System Mechanic Review

System Mechanic by Iolo Technologies is an optimization tool designed to clear away system clutter, restore registry settings and enhance disk performance. Additionally, this software includes an Internet accelerator and PC cleaner capable of eliminating gigabytes of unneeded files from your hard drive.

The Individual Tools pane offers easy, organized access to System Mechanic’s repair, optimization and monitoring tools – including its On-Demand Boost feature that maximizes CPU and memory usage with one click.


System Mechanic, created by Iolo Technologies, is an award-winning PC performance and optimization software program. With multiple modules that work in harmony to analyze, optimize and clean up a Windows computer – including freeing up space, speeding up boot up times and improving internet stability – System Mechanic provides features to protect both privacy and security with features to delete internet search history, browser cookies and chat histories with one click or shredding files permanently – the ideal way to ensure a fast computer.

The program’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, featuring a simple dashboard with all its main utilities organized neatly along its left edge. These utilities include PC Cleanup to remove clutter clogging up your hard disk; Memory Mechanic to reduce RAM waste; DriveScrubber which erases personal data permanently; as well as ActiveCare which automatically scans and fixes problems as well as LiveBoost which allocates processing power in order to increase performance for memory-intensive apps.

AcceleWrite is another helpful feature included with Avira AntiVir Personal that increases write speeds for hard disks or SSDs, making some programs dependent on speedy storage devices more productive. Furthermore, AcceleWrite fixes common PC issues such as slowdowns, freezes and crashes as well as repairs/uninstalling potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) often missed by antivirus software.

System Mechanic’s Privacy Shield allows users to easily manage what information Windows and third-party applications can gather about their computing habits, block intrusive services and prevent sensitive data from being stolen by malicious programs. Compatible with most major web browsers like Firefox and Chrome, its Privacy Protection settings can be customized so as to suit individual preferences – from minimal internet use for apps and services up to strict settings that prevent access. Furthermore, System Mechanic features an inbuilt password manager to store and organize passwords securely in one convenient place


System Mechanic is an all-in-one software tool with many capabilities. Though its price may be somewhat steep, considering all the features it provides – such as increasing speed and freeing up storage space while improving security – its worth it for sure. Furthermore, this intuitive UI combines all tools within its main panel for user ease of use.

Price will depend on which package is chosen; from simple PC cleaner services to multifaceted services that include antivirus protection and password manager services, such as Iolo’s System Mechanic which offers features not found elsewhere.

iolo’s System Mechanic is an award-winning PC optimization and security tool, recognized as an Editors’ Choice by PC Magazine. This lightweight software optimizer and security tool can speed up computers while cleaning junk files, fixing errors, defragmenting hard drives and recovering lost files or recovering deleted data – even recovering deleted ones! Furthermore, its lightweight nature means it works well alongside anti-virus solutions.

Antimalware features may not match those of competing products, but they still deliver good protection. The software uses two approaches to detect viruses and other threats: using a database of known threats as well as monitoring programs’ behavior – it has even earned certification as VB100-certified malware detection solution.

Users have expressed disappointment with System Mechanic’s user interface, which hides menu item names until you hover over them. Others claim it does not detect all of the bloatware slowing down their computers; one user reported System Mechanic was even able to detect security threats that other programs missed.

iolo’s System Mechanic offers various packages, with their most comprehensive product being Ultimate Defense at $320 annually – perfect for protecting devices against online threats! Additionally, this option comes equipped with password management capabilities, making this an excellent addition to iolo’s System Mechanic suite or purchased independently.


Installation is quick and painless with the help of the iolo download manager. After downloading an installer file, open it up and follow its prompts – if prompted for an activation key paste it in and click “Activate Now.” System Mechanic Ultimate Defense can be installed on as many systems within your household as desired.

iolo’s website is user-friendly, and their download manager allows for seamless installation. When finished installing, a window will pop up with links to license manager and Iolo support center where users can obtain assistance if any issues arise while using their software.

System Mechanic’s features are tailored to increase PC performance. Memory Mechanic helps free up memory by uninstalling unnecessary programs, while Program Accelerator sorts used data by app for quicker load times. Startup Optimizer detects programs which slow startup times and removes them while NetBooster optimizes internet connections by finding fastest DNS servers in your area and optimizing Windows Internet settings to increase upload and download speeds.

System Mechanic features other useful tools, including Cleanup for clearing away temporary files and junk, Defrag for defragmenting hard drives in order to increase read/write speeds, Secure Registry which protects against malware entering the registry, Backup and Restore which creates and restores complete images of your computer in case it needs rolling back, as well as an optional Backup/Restore function that creates and restores copies if need be, plus Backup/Restore which creates backup copies should any problems arise that require rolling back your PC backward in terms of speed or read/write speeds; Finally if all else fails then System Mechanic has a Backup/Restore option which creates and restore images so as to rollback back your hard drive if need be and Restore which creates and restores complete images backed up in case something arises and it also creates/restore options as needed and Restore option in case of such needs; plus Backup/Restore feature which creates and restores complete images just in case!

System Mechanic may be just what your PC needs to speed up! A top-rated tune-up utility with an extensive set of features designed to keep it in optimal condition, its one-click power tools can fix issues, boost speed, eliminate crashes and errors as well as silently maintain it while you’re away, while patent-pending ActiveCare silently maintains your PC while you’re away – with weekly tune-up definitions making sure you always stay current.

Final Words

System Mechanic is an all-in-one utility program that offers powerful maintenance tools, system optimization services, performance tuning options and protection from speed-robbing threats. As one of the top program suites when it comes to increasing PC performance, System Mechanic often appears at or near the top of relevant comparison charts on leading testing websites.

System Mechanic Professional stands out as an impressive computer utility program with more than 50 diagnostic, repair and optimization features. Thanks to iolo Labs’ Tune-up Definitions(tm), System Mechanic can intelligently adapt its suggested fixes according to each individual user’s setup and profile.

System Mechanic can do much more than fix errors; in addition to correcting them it also performs tasks such as deleting temporary files, cleaning duplicate files and uninstalling junk downloads. Furthermore, System Mechanic can improve hard drive speeds by eliminating program conflicts efficiently managing system memory management; similarly it can increase PC Internet speeds by reducing network congestion and optimizing bandwidth use.

The program can even optimize settings within the Windows registry database, which stores important system data and settings. By making sure this database does not contain any errors or corrupt entries, errors and crashes should be minimized as a result. In addition to optimizing registry settings, this software also conducts full system scans that identify any potential problems and issues with your system before providing you with a detailed report displaying all findings easily on screen for you to fix them yourself.

Users can utilize System Mechanic’s Program Configuration Tool to further tailor its recommended fixes, for instance applying either OptiCore or RamJet settings depending on your CPU capabilities or memory installation. Furthermore, Tune-up Definitions will automatically be updated so as to deliver accurate and efficient results.

System Mechanic stands apart from similar utilities by adapting its recommendations based on each computer’s individual configuration and setup – making it more effective than competing products.

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