SuperRam Review


SuperRam is a memory optimization software program that works in the background to free up computer memory for programs and games, helping games run faster and more smoothly than before.

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SuperRam is an advanced software program that can automatically optimize the memory on your computer, speeding up programs and games that might normally run more slowly due to limited RAM. The program works in the background, monitoring its status and freeing up RAM used by unused or closed programs; additionally it helps prevent system crashes caused by low memory usage and errors caused by low RAM usage.

This program doesn’t alter your hardware in any way and has an intuitive user interface for ease of use. Furthermore, no special hardware or installation are necessary – simply a Windows 7 or later system can install this application.

SuperRam stands out from similar tools by not slowing down or negatively affecting performance, nor creating conflicts with other programs and games. Plus, using it may save you the hassle of rebooting to free up memory; saving both time and enhancing overall computer performance!

SuperRam can be purchased online for as little as $29.99 and is an ideal solution for anyone who’s looking to boost the performance of their computers without making major hardware modifications. This software optimizes memory usage and stability issues while boasting an easy user interface and full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied.

PGWARE LLC’s website offers a free trial version of SuperRam that users can test before committing to purchase it for themselves. Users are given ample opportunity to test its features before making their decision about its suitability based on this free trial period alone. You may also purchase the full version at an affordable price with updates and technical support included as part of your subscription fee; there is also an FAQs section and email address dedicated for inquiries from potential clients, with various payment methods accepted including credit cards.


SuperRAM is an efficient memory optimization software, working in the background to free up unused RAM, freeing up resources for applications and games to run faster while helping prevent the computer from running out of memory. Easy to install and offering numerous features designed to boost computer performance, SuperRAM offers everything needed for optimal PC performance.

SuperRam is a free program that gives users control of their computer RAM usage. The software detects and alleviates excessive ram usage – an issue common among Windows users – with minimal setup required – simply set a threshold at which point it begins flushing ram out. Many will find this useful and find their computer to become faster and more stable as a result.

SuperRam not only cleans memory but it can also monitor RAM and CPU status, alerting the user if their system becomes overloaded so they can take appropriate action if required. This excellent feature can save both time and money by helping avoid potential hardware issues before they even arise.

SuperRam can also help laptop computers manage the RAM usage effectively, as laptops typically contain less physical RAM than desktops and therefore cause issues when running programs that need large amounts of memory or lead to screen lags.

Software like this can help improve computer memory performance, increasing processor speeds for improved system performance and running more programs at the same time. It may even protect information from being corrupted upon system reboot.

PC users looking to maximize the use of their machines will find this program an invaluable asset. It works invisibly in the background, continually monitoring computer performance and freeing memory when necessary. You can configure it so specific programs remain unaffected by memory freeing so they continue running seamlessly and avoid screen lagging.


Pgware Superram is a memory optimization program designed to increase performance and system stability by freeing up RAM. It operates silently in the background and monitors available memory on your computer before prioritizing how Windows allocates it more effectively; making programs run faster while improving overall PC performance; as well as helping prevent computer slowdown due to running out of memory.

Easy RAM Optimizer is an intuitive application designed to boost computer speed and performance by optimizing how RAM is utilized. Customizable settings let you control when it starts freeing RAM; inactive screen mode prevents lag issues. Furthermore, activities logged by this program provide insight into its activity levels.

Another excellent feature of this program is its ability to detect when a game or DVD is being played and prevent its memory from being released up, thus avoiding video issues. You can even set it so it only runs when plugged in – saving battery power!

PGWARE LLC software is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions, and available for free trial on their website. No additional hardware needs to be installed to use it easily – its user-friendly interface displays an accurate real-time pie chart of available RAM.

Use of this tool can be extremely helpful if your system is underperforming or your computer has been crashing regularly. Not having to reboot can save time, while making sure all programs run at full speed – this is particularly useful with programs requiring large amounts of memory such as games. Furthermore, this can boost performance on older hardware making it feel new again.


This program boasts that it can make your computer faster and smoother by optimizing memory management in Windows. Additionally, its clean, simple interface offers real-time pie charts of free and used RAM as well as the option to configure when the software should attempt to free unused memory – you can set a delay between attempts as well as disable it if running full screen as well as access detailed memory statistics.

SuperRam stands out from similar programs by managing memory usage for applications without interrupting their work, enabling you to utilize all available RAM for applications and increasing computer performance. Compatible with both desktop and laptop computers and easily customized according to individual needs, SuperRam works without compromise to meet any need you might have.

With limited memory available on a PC, its performance may significantly slow down and cause annoying lags when opening new applications or switching programs. Installing additional RAM can be more expensive and possibly damage your machine as well as expose you to viruses and malware threats. A memory optimization program such as PGWare SuperRam may provide an affordable alternative while protecting you from such dangers.

SuperRam is an affordable tool that works silently in the background to optimize memory allocation for your applications, perfect for anyone noticing that their applications run slowly or their computer has difficulty keeping up with gaming or other demands of programs and games.

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Overall, the program does its job fairly effectively; though you might experience some slight lags while it flushes your RAM. While this shouldn’t replace expanding memory on your PC, it could be worth taking a second look if your system seems to be eating up too much memory.

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