Superannuation – What Are Your Superannuation Powers?


Your employer automatically contributes 11% of your salary into your superannuation account unless you opt-out. Our range of investment options allows you to select where to put it. Eligible members also automatically get Death, TPD and Income Protection Cover as part of their super.

But many large tech companies have been reluctant to add more superhero elements into their apps – something which may soon change.


Invincibility is a state in which players cannot be hurt by any attacks that come their way, including attacks that might normally result in damage and knockback, such as respawns and certain attacks; it can also be manually activated by players themselves. Invincibility can be attained via many methods; from respawns to attacks themselves to manual activation by the player themselves.

Studies have demonstrated that mental simulations of physical invulnerability (such as thinking about becoming Superman) can reduce both negative and positive reactions to social exclusion, suggesting this phenomenon may be tied to how individuals process physical and social threats.

Studies indicate that fear of rejection produces social pain, which is processed similarly to physical discomfort (MacDonald & Leary, 2005). This pain leads to compensatory responses such as reaching out to familiar individuals while rejecting unfamiliar and disliked individuals.

These responses may have been developed as adaptive strategies in ancestral environments where exclusion could lead to physical harm and even death. They also serve to avoid risky behaviors by decreasing the need for new experiences and adventures.

To conduct the experiment, participants were first primed with social exclusion or another negatively-valenced control experience, before half imagined becoming invulnerable to physical injury while half imagined developing their ability to fly. Both groups then reported their desire for in-group connection; all three studies demonstrated that simulating physical invulnerability reduced both negative and positive responses to social exclusion; these effects also held true when invulnerability simulation wasn’t limited to freedom from pain but simply being impervious to harm.


Temperature control can be used to both warm and cool an object or person. While it can be useful in domestic settings, such as drying clothes and keeping food/drink warm/cold respectively, its primary use in combat would likely be as a preliminary power to give characters other more combat-focused abilities such as pyrokinesis or cryokinesis.

Combine hydrokinesis or the powers of a mermaid to form powerful water-based powers such as hydro-cryokinesis (the ability to freeze objects) and hydro-thermokinesis (heating or boiling water), making for an impressive array of telekinetic abilities.

thermomagnetism, the power to magnetically manipulate metal objects such as swords or spears using thermomagnetism. Magneto, who famously used thermo-magnetism in the X-Men franchise, could flex metal to his will using thermomagnetism.

One should keep in mind that thermokinesis can be an invaluable utility tool; however, its scope is limited by proximity. The effect fades with distance.

Please keep in mind that thermokinesis should not be confused with teleportation, electrokinesis, pyrokinesis or any other forms of kinetic powers such as teleportation. Teleportation refers to moving people or objects through space with magnetic forcefields; electrokinesis refers to controlling electricity/lightning; while pyrokinesis involves creating, manipulating and using fire. There is also atmokinesis which involves controlling weather such as lightning storms or hurricanes – one famous example being Storm from X-Men.


Telepathy, the ability to send and receive thoughts, has long been used in science fiction and fantasy stories as a plot device allowing characters to read each other’s minds or send messages from far away friends. But such powers could also have real-world applications: for instance if someone who was away on holiday could transmit neural postcards of what they saw, heard, and tasted back home through telepathy this would allow for deeper communications about what is being experienced on vacation.

Telepathy has long fascinated scientists. Psychics claim to use it to communicate with animals, control robots, and even eavesdrop conversations from thousands of miles away. According to those studying psychic powers, telepathy is most powerful when both sender and receiver know each other intimately.

As such, you may have encountered people who seem able to read your mind without your ever telling them; these individuals form what’s known as a telepathic bond which often develops through spending extended amounts of time together.

Scientists have attempted to use telepathy in various capacities, from controlling robots to transmitting thoughts from one brain to the other. Unfortunately, however, this type of telepathy requires extensive practice and it doesn’t always work reliably – studies have even found that individuals claiming they possess telepathic abilities often struggle when asked by scientists how it works; perhaps explaining why telepathy has yet to enter mainstream society just yet; nevertheless research into brain processes continues with an aim of understanding supernatural phenomena like telepathy and parapsychological abilities


Flight is defined as traveling at speeds faster than the speed of sound through airspace, with four modes of flight: subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic. Traveling at supersonic speeds creates shockwaves known as sonic booms; you may hear planes make loud noise when approaching these speeds. Therefore it is crucial that aircraft keep plenty of distance when passing each other (which explains why pilots use “heavy” and “super” when speaking with ATC).

The FAA continues its work toward civil supersonic flight. On June 17, 2019, Acting FAA Administrator Dan Elwell issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking intended to expedite approval processes for flight testing new supersonic aircraft.

Boom Supersonic, among other startups, are working to develop a supersonic jet that would cut cross-ocean journey times by hours. While experts remain hopeful about its potential, they caution that its technologies must advance to address newer challenges that didn’t exist during Concorde era – such as sonic booms, wake turbulence and energy efficiency issues.


Camouflage is a power that allows users to conceal themselves within the visible spectrum and interact with others without being observed by others. While invisible, they may still be detected by human senses such as smell, touch and sound as well as machines like cameras; not immune from environmental conditions like rain or fire which may reveal their location and/or harm them as well.

Invisibility has long been an alluring concept, from ancient myth and magic to the U.S. Navy’s 1943 experiment in which they rendered destroyer Eldridge invisible and transported it across Philadelphia to Norfolk Virginia. According to Philip Ball’s new book – published under Nature Publishing Group- the idea still fascinates and fascinates, with its romantic yet menacing qualities; his lively timeline begins from early magicians through Newton, Leibniz, microscopy photography spiritualism B movies and science fiction to bring its reader through time from ancient myths and magic all the way to microscopy microscopy photography spiritualism spiritualism spiritualism spiritualism spiritualism spiritualism spiritualism B movies and science fiction!

But Kaja Silverman and others’ analysis of invisibility suggest otherwise; instead it is an integral aspect of our shared world, filled with dynamic power dynamics that both visibility and invisibility enact upon each other and interact. To explore this tension further, this article reviews literature which uses invisibility as a lens for social analysis – ultimately providing tools that help understand invisibility as an inherently complex yet multivalent and politically powerful phenomenon.

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