TagScanner Review


TagScanner is an application that helps you efficiently and tidily organize your mp3 music archives, featuring four primary functions – music renamer, tag editor, tag processor and list maker.

This program can perform batch ID3 tag editing operations, rename music files based on their tags, retrieve song lyrics from online databases and embed cover art. Furthermore, its interface is multilingual while system resources usage remains minimal.


TagScanner is a comprehensive program with all of the functions you need to organize large music collections. The software enables you to rename and edit ID3 tags in MP3, FLAC, Ogg, APE, WMA, Wav and MP4 files as well as lyrics and cover art if available. Furthermore, TagScanner allows batch renaming for large groups or searching Amazon or Freedb for missing information if relevant.

This program supports many popular audio file formats, such as MP3, OGG, Musepack, Monkey’s Audio FLAC AAC SPEEX WavePack TrueAudio WMA. Renaming and editing operations can be performed quickly using this app; scripts can even be created and applied simultaneously across multiple files. You can modify text as needed; use case conversion options; make word transformations between forms of words and add various symbols into filenames – plus many more features!

Additionally, this software features a comprehensive suite of utilities such as a tag processor, list maker and cover finder. These utilities allow the software to automatically fill tag information based on scans from the Internet or filename or text file and generate playlists in M3U, TXT, HTML or CSV formats; additionally, import information from existing databases or custom lists is supported as well.

TagScanner stands out from many similar programs by having an intuitive user interface that is well-organized and straightforward to navigate. When selecting any function to perform, an easily navigable tabbed menu with all relevant parameters and options for that action will appear. Furthermore, you can customize its appearance further by choosing between various color schemes or adding custom toolbars.

This program is licensed as freeware with a donation link on its developer’s website and works on Windows systems. Portable mode makes this tool highly portable – you can run it from a USB drive and take it with you wherever you go! Although not as robust as its competition, this tool still provides useful tools for organizing your music collection.


TagScanner is an application that makes organizing your music collection effortless. Its core functions include editing tags of most modern audio formats, renaming files with tag information embedded, and generating tag information directly from filenames. Furthermore, this program supports downloading album information from freedb or Amazon databases as well as featuring an advanced TAG editor with batch functions and special features as well as playlist creation capabilities.

TagScanner can begin by scanning the contents of all songs located within a folder, then you can choose which tracks to edit before selecting your preferred renaming format (for instance %title%+%author%) renaming may take some time depending on how large your music library and selection list are.

One approach is to set up a filter which automatically applies specific settings to your selection of tracks. You could, for instance, use filters that only select songs with particular lyrics or specific instrument counts as well as filters which group files by customizable criteria.

TagScanner not only features these functions, but it also allows you to export playlists as HTML or Excel documents, download and embed cover art directly, create folder structures for organizing music archives and enjoy basic audio player capabilities. There are various configuration options within TagScanner; however, its user-friendly interface makes learning it quick and painless.

In our tests, this software performed all tasks efficiently and without hanging or crashing during our evaluation. Furthermore, its system resource usage performance was also highly satisfactory; making this an excellent choice for users looking to ensure their music collections are properly labeled and organized. It comes highly recommended for anyone wanting a superior music collection management solution.


TagScanner is a free MP3 software for Windows that enables you to organize your music collection in an organized fashion by editing tags, renaming files using tag information and gathering meta-information from online databases such as Discogs, Amazon, TrackType and MusicBrainz. Furthermore, the program supports multiple audio file formats including MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC FLAC APE Monkey’s Audio WavePack and OptimFROG as well as running in portable mode.

Features of this application include a tag editor accessed through its main window; batch tag processor; list maker and an explorer. Its main window provides access to these tools while its batch tag processor, list maker, list maker and explorer capabilities allow for creating or editing songs or albums quickly and efficiently, while its explorer provides quick access to folders, files and playlists; additionally it can display songs which contain specific keywords/tags. Compatible with either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows computers this app may be used.

This program can automatically rename file and folder names by examining their tag information, import tag data from text files, perform word replacement/case conversion within files/tags, download music covers from the Internet as well as detect embedded lyrics to display in separate windows.

Before downloading and installing any program, there are a few considerations you must keep in mind before starting to download and install it. First, ensure your computer meets the system requirements for that program. Second, be wary of programs which appear like TagScanner but actually contain malware which could interfere with normal computer operations; these programs often get installed onto computers via Trojans or spyware and can be difficult to uninstall.

If you suspect malware on your computer, one way to remedy the situation may be using Windows’ built-in System Restore Tool. This feature allows you to return to a point before you installed a program; or use it to remove obsolete ones; but before making this choice it is wise to back up all personal files first!


If you have an extensive music collection on your computer, it can be daunting trying to organize and locate specific tracks. TagScanner is a free Windows software program that helps rename and index music files as well as download cover art from online databases like FreeDB or Amazon.

This program can rename MP3 files automatically by populating their metadata with information sourced from the Internet, helping to clean up and organize your music library by eliminating duplicate files. It supports many file formats including MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA AAC Monkey’s Audio WavPack OptimFROG SPEEX; even tags files based on folder or other tags to easily reorganize them into an organized library.

Use this software to manually edit tags of your music files. Alternatively, create and import text transformation scripts for renaming files – these scripts can contain any number of commands to rename multiple audio files at once! This feature makes using mass file changes much simpler.

TagScanner can do much more than simply rename files: it can import text from other files, search albums by their track titles or lyrics, create playlists with user-defined formats like HTML or Excel and export them as a file on USB drive without installing software! And unlike its competitors, TagScanner offers all this without being installed!

TagScanner stands out from competing MP3 tag editors by being free and open source, making it an attractive option for users seeking an easy-to-use and secure tool. Other useful MP3 tagging programs are MusicBrainz Picard and TigoTago which all aim to be intuitive while supporting different file formats.

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