SuperCopier Review


Supercopier is one of the premier File Transfer and Networking applications currently available, making file sharing effortless for Windows PC users. Not only is it user-friendly and free to download but its efficiency has earned many endorsements by other PC users as well.

It provides more options than the Windows file copy dialog, such as resuming and controlling speed. Furthermore, it has a queue feature to accommodate large processes as well as let you modify a copy list while it runs.

It’s easy to use

The SuperCopier program is a free Windows application designed to make copying, moving and transferring files much simpler. It adds many features beyond what the standard Microsoft Windows file copy function offers such as transfer resuming and improved progress reporting – lightweight enough for use across most desktops and laptops alike.

The interface is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate; you can view the current speed of file copy or move operations via the status bar at the top of your window, as well as how long the process will take to finish. A pause feature enables you to stop and resume copy/move operations at any time; furthermore, creating and editing lists of files to copy/move is quick and effortless, with categorization features so that they are easy to access in future.

With its user-friendly interface, it’s clear that this program provides an ideal solution for those needing to transfer large volumes of data quickly. Not only can it skip errors and corrupted files to save you time but you can also reorder or cancel queued copies to make this tool an invaluable asset when working within an IT team.

Although the free version of SuperCopier may have limited features, its professional edition provides many more. These include a scheduler, backup feature and ability to copy/move multiple folders simultaneously. In addition, you can change your default copy/move command in context menu settings.

If you want to test this program, be sure to run it on a clean Windows system in order to avoid conflicts between programs with similar interfaces, such as the standard file copy window and SuperCopier. Furthermore, prior to installing the new version of this software it’s wise to uninstall all previous versions from your computer as this can also avoid conflicts between versions of it installed at different times.

Uninstalling SuperCopier must also be handled correctly; using the built-in Windows uninstaller is recommended as this method can prevent serious ramifications if done incorrectly. If you still opt to manually delete entries in the Registry manually, be sure to back them up first before doing so!

It’s fast

Supercopier is a system tool designed to reduce the time you spend copying and moving files, with additional features that set it apart from standard Windows copy functions – for instance you can pause copy processes and limit their speed as well as advanced features like error and collision handling.

Save and resuming copy lists is another handy feature, especially when copying or moving large files across local area networks or servers. Furthermore, priority can be set on files within a copy list to get them copied first.

Use this software to back up all of your important files for free on all platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac alike! It offers fast transfer rates with support for multiple drives to make it an excellent option for both business and home use. Plus it comes equipped with an user-friendly interface and many third-party plugins to extend functionality even further!

This tool is an ideal fit for businesses that need to perform high volume transfers. Its performance is reliable and it uses less resources than other copy programs. Furthermore, it can handle large files at a reasonable speed; however it may not suit users who require multiple copies at once.

Keep your computer tidy to avoid SuperCopier issues, such as malware scans and hard disk cleaners such as Cleanmgr and SFC/scannow, removing programs you no longer require, monitoring auto-start programs with msconfig, enabling automatic Windows updates and making regular backups.

SuperCopier is a free and open-source program that replaces Windows Explorer’s default file copy dialogs with several advanced features that make the copy process smoother, such as transfer pause/resume, speed limitation and error/collision handling. SuperCopier can detect internal and external errors with detailed information dialogs for each one, providing solutions such as always overwriting newer files only if newer exist, renaming files instead or even skipping transfers altogether.

It’s free

SuperCopier is free file transfer software designed to copy, move and transfer files and folders between computers within your own system or between different ones. It includes tools for managing file lists and prioritizing individual files while supporting advanced error handling and customization features that make it an invaluable asset for frequent file transfers.

SuperCopier stands out from other Windows programs by providing an intuitive and functional user interface, showing speed fluctuations during copy/move processes and providing you with options to pause/resume them as needed. Furthermore, you have full control of how it responds when errors or collisions arise with other files; set maximum speed limits; as well as alter the list of files to copy while the task is underway.

One useful feature of the software is the option to control what will happen if the program detects that an identical file already exists in its destination directory. You have several choices when this occurs – overwrite, rename, skip or cancel all copy/move operations altogether. Furthermore, more aesthetic settings such as foreground/background/text colors as well as whether or not to display progress bars can also be configured.

Save and reuse a copy/move list for future transfers, saving yourself the trouble of manually selecting files each time you copy or move. It can also help prevent wasted time by filtering out unnecessary ones from the transfer process.

SuperCopier is designed to be as small and resource-light as possible without consuming too many system resources, making it the perfect solution for individuals who require a more stable and reliable copy/move experience. Plus, its free use makes it an attractive option. Compared with standard Windows copy/paste functions, its functionality and performance leap far ahead; yet worry not if it becomes unnecessary; simply uninstall at any time from our fast download servers without fear of viruses!

It’s easy to install

Supercopier is an easy and straightforward program designed to enable fast file copying at high speeds, offering the option to pause and resume transfers as necessary. Compatible with hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state drives (SSDs) as well as networked systems, it enables large file transfers across multiple locations without losing data in the process.

This program replaces the standard Windows copy/move dialog with an advanced system that offers several additional features, including pause/resume capabilities, speed control and error recovery. Furthermore, this copying program can rename files while copying and simultaneous transfers – making it an ideal solution for users who frequently copy large amounts of data.

Supercopier offers a highly configurable user interface and configuration options, including its user interface (UI). For instance, you can easily alter the appearance of the file copy UI by changing foreground, background, text and border colors; setting default copy/move behavior using Copies and Moves Defaults Window or monitoring current jobs through Thread List section.

This freeware program runs on any PC running the Windows operating system, from XP through to Windows 10, and all versions in between. Download options include 32-bit and 64-bit installers; setup is quick and painless!

Once installed, Supercopier allows you to copy, move, rename files, reindex your entire directory structure and reindex individual directories with ease. Its intuitive user interface makes this program suitable for beginners as well as advanced users; additionally it is compatible with most external storage devices including USB drives.

While not as feature-packed as Teracopy, FileCopier remains an efficient program for moving and copying files. Its major draw is its user-friendliness and fast speed – not to mention lightweight use that won’t strain system resources too heavily. Before beginning however, make sure your computer is clean of malware by performing regular malware scans, cleaning with Cleanmgr or SFC/SCANNOW disk cleanup utilities, uninstalling unnecessary programs with Cleanmgr or SFCC/SCANNOW disk scanning utilities while uninstalling programs using Msconfig for monitoring purposes – as using these programs could potentially risk you running programs as it will likely start auto-starts by default when installed via SFC/scannow/SSCCANNOW).

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