Supercopier Review

Supercopier is a program created to replace Windows’ default copy dialog with faster file and folder copying speeds and error/collision management features.

This auxiliary file transfer utility offers more control and comfort than its built-in counterpart, such as pausing or speed limiting the copy process or skipping problem files from being copied later. Additionally, it can store them in queue for later copying if need be.

User-friendly interface

This lightweight application replaces the default Windows copy dialog and enhances file transfer functionality, including pausing and resuming ongoing copies to make file transfers simpler and manageable. Other features include an advanced error management system, customizable file list management capabilities and buffer settings; users may even customize copy speeds according to individual needs.

Supercopier can be an invaluable resource, yet may not suit every user. Running multiple copies simultaneously may create issues, depending on your drives’ read/write speeds causing long wait times for copies to complete and making navigation of its interface difficult as there is no context menu item like other programs provide.

Other than these limitations, the program is straightforward and user-friendly. Launch it from the system tray, select a folder or drive from which to copy files, and set their destination location. Furthermore, the app remembers where you left off if paused; this feature comes especially in handy when working with large files.

The software also features various error handling options, including restarting failed transfers. Furthermore, it can rename duplicate files and resolve file naming conflicts during copying operations as well as providing an easy search feature so that you can quickly find what you are searching for.

Error notifications provide options for dealing with errors; when an issue arises, these could include skipping or overwriting problematic files, renaming them temporarily, saving them on a list for future completion, or restarting transfers that failed so as to minimize interruptions and increase chances of success.

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Speedy copying

Supercopier is an innovative file copying and transfer software for Windows that improves file copying and moving capabilities. It replaces the standard copy function found in Windows Explorer with additional capabilities, including being able to pause/resume transfers, limit speed of transfers, view detailed progress information as well as create and load lists of files to be copied or moved during a transfer and make modifications during process.

The app is designed to minimize CPU and memory usage, making it especially suitable for older systems without as much RAM. It supports multiple simultaneous copies, enabling users to work more efficiently with large data sets. Furthermore, this application includes features for detecting internal and external errors that may cause difficulties during file transfers; additionally it will retry transfers if one fails successfully.

Filter files based on dates, paths, sizes and attributes is another useful feature of the program that gives you greater control over what files are transferred onto your computer – giving you confidence that only relevant files are being copied over or downloaded for transfer. Furthermore, setting a default behavior for copying can speed up and streamline this process significantly.

When copy or move processes encounter an already transferred file to their final destination folder, the program will prompt you for your preferred action. Options available to you may include overwriting the existing file with one that differs, renaming both versions or skipping it altogether and beginning on another file or leaving it in a queue so the software may attempt completion at another time.

This software is easy to uninstall, running on most versions of Windows. To uninstall it quickly and painlessly, use Windows’ Add/Remove Program feature or manually uninstall.

Error logging

If you need to transfer large files between locations, an alternative to Windows’ standard file transfer function might be more effective. Supercopier offers such an alternative and features such as pausing/resuming copying while the process is underway, setting a maximum transfer speed, managing error handling and more make this software very useful for advanced users. It even features useful tools for organizing files and transfer processes!

Physical damage to files can also be recovered with this program, through its built-in data recovery algorithm which attempts to find all readable parts of each file before piecing them back together to recreate an intact one. This feature can help restore most file types even if they are partially damaged – particularly useful if your hard drive becomes corrupt and risks losing important documents and photographs that could otherwise have been lost forever.

Supercopier can be used on many operating systems, including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It supports command-line parameters that enable scripts or schedulers to use it directly; and features both a graphical user interface as well as drag-and-drop capability for moving and copying files.

This free utility replaces the default Windows copy/move dialog with its own, providing significant increases in copying speeds as well as extra features like pausing/resuming copying, list editing in real-time while copying is in process, queue management options, improved progress displays, faster computation of copy speed calculations and detailed error logs.

Supercopier can be run as both a desktop program or portable version on any modern PC, featuring an intuitive yet user-friendly interface accessible via a system tray shortcut. From here you can easily activate/deactivate it, create or cancel copy/move threads, access its configurations menu or view its About window – making this lightweight yet resource efficient app an essential part of life!

File search

This program boasts robust file search features, such as filtering files by dates, paths, sizes, attributes or text file versions. Furthermore, users can set maximum and minimum file transfer speeds, create inclusion/exclusion lists and verify checksums of copied files – plus prioritize transfer by removing files from transfer list or moving them into different positions on list.

The software is easy to set up and features a minimal panel, making it an ideal solution for people who frequently copy, transfer or move files. Furthermore, its flexible options enable pause/resume transfer operations when there is an error; additionally it displays all files currently being transferred along with their statuses; this application runs on Windows 10 as well as older OSes like Mac OSX.

Supercopier provides features not found in Windows file copy dialog, such as transfer pause/resume, speed limitation and on-error resume. In addition, Supercopier displays transfer progress in its title bar while automatically skipping duplicated files and automatically preserving file dates. Furthermore, users can configure Supercopier to notify them if an error or collision occurs during copy process and can display an error console which provides detailed information regarding failure.

This program boasts a small footprint and is free to use; portable so as to be used on multiple machines. However, some individuals have reported issues with the software: one reported getting a startup error on Windows 8.1 that disappeared when she removed the app; while another user claimed it caused their computer to slow down during transfers. While such incidents may be rare, users should keep them in mind when making a decision whether or not to use this application.

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