Sumatra PDF – A Simple Open Source PDF Viewer

Sumatra PDF stands out with its user-friendly UI, making it one of its key selling points. Unlike complex applications like Netscape Navigator, Sumatra PDF focuses on simplicity by not adding feature after feature and instead opts for simplicity as its focus.

Light enough to carry in a USB drive, it allows access to files across multiple computers while being regularly updated to address vulnerabilities.


Sumatra PDF is a lightweight, free and open source alternative to Adobe Reader that uses minimal RAM and system resources – perfect for slower PCs! The minimalist interface can also be highly customized with customizable keyboard shortcuts and settings; additionally it supports single page, continuous viewing mode as well as book view support.

Sumatra stands out among PDF readers with its exceptional fast loading speed and compatibility with multiple EBook formats, making it ideal for users with large collections to read. Furthermore, its portable version runs directly off USB drives allowing you to take your entire library with you wherever life may lead you.

UI design is also user-friendly, making it accessible even to novice users. While lacking some features like printing or exporting documents, such as having to use Google Translate directly for reading purposes. Plus it has a simple hamburger menu and toolbar so there’s no chance of becoming overwhelmed by features!

Sumatra stands out as an ideal option for sharing work across different file formats, making it the perfect solution for collaborative endeavors. It can read ePub, Mobi, XPS, DjVu, CHM and CBR documents that enable editing and collaboration on projects; in addition it is compatible with popular text editor Notepad which makes importing and editing files much simpler.

Though Sumatra is an effective alternative to Adobe Reader, it still lacks some key features. Although free and quick, it lacks tools for editing or creating documents; thus making it best suited for viewing purposes only. Luckily there are tools available to merge, split or renumber PDF files easily so you can create more complex documents more efficiently.


Sumatra PDF is a lightweight program designed to give you access to PDF documents in an efficient manner. Available for free download and featuring all of the essential features required for working with PDFs efficiently, its biggest advantage lies in its simplicity: many other PDF viewers include features you never use which slow and clumsify performance; this app removes unnecessary features in favor of basic functionality – an app similar to what small teams within Mozilla could have created before it turned into Netscape Navigator.

This application is optimized to work on Windows operating systems and supports most popular file formats, including PDFs, eBooks (ePub and Mobi), XPS files, DjVu, CHMs and Comic Book Archive files such as CBR/CBZs. Furthermore, multilingual support enables users to select their document language; automatically translating text from local files can even take place via this program!

Sumatra PDF stands out from other PDF viewers with its straightforward user interface and minimalist design, making it simple for novice users as well as those on slower PC configurations to navigate it quickly and effortlessly. Plus, its fast file opening speed means that files open almost instantaneously! Plus it comes in multiple languages as a portable version that runs off USB drives; plus regular software updates ensure any security vulnerabilities are addressed so your information remains safe from hackers!

One of the many great aspects of this program is its compatibility with other applications, including Adobe Acrobat and other PDF-related programs. You can convert other file types to PDFs as needed, which can come in very handy in certain situations. In addition, merging multiple documents into one PDF document using this program may also prove very helpful if there are many files to combine into one document.

Only thing this program lacks is a form filler, which would come in very handy for users who often work with forms. This feature can easily be added via third-party plugin.


Sumatra PDF is an open source PDF viewer focused on providing users with an efficient viewing experience. It includes basic functions for browsing pages, rotating, scrolling, text search and simple annotation tools; furthermore it aims to improve reading comfort through bookmarks and auto-return to previous page positions.

This PDF program was exclusively created for Windows, and can open various document formats including PDF, ePub, Mobi, XPS, DjVu and CHM as well as Comic Book Archive files (CB7, CBT CBR CBZ). Additionally it features simple keyboard shortcuts for navigation while offering various viewing modes like facing book presentation full screen modes.

Another great feature of this PDF program is its ability to help the user organize their favorite and frequently-accessed documents on the home screen, so they can access them quickly when required. Furthermore, there’s also a handy list of shortcuts for easier navigation and increased productivity – plus its portable edition can even be saved to USB drive for portability!

Installation is straightforward and doesn’t require prior knowledge or complex software installations. Simply download the suitable version from its official website and follow its installation instructions; after which it will install itself automatically on your computer and create a desktop icon for easier access to it.

Sumatra PDF can help users organize their eBook library effectively by organizing books into folders or directories, while creating multiple profiles with various viewing settings and bookmarking favourite reading positions for quick recall. Furthermore, USB plug-in makes for convenient portable reading as it lets readers resume from where they left off reading from any location.

Final Words

Sumatra PDF is a lightweight free Windows program that lets you view various file formats such as PDF, eBooks (ePub and MOBI), FB2, XPS and DjVu. This lightweight application offers multilingual support with its small file size and quick start up times – it even supports Comic Book (CBZ and CBR) files!

Sumatra PDF was built using C++, with a custom library to handle rendering. No GUI abstraction libraries were utilized – making the program extremely lightweight and fast according to Kowalczyk. Furthermore, its code has been rigorously tested with Cppcheck, Clang-Tidy, and GitHub’s CodeQL in order to find and correct bugs or warnings as soon as they arise.

Kowalczyk gained many valuable lessons as a software developer while working on Sumatra PDF, particularly its simplicity being key for its success. According to him, following the 80/20 rule meant 80% functionality with only 20% user interface usage for Sumatra PDF. He also stressed how important user experience was – something learned through experience with Netscape Navigator that became too complex over time, losing market share to Mozilla Firefox.

Kowalczyk also learned that to successfully profit from open source software, one must approach it like commercial software – this means creating and publishing a website, along with cultivating an active community – as this provides users with help and bug reports more efficiently. Even a subpar website should still provide some return for investment than none at all!

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