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Supercopier is a free and open source file copy/move utility designed to provide advanced copy/move functions not available through standard Windows copy/move functions, including features like pause/resume, speed limitation and error handling.

Alternatives to Supercopier include USB Network, Explorer Pro and Renamer; each is lightweight, fast and straightforward in use.


Supercopier is a free program that provides advanced file copy and move capabilities on Windows operating systems, including the ability to pause/resume transfers, control transfer speeds, and display an interactive progress report during work sessions.

Altering file priorities within queues and saving or loading copies lists after reboots and shutdowns can also be accomplished using this handy feature, which makes large file transfer tasks much simpler.

Custom copy profiles can help streamline complex tasks, while SuperCopier can automatically bypass corrupt or unreadable files. This makes keeping track of which files need to be copied much simpler while saving valuable time by prioritizing data copies over others.

Overall, this tool is an impressive upgrade to Windows Explorer’s default copy function, and an effective way to transfer data quickly and efficiently. You can use it to copy or move files across a local network; and even support internet downloads!


Supercopier provides full control over copying, moving and transferring files to and from your computer. It provides advanced tools such as file transfer pause/resume, speed limitation and error management as well as customizable options and the ability to monitor ongoing transfers in its main window.

The program is easy to set up and can act as a replacement for Windows’ standard copy/move dialog, providing additional features not available with it and improving copy/move speed significantly. Support is offered both for 32 and 64-bit systems and it can either be integrated as an integral shell extension or run from within Taskbar itself.

Once installed, programs can be launched by clicking their desktop icons or shortcuts in the Start Menu. A small window will pop-up asking you for installation language and component choices before the process of installation begins; usually this takes seconds at most. Portable versions of programs may also be downloaded for easy use across modern laptops and desktop computers.

User interface of Transfer Wizard has been tailored to be compatible with Windows shell and integrate seamlessly. Furthermore, its lightweight nature means it uses minimal system resources while still offering customization features such as custom taskbar button or various skins for taskbar and skins for skins; moreover specific transfer settings like whether to overwrite existing files or handle naming conflicts can also be configured easily.

Interested in giving Supercopier a try? Download its latest version from its official website – it is completely free, comes with an in-depth help manual, but should contain bundled programs which may be difficult to uninstall without additional third-party tools for removal and cleanup purposes. Moreover, as Supercopier does not come with any warranty protection it could potentially cause issues on your PC and cause it to crash altogether.


Supercopier is a portable application created to offer users an accessible and modern user interface to copy files and folders in their system. It comes equipped with features like encryption profiles, error/collision management, translation services and file path change during transfer as well as pausing/resuming transfers when needed – it even works faster than Windows’ file copy utility and offers exciting additional options not found elsewhere!

The software comes equipped with several additional tools that can make transfers of large files simpler, such as speed control, progress display for exchange progress shows and quicker transactions, duplicate rundown editing while transferring and mistake log.


Supercopier Free Download is an effective application designed to provide comprehensive copy, transfer, and move features. It has the capacity to pause and resume transfers as well as offering a minimal interface that simplifies them all. Pre-allocating disk space ensures better performance; status indicators display size percentage progress speed transfer ETA errors reports while it also lets you skip or resume transfers if necessary.

TeraCopy is often described as being even faster and has outstanding multitasking abilities, plus being open source – both are considered pluses for any program!

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