Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is an intuitive interior design software program that makes expressing your imagination easy and cost-free. Its primary interface consists of one window divided into four panes for furniture catalog, home plan, furniture list and 3D view.

This program is free to download on both Windows and Mac platforms, featuring user-friendly features and tutorials for effortless use.

Floor plan

Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design program that lets you easily create 2D and 3D floorplans. With its intuitive drag-and-drop tools, furniture, doors and windows can be placed quickly before viewing them in three dimensions. Plus it includes stairs and fences – making this an excellent alternative to more comprehensive tools such as Sculptris or SketchUp that offer greater modeling flexibility.

The software comes equipped with several pre-made plans ranging from studio apartments to three-bedroom houses with mezzanines floors. You can download additional plans from their website as well as import your own models and textures if you need something that is not included in their library or are exploring various designs.

Sweet Home 3D begins by helping you to develop a 2D plan. Click the Create Walls button, and a three dimensional representation of your building appears at the bottom half of the window – using controls in the left-hand corner, you can move this representation around using controls at left and virtual mode navigation through menu selections.

Change the colors, texture and size of walls, floors and ceilings easily with this software. Plus it calculates hole calculations when you drag doors and windows onto your plan! Plus it has furniture from searchable catalogs, multilingual support and allows users to save their work for future reference!

Furniture catalog

Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design program that will enable you to draw the plan of your house or apartment and arrange furniture within. You can then create photorealistic images and videos of the result. Sweet Home 3D allows you to change wall colors, textures and sizes as well as doors windows and stairs in your plans as well as provide virtual visitors a virtual visitor’s view from within your house or apartment. Furthermore, lighting effects can be adjusted according to time of day and geographic location for an immersive viewing experience.

This program contains a searchable furniture catalog to make finding exactly the piece that will fit into your space easier. When dragging doors or windows onto your plan, holes will automatically be calculated; you can also change thickness, color and orientation of furniture while seeing its total cost displayed by this software.

With the latest version, you can set a default text style and font for all of your projects, making typing texts simpler each time you open them and making different rooms and furniture easier to identify. Also consider changing icon sizes for maximum visibility on screen.

This update brings with it several minor improvements and bug fixes, such as fixing an issue which caused the program to crash when changing furniture positions, as well as correcting an error which prevented some systems from running the program properly. Additionally, this version updated the graphics driver to resolve a bug which caused incorrectly colored surfaces in 3D view to be shown incorrectly by the program. Finally, 100 new pieces of furniture have been added to its catalog in this latest release. These items have been partially or fully translated to Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek Italian Polish Russian Spanish Swedish. Additionally this update adds a searchable list option in the preferences pane allowing users to easily locate furniture by typing some letters of its name into search field.


Sweet Home 3D is a free program that makes interior design planning simple and 3D visualization easy, placing furniture and objects within rooms or whole houses with ease. With an easy interface that requires no learning of complex tools, Sweet Home 3D also supports multiple language localizations as well as numerous file formats.

Software available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Requires at least 400MHz processor speed with at least 256MB memory available and graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0 or later for optimal results. Includes user manual and video tutorials as well as uninstaller for complete removal from computer.

Sweet Home 3D features numerous improvements, such as improved 3D views of walls, ceilings and floors in 3D view; an ability to import furniture catalogs; support for YafaRay libraries; as well as an auto-recovery feature to restore its state if the program crashes.

3D rendering capabilities of this application are outstanding and take into account sun placement, lighting patterns in your plan, and other aspects of the scene. It can produce high-resolution photos and videos in standard formats like SVG or OBJ, and even create 360-degree virtual tours of your space.

The software features a searchable furniture catalog, which makes selecting and placing different pieces easy. With an intuitive user interface and support for popular image file formats and PDF exporting features, creating floorplans and furniture layouts has never been simpler!

Sweet Home 3D is an effective tool for small businesses that need to design residential projects, though it has some drawbacks; specifically it serves only interior design users without providing tools for landscaping or topographical management of building sites. Users with larger projects might prefer Sketchup or Cedreo; select one with features which suit both your business requirements and budget needs.


Sweet Home 3D is free software available under the GNU General Public License v2 that enables users to draw a plan of their house and insert doors and windows, as well as select furniture options from a catalog for every room in their house. Available for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems alike; plugins extend its capabilities and provide users with more tools.

Sweet Home 3D may lack some of the more advanced features found in its rivals, but it still makes an excellent entryway into home interior design. It is user-friendly and doesn’t become bogged down with large object libraries which often hold back similar programs.

Downloading programs onto your computer should be relatively straightforward and effortless. Mac users should take note that downloading from the App Store offers real-time updates; on PCs it may be best to follow instructions provided by their developer.

Once downloaded, once installed programs can be opened by double clicking their application icons while pressing Ctrl and opening them with your mouse. Your system will then prompt you to choose where the program should be installed – the default folder being an option or you may select any directory of your own choosing as an alternate path.

This program features an intuitive interface and offers a range of tools for drawing a floor plan, annotating it and generating photorealistic images. Furthermore, the tool can import home blueprints and furniture catalogs. Thus, interior designers can streamline their workflow. Furthermore, this program is compatible with popular architecture/design applications like FloorPlanner 3Dream and Google Sketchup allowing interior designers to take full advantage of all its benefits.

Sweet Home 3D’s most recent version boasts several innovative new features:

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