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Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is an entertaining mobile dating sim that provides an exciting plot. Players can join as free-to-play users or become Patreon supporters to support further development of this free title.

Supporters of Summertime Saga receive various bonuses; for a complete list, please visit its website.


Summertime Saga is one of the most beloved life simulation games out there, offering free-to-play gaming that allows players to visit various locations and socialize with an assortment of characters, featuring a strong narrative as well as conversations among them and minigames for players to engage in.

The player character starts their adventure in Summerville, an idyllic suburb, but soon becomes embroiled in an illicit criminal organization. While investigating his father’s death and dealing with other personal matters, they also must work hard for money while at the same time engaging in romantic relations with an unknown aunt.

Not only can players unlock alternative routes within the game by meeting certain goals, but completing certain objectives also unlocks other paths in it. For instance, Bank Manager Tina may accept money if your character manages to deliver four handmade pizzas successfully while Josephine from a pizza parlour will accept this bribe if your character manages six homemade dishes successfully.

An exciting aspect of gameplay is being able to switch between characters at any one time, thanks to four separate times in the day: Morning, Daytime, Evening and Late Night. This feature makes the game unique because some quests must only be completed between certain hours.

Summertime Saga follows in the tradition of life simulation games; however, its gameplay differs by being more complex with an intricate storyline and darker atmosphere. Furthermore, it contains plenty of adult content not suitable for younger players – however a new version with reduced adult content is in development by its developer; for now there are 14 downloadable versions of Summertime Saga available online.


Summertime Saga features an engaging cast of characters in Summerville, each with their own tale to share. The main narrative revolves around one character investigating his father’s death while uncovering criminal activities within this picturesque small American town. It’s a visual novel style dating sim with over 65 characters, 30 locations and over 20 minigames to keep players captivated for hours at a time!

Summertime Saga makes most non-player characters accessible by visiting their homes; some provide more intricate interactions or special scenes depending on the time of day and week in-game. Many characters serve as nods to real people, places or events – for instance Josephine is based off the popular YouTuber PureRuby87 while Mayor Rump is an antisocial politician whom players must seduce to advance storylines.

Tina Hendricks is another notable character. She is a middle-aged woman with an hourglass figure who wears a black blazer and beehive hairdo; and also mother to Becca, a student at the main character’s school with copper red hair and blue eyes who has the smallest breasts of Roxxy and Missy – not unlike Tina herself!

Debbie, whom the main character moved in with after his father’s death, is another close ally and close friend of the protagonist. Debbie is an amusing yet endearing cowgirl living with Jenny; when seduced with an innocent “love” move by the protagonist, Debbie will reciprocate her feelings back. Additionally, Aqua provides another possible love interest and she boasts blue skin, yellow eyes, and greenish tentacles; perhaps these characteristics would appeal to you?


The game features a rich cast of characters and subplots, each with their own distinct backstories. Every character also possesses various abilities that can be developed over time by participating in various events – for example, by competing in rap battles or going to gym classes, their charisma or physical appearance can improve gradually over time.

Summertime Saga follows a young student living in a small town and preparing to attend university, yet is shaken by his father’s untimely death. Over time he meets various local people and begins romantic relationships; yet mysterious criminals constantly pursue him and place his host at risk.

Summertime Saga contains several routes which require preliminary completion before opening, so it is wise to move gradually through them one at a time. It is recommended to focus on one girl until she completes her route; this way you’ll avoid potential blocking issues that could otherwise arise with some routes.

Summertime Saga features many memorable characters, but perhaps two are particularly intriguing: Liu Wang of Saga Financial Bank and her husband Kim; they live together in room 204 of city apartments. Liu is an attractive Asian woman with grey eyes and black hair while Kim sports a double chin and large cheeks.

Summertime Saga also features some noteworthy characters, such as Pilly, an armed drug dealer with sideburns and tattoos on his arms; he carries a briefcase full of cocaine; Daisy is another sweet cowgirl friend to our protagonist with side-cut, wavy brown hair and brown eyes; they often cross paths together.


Summertime Saga can be challenging to play without knowing how to cheat the game, with so many interwoven story lines it can be hard to keep track of your progress and quickly move through its stages. Therefore, having a walkthrough guide may also prove valuable for speedy progress through this experience.

Summertime Saga is an irresistibly romantic visual novel that follows its protagonist, a graduating high school student whose father died suddenly and mysteriously. It features dark yet romantic elements with explicit sexual content – as well as being popular mobile game with a large community eager to uncover what caused their father’s demise and meet all their steamiest fantasies.

Installing the game requires some time and patience; its installation depends on your device size and speed of internet. After it has completed downloading, run the installer file and follow its instructions onscreen.

Once the installer is completed, Summertime Saga can begin! When selecting how you’d like to play it – clean or with cheats enabled – you will be asked whether you prefer playing an unmodified version which increases stats and money limit respectively, making challenges in game easier for you to face.

Notable also is that this game does have some bugs and issues, including save-game issues and difficulty in completing quests or scenes. While these have yet to be addressed by updates, should any such difficulties arise it may be best if an older version is played instead.

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