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TaskbarX is a desktop app designed to breathe new life into the Windows taskbar. It offers various customization features, including centering icons and applying acrylic effects.

This free tool enables you to personalize your taskbar using built-in styles. In addition, you can adjust opacity or change its background color using gradients.


TaskbarX software enables users to personalize the Windows taskbar appearance, including changing icon positions and appearance as well as adding animations and special effects. This is an effective way to add a unique look and make it more visually pleasing for you and others using your computer.

As it can support multiple monitors, making it simple to adjust the taskbar and icons across different displays, it also enables users to set different background colors for taskbar and icons – further increasing aesthetics while improving productivity.

TaskbarX stands apart from similar taskbar enhancement programs in that it is free and doesn’t require registration or subscription for use. Compatible with all versions of Windows OS, TaskbarX’s lightweight design makes use of minimal resources while guaranteeing optimal performance in commercial environments.

This program features five styles that can be applied to a taskbar. One notable feature is its ability to animate icons as they move into place; there are also options such as making the taskbar transparent or adding acrylic effects.

With this feature, users can control the speed and effects of animations. Furthermore, they can customize their computer’s interface according to their specific needs with features like vertical taskbar layout or creating vertical layout. Furthermore, this program features a delay setting that is ideal for those with slow Internet connections.

TaskbarX stands out from its peers by seamlessly integrating with other programs, like Chocolatey, to ensure updates are downloaded and installed as planned. This feature can be especially beneficial in environments where multiple people collaborate on tasks simultaneously.

Noteworthy is the application’s support by an engaged community and constant improvement efforts from its developers, who aim to deliver high-quality products that surpass customer expectations while simultaneously addressing any potential issues in commercial environments.


If you want to make your taskbar more organized and visually appealing, TaskbarX could be just what’s needed. This free software offers many features to enhance the desktop experience – centering taskbar icons, acrylic or blur effects and much more are just a few examples of its abilities. Plus its developers offer lifetime updates so it will always keep pace with Windows releases as well as user feedback!

The application is compatible with Windows 10, as well as older versions, including Windows 8. Unfortunately, Mac OS X is currently unsupported by this app. Compatibility between versions makes the app especially appealing for IT professionals working across multiple systems at the same time, as well as making it more reliable and stable than competing programs.

TaskbarX is an economical choice for IT professionals and other advanced users, not requiring any extra software or plugins – completely free! No default settings or registry changes occur with TaskbarX running on Windows 10, and its functionality rivals that of more costly programs such as ObjectDock Plus.

TaskbarX is an essential application for Windows users looking to enhance their desktop visual experience. Its elegant yet simple design creates a contemporary, modern atmosphere while improving desktop aesthetics. Furthermore, animation effects can be added to taskbars as well as transparency levels transforming a standard Windows desktop into an eye-catching workspace.

Furthermore, this program is highly adaptable and can be used to design custom layouts tailored specifically to different monitors. Its transparency feature can allow users to easily see folder contents without having to open them first; additionally, users can hide start buttons and reposition mouse cursors to maximize screen real estate.


TaskbarX is an invaluable tool when it comes to customizing your desktop experience, offering endless customization possibilities and features. As a free utility for Windows 10, TaskbarX allows users to center icons and add animations while customizing its appearance of taskbars – open source so you can make custom effects! Installer doesn’t change system settings or registry, making uninstallation effortless when no longer needed.

To install TaskbarX, follow the prompts in the setup wizard. It will ask for your choice of folder where to store the program before extracting and opening TaskbarX Configurator to allow customization of settings. Its main app can then be found on your Start menu with shortcuts added for easier accessing both.

This application offers many customizable features, including blur and acrylic taskbar effects, position adjustments for taskbar elements and animation duration/delay settings configuration. Furthermore, users have the option of making their taskbar completely transparent, which helps reduce screen glare.

Users can customize the color and shape of their taskbars, using corner radius and section control options to alter curvature and segmentedness respectively. Furthermore, total opacity levels can be set anywhere from 100 percent to zero and even set the background with specific images or patterns.

Other features include the ability to toggle Windows Explorer visibility in the taskbar – an especially helpful feature if you frequently work with folders on their desktop computer. Furthermore, this app can also be configured to launch automatically at startup with its process pausing for up to a specific number of seconds, making it especially helpful if your computer takes longer to boot up than expected.

TaskbarX developers regularly release updates with new features and bug fixes, both via its official website and within the app itself. Staying current is key as outdated versions could cause compatibility issues as well as other complications.


As an IT professional, gamer or regular Windows user, you may have tailored your desktop environment to meet the unique requirements of your work or entertainment. From changing wallpaper to match your avatar in gaming to fine-tuning taskbar icons – whatever suits your fancy is sure to find its place on your desktop! For extra control over their desktop they may consider downloading TaskbarX; this program enables them to adjust taskbar settings as well as animate icons on taskbar.

This application is a free-to-use tool that enables users to modify the appearance of their taskbars. Compatible with all versions of Windows and both 32- and 64-bit systems, its user-friendly interface offers access to an assortment of settings and configurations. Notable among its many capabilities is its ability to center taskbar icons at a user-defined offset from center, providing greater customization of elements such as Start menu, search bar, task view left tray icons clock. In addition, options exist to change taskbar background color or add transparency or blur effects for extra customization of elements like Start menu, search bar etc.

Users can take advantage of this software to reposition taskbar icons by moving them right or left of the center line, setting animation styles and speed of their animation, as well as switch back to Windows taskbar on maximized windows.

Users can quickly and easily install this application by double-clicking on its installer file and following its on-screen instructions, then choosing their destination folder and clicking “Install.” Installation should only take minutes; once complete, users can set their preferences in its user-friendly interface before experimenting with different configurations to find what best fits them. Moreover, Tray icon allows them to close out of it quickly or change back to standard taskbar if necessary.

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