SyncBack Review

SyncBack can automatically backup and synchronize files using Windows Task Scheduler on a schedule. In addition to regular sync, SyncBack offers features not seen with regular synchronization such as intelligent syncing that keeps track of changes to provide greater options than simply copying.

SyncBack is designed to be easy and highly configurable with an extensive set of settings. It supports manual and automated backups, mirroring, FTP support and various cloud services.


SyncBack is an intuitive backup program with many advanced features and user-friendly user interface. No matter if it is to backup data, share files or sync files, SyncBack offers solutions tailored specifically to you. With three versions – Free, SE and Pro – to meet any need perfectly; and winning an awards within six months after its debut (July 2005) for “excellent design, usability features innovation price).

Backup copies files in only one direction – from source to destination – preventing files from being deleted at either end. When creating a SyncBack job profile (a SyncBack job), define what and where you wish to backup. Select options before creating the profile (a SyncBack job). It could include anything from one file or folder; multiple files queued together into a group called queue; series of profiles or any combination thereof. You can schedule the job to run at specific times or you can pause, resume and cancel as needed as well as exclude or include folders/files as well as view detailed logs as use the command line interface for controlling them all.

The intuitive user interface scales smoothly with DPI changes and is translated into numerous languages. It is extremely fast, using multithreaded file copying and parallel file transfer to provide lightning-fast backups that consume minimal system resources while running in the background without user interaction. Furthermore, its wide array of configurability allows you to choose files to backup based on their size, age, attributes or modification dates – providing unparalleled backup performance!

Other features include an integrated FTP client that supports multiple protocols (including SFTP), support for syncing locked/open files, comprehensive file versioning control and ransomware detection. You can even back up emails using it! A dedicated service monitors Windows Task Scheduler and warns if scheduled backup jobs fail to execute as scheduled.

SyncBack’s powerful and flexible Group Queue feature can quickly backup files in groups with up to 100 individual profiles, making it perfect for mirroring folders or copying large numbers of small files at the same time. Furthermore, you have control of execution order of groups as well as number of profiles within each one; and using its new Intelligent Synchronization feature can define rules to specify what should be copied first or in what order.


SyncBack’s primary task is synchronization – keeping data stored across different locations synchronized – making life easier for anyone using multiple storage locations and making sure their files match up seamlessly. Available in three versions (free SyncBackFree, enhanced commercial SyncBackSE 7, and $55 Pro with online storage syncing capabilities).

Syncing works by creating a profile identifying which files and folders you would like backed up or synchronized. With your profile set, one click of a button copies them all out to one or more destinations if there are differences between source and destination files/folders – should any exist, you will be shown which ones require restoration. In addition, there is an option available within SyncBack that simulates run but doesn’t actually move or delete anything, giving you peace of mind that your backup/sync profile setup correctly before running it as real backup/sync is carried out.

Making a simple SyncBack profile that copies files between desktops and external USB drives is straightforward. Inclusion or exclusion criteria such as file attributes, date/time stamp, size or other criteria is easily configurable in this software to fit your specific needs for file syncing. The software offers advanced options so that every detail of its settings fits your syncing settings can meet them perfectly.

SyncBack’s professional version provides access to Amazon S3, Google Drive(tm), Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Photos, Dropbox(tm), Box(tm), SugarSync(tm), Rackspace B2, OVH Egnyte Citrix ShareFile pCloud(tm), WebDAV. This version features delta copy functionality to save storage space; modern FTP engine for maximum compatibility; wide range of encryption (filename and content); easy and expert mode compatibility as well as powerful scripting language capabilities; in totality making it suitable for novice and power users alike! SyncBack Management System (SBMS) increases security accountability and reporting.


Although SyncBack was designed primarily to back up files and folders, it also serves as an effective restoration solution when program or system changes corrupt them or you need to roll back to an earlier point. You can restore from multiple sources: single sources, incremental backups or full or partial (delta) backups can all be restored simultaneously; additionally SyncBack can even recover usernames/passwords/SFTP keys stored with remote Secret Managers such as HashiCorp Vault/Azure Key Vault or Windows Credential Manager from remote Secret Managers such as HashiCorp Vault/Azure Key Vault/Windows Credential Manager etc.

Restoring is easy – all it requires is selecting your profile in the lower toolbar and clicking Restore. Please note, mirror profiles cannot be restored from. When restoring files with versions, a new button in the Differences Window called ‘Choose Sub-directories and Files’ allows you to choose which version(s) to restore from or to by ticking them on a list; selecting this action copies it back from destination back to source.

If the Rollback to option is selected, SyncBack will select versioned files from both source and destination with modification dates closest to the chosen rollback date/time and restore these versions back according to action taken (source or destination).

SyncBack SE and Pro boast an intuitive user interface yet provide an impressive set of options for copying, syncing, restoring files and folders across different locations including FTP sites, ZIP files, network hard drives and removable media. Renaming or changing extension are also supported along with filtering which files to copy; running programs before/after execution and producing status reports. SyncBack also has an impressive simulation mode called ‘Simulated Run” so users can test its ability to process data before actually running, to be certain they receive what results they desire.


SyncBack is designed to backup files and folders. However, it cannot make an exact copy of your system drive – operating systems, software programs and any programs stored elsewhere must first be re-installed before being used with SyncBack to restore data that it has copied. Furthermore, databases and audio/music files can also be protected using this program.

SyncBack can be configured to run at regular intervals automatically, making it an ideal solution for busy users who want to use their computer for other functions like Internet browsing, emailing and IMing while being assured their important files are safe. Furthermore, SyncBack’s advanced settings include compressing large files in batches as an efficient backup method when backing up over slow connections.

SyncBack offers many features designed to give users more control, including various logging options (including one that can be sent as email), hash values comparison, script support and Secrets Manager protection for sensitive information. Furthermore, this software checks file integrity before resuming interrupted FTP or network transfers, allows running of programs before and after execution and sends status emails – plus more!

SyncBack Management System (SBM Service) can be used to monitor and administer multiple SyncBack profiles on a computer or network, increasing security, accountability and reporting with its easy-to-use solution. Plus it comes free with SyncBackPro V11!

SBMS supports an impressive variety of FTP/SFTP servers, cloud services and local drives; can be installed on as many administrator computers as needed and is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions. A full version is available for purchase or you can try the 30-day fully functional trial – plus there is also a detailed installation guide available online – while Android device monitoring capabilities come bundled in with both versions; 2BrightSparks offers its SyncBack Touch cross-platform service which enables users with either version to remotely connect and manage devices from different versions; available across Windows macOS Linux Android platforms!

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