Sumatra PDF Review

Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is a lightweight program that delivers an excellent PDF viewing experience while using minimal system resources compared to other programs that may include unnecessary features.

Installer and portable versions are both available; its minimalist design provides lightning fast start up time with an intuitive user interface.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

Sumatra PDF is the ideal lightweight and user-friendly PDF reader. Created to offer essential features without overwhelming you with too many choices, Sumatra PDF’s open source software offers just enough features without being cumbersome or complicated. Sumatra PDF’s low system requirements make it ideal for slower computers or users without technical expertise to operate efficiently.

Additionally, PDF Reader supports various ebook and text formats as well as comic book archive files like CBZ and CBR, making it the go-to solution for all of your document reading needs on a computer. Other notable features include preset hotkeys to speed up actions; recent documents list; various page rendering modes; measurement tool etc.

The software’s minimalist user interface is designed for beginners with limited computing experience, making navigation and understanding of its functions effortless. A toolbar and bookmarks are available on the left-hand side to assist in accessing important functions while the main window displays documents on the right-hand side. At the top of your screen is a menu bar which contains essential controls like Search, Print, Go to Page (Previous or Next), Different View Modes, Zoom etc.

Sumatra PDF stands out among similar programs with its portable feature, enabling users to take their documents with them when traveling or working remotely and open them anywhere with internet connectivity. This makes the software ideal for frequent travelers or remote workers who require accessibility of files across devices.

However, if you need something with more advanced capabilities, alternative PDF readers such as Foxit Reader and Okular could provide more features than Adobe Acrobat. Both products are free to download and install; Foxit offers a premium version with additional features.

AcePDF, another renowned PDF reader, also boasts many helpful tools for viewing and editing documents. This program can convert and edit files, perform OCR to recognize text from scanned documents to make editing simpler, create PDFs from various file formats as well as serving as either a standalone app or plugin to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Portable and Install-Free Option

This lightweight software is the ideal choice for anyone who needs to view PDFs without using more complex programs, which could potentially slow down their PC. Small enough that it can even be placed on external drives and taken between computers without needing to install anything separately; in addition, its lack of any unnecessary bloatware ensures it runs efficiently wherever you use it.

Sumatra PDF is designed as a reader, but it can open other documents and formats beyond PDFs. You can use it to access other formats including ePub, MOBI, XPS, DjVu, CHM and CBR files besides PDFs; even comic book formats can be read thanks to its full-screen mode display feature! Additionally, files can be saved directly onto the home screen according to user preference so they’re easily found later.

User interface of This PDF viewer was designed with simplicity in mind, featuring a plain window for easy navigation. Features of the software include visualizing document properties (such as date of creation, PDF producer version and page size) as well as changing viewing mode from facing, book presentation or full screen; scroll through pages side-by-side without losing their place; quickly jump directly to any specific page; search text as well as manually adjust brightness and zoom levels on reading screens.

By creating personalized keyboard shortcuts, Sumatra PDF makes your experience seamless. Keyboard commands such as ‘p’ for going back a page, ‘n’ for moving onto the next one and ‘q’ for quitting can all be found conveniently on its home screen – plus many others!

Sumatra PDF receives frequent software updates to address any existing vulnerabilities in a timely fashion and ensure it remains compatible with Windows devices, without featuring any complex features that could compromise data and information security.

Essential Reading Features

Sumatra PDF offers essential reading features for an unfussy viewing experience, including its minimalist layout that keeps the focus on the document while enabling seamless page scrolling without interruption or distraction. Plus, its fast load times and minimal system resource requirements allow for an efficient viewing experience.

Sumatra PDF not only supports viewing PDF documents, but can also read various file formats including ePub, MOBI, XPS and CHM files. In addition, Sumatra PDF features annotation tools and highlights text for easy reference – providing an all-in-one PDF program solution for all of your reading needs.

This platform is user-friendly, making it accessible for people of all skill levels. The minimalist UI is clean and straightforward with only a few tools at the top of each window such as search bars, print buttons and page rendering modes for comfortable reading experiences.

Sumatra PDF’s customization tools make reading documents even more comfortable, enabling you to adjust document width and height according to your own viewing experience. No scrolling or resizing necessary as you read, making for an immersive and relaxing reading experience while helping avoid eyestrain when reading lengthy PDF documents.

Sumatra PDF offers many fantastic features, but is far from perfect. Some users have reported issues with its performance and it lacks advanced features typically seen in full-fledged PDF software applications – yet this shouldn’t be taken as an indication that its performance or navigation are inadequate. Ultimately, however, these shortcomings shouldn’t prevent people from choosing it and it still provides reliable results and an intuitive experience.

Sumatra PDF is lighter and uses less hardware compared to Adobe Reader, plus allows embedding media files, signing documents with an e-sign feature and integration with other Adobe services. Conversely, Adobe Reader features more complex advanced features.

UPDF offers an enhanced viewing and editing experience, featuring a novel reading mode with dark and light themes to reduce visual fatigue while providing options to switch between continuous-facing display mode and single-page mode. Furthermore, its highly configurable hotkey options and navigation menu provide for an excellent reading and editing experience.


Sumatra PDF offers numerous advantages, but it’s important to remember that this lightweight program should not be seen as a comprehensive PDF editor. Instead, it serves more as an efficient reader with basic editing features; if more extensive editing features are desired then other solutions should be explored further.

Sumatra PDF’s only support for the Windows operating system can be an issue for those needing to view PDF documents across multiple computers, however this can be worked around by installing an appropriate PDF reader plugin in Chrome and other web browsers which will enable accessing Sumatra PDF documents.

Finally, the program lacks advanced PDF reading features like page zooming and bookmarks – small sacrifices made in exchange for fast, simple and user-friendly reading software that meets basic reading needs.

Sumatra PDF stands out in terms of performance. It quickly loads PDF documents and displays them with great quality compared to many other PDF readers developed by Adobe. This makes Sumatra PDF stand out amongst its competition as being superior in this area.

Source code for this program is readily available for anyone wishing to review and customize it according to their individual needs. It also features an easy minimal installer and portable version, both easily portable via a USB drive to other computers – the portable version only takes up very minimal disk space after installation! The portable version stands at approximately 5MB in size.

Sumatra comes equipped with more than just its main viewer – including page scrolling for easier reading, bookmarks for saving specific sections of documents, and can even print PDF documents! In addition, this tool comes equipped with various useful tools that can add even further functionality. Users can enable page scrolling as an aid when reading, while bookmarks save certain areas to save for later. It even supports PDF printing capability!

Notable feature of the program is its capability of sending documents viewed directly via email, making this an excellent feature for people who frequently proofread documents before sending them off to colleagues and clients for review and sending off to clients and colleagues alike. Sharing information quickly and efficiently becomes much simpler as a result.

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