SuperCopier – A Lightweight Tool For Faster File Copying and Moving

Copier technology has progressed from simple machines into sophisticated hubs of digital productivity, offering features to reduce energy use, enhance security and promote sustainability.

Supercopier is an innovative program that significantly enhances Windows file copy windows with features like transfer resumption, transfer speed computation and control, enhanced progress display, saving/loading filelists as well as filelist archiving/import.


SuperCopier is an efficient application designed for faster file copying and moving, replacing Windows copy dialog in terms of speed and features. Notably, its speedier copy function outshines that of its built-in utility utility by quite some margin.

Users are able to queue multiple transfers at the same time, pause or resume them as desired and set speed limits on them as well as keep a detailed logging system running which keeps track of every file and folder copied as well as easily reporting errors or collisions that might arise during transfer process.

The app prioritizes files based on their name, size, or other attributes – with manual control available if needed – while automatically checking if the destination folder has enough free space before beginning transfers and starting them up when Windows boots up. Furthermore, its main window can remain at the forefront while tracking copy progress via title bar icons or by recording each individual file and folder copied.

This tool is an excellent option for those who frequently move files around their system, offering better control and comfort than standard OS functions and suitable for both novices and experts alike.

Ultracopier is a free and open source software solution designed to offer an alternative to Windows Explorer’s copy dialog with additional features. It enables faster file copying than its default Windows tool as well as providing pausing or resuming transfers, scheduling it at specified times and minimising to the system tray for convenient use from any computer. Available both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows editions for download, it has an intuitive user interface allowing for smooth copy/transfer processes that take just minutes in comparison to traditional methods of doing this through copy/transfer processes compared with traditional tools – providing speed over speedy file copy/transfer processes!


Supercopier is a program that improves file copying and transfer processes. It replaces Windows copy dialog to increase speeds significantly while offering solutions to any errors or collisions that might arise during transfers. Available both for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, its installation process is quick and painless.

Once downloaded, the installer will prompt you to select a language and components to install. When this process has concluded, you will be ready to begin using the application – compatible with both 32- and 64-bit Windows systems as well as portable storage devices of today.

This program features an intuitive user interface that makes file transfer quick and straightforward. There are various settings you can configure to customize its functionality: whether to pause/resume transfer, limit copy speed, display progress bar and more. In addition, you can select which files or folders to overwrite or copy and use this program to create exclusion and inclusion lists.

Error handling options provided by this program are welcome features. When an error arises, it will alert you of the situation and ask what steps should be taken in response; options might include skipping the file that caused it, retrying copy operation, moving file to bottom of list or cancelling whole transfer process altogether. Furthermore, this program logs errors separately into a file.

This program is easy and effective for both novices and veterans. It can help you gain control over the transfer process, which makes it ideal for users transferring large volumes of data between systems. Furthermore, this lightweight solution supports both Windows and Mac OS x computers and modern portable storage devices while taking up minimal space on disk.


Supercopier installation is simple for users familiar with its software. Installation takes less than one minute, and once complete, Supercopier automatically handles any copy, transfer, or move task you perform using Windows Explorer files – providing more control and more reliable file transfers! Pausing and resume transfers is supported, and real-time speed display can show how quickly transfers occur. Furthermore, tweaking performance by changing block sizes/algorithms/verifying checksums as well as creating exclusion and inclusion lists may be possible to further customize transfer performance further.

Casual users often find Windows’ copy and move functionality sufficient, but more advanced users require a more flexible panel that displays speed variations, allows pause/resume of tasks, and displays additional information about each task – something supplementary programs such as Supercopier can provide.

Supercopier is a lightweight application that enhances copying speeds significantly by replacing Windows’ copy dialog with an intuitive one. With its small footprint and support for both 32- and 64-bit Windows systems, Supercopier won’t adversely impact system stability or cause other issues with your computer’s operation.

This free software features a small dialog window with the source and destination directories, two progress bars (one for overall process progress and another for current file), buttons and an “Unfold” button at its base to expand into three tabs for Copy list, Error log and Options.

Contrasting other copy and move utilities, this application displays more detail regarding each copy or move job. For example, it will show the name and path of the current file being copied as well as total duration of job. Furthermore, there is an option to reorder copy/move jobs as well as an interactive text field where comments may be entered.

Although the utility may not offer the most attractive graphical user interface, its intuitive design makes it worth your while to try it out. Features of interest include pausing and resuming transfers; providing error log details; creating, saving, loading and editing copy/move lists as well as various compression modes to reduce data transfer sizes.

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