Symantec Endpoint Protection Review

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection is Gustavus Technology Services’ most robust and feature-rich antivirus solution, employing machine learning and real-time cloud lookup to detect new threats on campus computers. Each installation acts as a research center sharing this knowledge with over 175 million other users globally.

Power eraser, device lockdown and sandboxing to detect stealthy attacks are also included as features of this system. Malware removal, behavior analysis/UEBA (such as vulnerability assessment/scalability/API integration), as well as vulnerability assessments can all be found here.


Symantec Endpoint Protection is a multilayered security suite for physical and virtual endpoints that utilizes various technologies to detect and respond to threats across different attack phases. With its comprehensive management console, CyberArk provides threat visibility and provides multilayered prevention on endpoints from Windows to Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. Antivirus/antimalware protection, firewall/intrusion prevention capabilities, host integrity checking, external media control, application access control and device access control as well as detailed user activity reporting are all part of its offering. Additionally, this system features behavioral monitoring, deception tools that present decoys for attackers to target, Power Eraser which allows remote wipe of an endpoint if an infection proves difficult to eradicate and System Lockdown which regulates allowed software installs.

Symantec Security Suite integrates with other products from Symantec to provide a comprehensive enterprise endpoint protection solution. Its Global Intelligence Network (GIN) leverages data from millions of attack sensors worldwide with machine-learning reputation analysis for up-to-date threat intelligence; Vulnerability Manager Plus assesses and remediates vulnerabilities on OS, software and application patches; Mobile Roaming User Protection protects users when connecting to Wi-Fi networks while Smart VPN helps secure device network connections.

Symantec Endpoint Protection’s simplicity makes deployment and management straightforward, offering IT teams an easy experience when protecting endpoints with it. Most security functions come preconfigured so IT teams can deploy it and start protecting devices immediately – after which, fine-tune these settings to meet individual requirements for optimal protection.

Some users have noted that Symantec Endpoint Protection suite can sometimes overreact when responding to certain types of malware and viruses, sometimes misidentifying legitimate software installs as being potentially malicious and producing numerous false positives. Still, most users have found it effective at identifying and blocking most types of malicious software.

Users have noted that security suites perform best on newer systems with faster processors and at least 8GB of RAM, while older systems may become bogged down by the software and experience performance issues; especially true of client agents which consume a considerable amount of disk space.


Symantec Endpoint Protection is an outstanding product and widely recommended by its customers. The company provides a vast array of security features suitable for businesses of all sizes and budgets, yet before selecting the ideal application for your business it is crucial to take several factors into consideration such as budget, number of employees and technical competence levels – these should help guide you in choosing the appropriate Symantec product.

Customer satisfaction for the company stands at 84% and it has earned numerous industry awards and recognitions. They have an established track record of protecting data while aiding companies with cyber resilience and disaster recovery plans, compatible with most operating systems and hardware platforms; installation is simple; virus and memory exploit protection provided; ransomware attacks prevented via email, chat, social media or instant messaging are prevented – all essential services at an affordable cost!

Symantec stands out with its SONAR behavioral monitoring AI, which detects threats by analyzing file behavior and detecting anomalies in real time – making the software capable of quickly and effectively identifying new malware quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, its extensive threat database is regularly updated using information from Global Intelligence Network in order to block known attacks while also protecting against emerging ones.

Symantec Endpoint Protection can prevent data breaches and help you meet regulatory requirements, helping to save you costly penalties by keeping systems safe. Furthermore, this software can block transmission of sensitive information over unprotected networks as well as protecting from ransomware by detecting and blocking files before they’re executed on systems.

Due to its many features, this software may be somewhat costly when compared with similar options in the market. Nonetheless, the company provides discounts and special offers tailored specifically to certain businesses on its website.

Customer Reviews

Symantec Endpoint Protection is an effective cybersecurity solution designed to defend companies against a range of threats such as malware, viruses and intrusion. Available both as on-premises or cloud-based options and offering various customizable features tailored specifically for each organization’s security requirements; additionally it features an easy deployment and management with its central management console; plus it even prevents ransomware attacks while being suitable for all business types.

User reviews of this software have been positive, with most praising its reliability and automation features. Some have noted its effectiveness as part of multi-layered cybersecurity policies. Furthermore, most report that setting it up and implementing it was relatively straightforward; many have experienced an excellent return on investment from using this product.

Many users have noted the ease of use of this software, as it is user-friendly and features an appealing UI. Furthermore, many common settings have already been preconfigured to save both time and effort, as well as being fast and efficient with customer support being very helpful. Furthermore, Linux compatibility ensures compatibility for multiple devices and operating systems alike.

But some users have complained that the software can sometimes be too aggressive and cause performance issues on older computers, particularly with regards to scans and file downloads. Furthermore, it has also generated many false positives; these issues are typically remedied via software updates.

Symantec may be costly, but its investment could pay dividends for businesses looking to ensure their security. Customer service at Symantec is exceptional, and support resources such as an online community forum and phone hotline provide great assistance. Furthermore, Symantec also provides an effective diagnostic tool that quickly identifies issues and fixes them promptly; in addition, discounts and promotions exist throughout the year; therefore it is wise to do your research prior to making a decision regarding purchasing this software.


Symantec Endpoint Protection is an extremely effective security solution, employing multiple layers to stop attackers in their tracks. Malware protection features anti-malware, antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall capabilities to ward off attacks; ransomware detection/prevention techniques like machine learning/behavior analysis are also included – one reason SEP leads the pack when tested by independent third-party testing services.

Traditional antivirus systems use scan files and identify signatures to identify attacks, while SEP utilizes cloud technology to quickly identify new attacks. This approach minimizes update times and bandwidth consumption by downloading only the newest threat information directly onto each system. Its intelligent threat cloud constantly analyzes and monitors new threats; additionally it can identify characteristics of a malicious file as well as determine if its interaction with other services indicates it could be an actual attack or simply attempts at concealment.

Alongside its powerful anti-malware and antivirus protection, SEP also features an extensive suite of IT management tools. These include network access control which enables or blocks devices, files and applications; advanced endpoint monitoring which detects any changes made without permission on managed systems as well as conduct damage assessments; it even isolates devices which don’t meet requirements and isolates those which do. Finally, application and device control prevent unauthorized programs from running on any given system by only permitting whitelisted programs to operate.

SEP offers other features, including anti-ransomware protection, SONAR behavioral monitoring, and deception technology – this latter feature tricks attackers into entering vulnerable parts of IT infrastructure through creating an illusory environment to draw them in; using that intelligence, SEP then uses actual infrastructure changes to defend against future attacks.

SEP is simple to setup and manage, although some users report that continuous scanning can impact performance. The user-interface could be made more user-friendly and accessible, and reporting improved to provide more granular, actionable data. In addition, SEP should offer more integration options – particularly with other cybersecurity solutions.

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