to avoid cheating issues that had plagued it for centuries. When Jar’ga the Hutt introduced this revolutionary version to his casino on Nar Shaddaa, it instantly became one of its most beloved pastimes and instantly become popular across space and time.

The room with the holographic sabacc table is small yet luxurious, almost like being aboard your own private space ship. The lounge features half-circle booths in alcoves that surround an hologram table that often hosts several people playing simultaneously – though it might not always be so packed! If you want to learn how to play sabacc for yourself, the staff in the lounge will gladly teach you all of its rules.

Sublight Lounge is included with your stay at the Star Wars hotel (formerly Galaxy’s Edge Galactic Starcruiser Hotel). Here, guests can enjoy cocktails, snacks and small plates such as snack mixes, prepackaged sweets and parmesan cheese crisps. Breakfast is available to guests participating in Early Morning Magic at the lounge, while lunch offers a selection of sandwiches, soups, flatbreads and salads from small plates. Sublight Lounge guests can select beverages from its bar including juices, soft drinks, and Bubo Wamba Family Farms blue milk. On our visit the food and drink menu wasn’t yet complete – when it is, we will update this section accordingly. It was open between 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM during our trip – unlike Oga’s Cantina it does not accept Disney Dining Plans.

The Small Plates Menu

Customers looking for something more than drinks will be pleased to hear there is a small plates menu available. Just like Oga’s Cantina there are seven items on this menu including snacks, salads and burgers; although their portions may be smaller; which actually works out quite nicely since guests receive so much food at breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Sublight’s drinks are impressively presented, while so too are its snacks and salads. Their salads boast greens, berries, cheeses and flatbreads with some dessert options available too. Their burgers are similar to Oga’s Cantina but come with fries instead and larger portions; though tasty enough they were too salty for my tastes.

For those not in the mood for a full meal, the lounge offers a convenient grab-and-go breakfast box featuring pastries and Palm Fruit Yogurt just like that available at Crown of Corellia Buffet.

Alcoholic drinks and specialty beverages in the lounge are not included with your stay, following Disney’s model from cruise ships where only soda, water and coffee are provided as inclusive amenities. However, this doesn’t seem to be much of an issue amongst guests since many drinks feature interesting stories or come with unique packaging which makes their purchase worthwhile.

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