TeamViewer Review


TeamViewer is an innovative remote access solution designed for businesses. This innovative remote access software offers desktop and mobile access, chat, video conferencing, file transfer capabilities and much more – perfect for keeping work moving along smoothly without interruptions or downtime.

To connect to another computer, open TeamViewer on one device and enter its ID or string of characters from another into its text field before clicking CONNECT.


TeamViewer takes security seriously for both remote teams and individuals working online, and offers numerous features to keep your data protected against cyberattacks – these include secure channels, data encryption and two-factor authentication as well as password changes options and block/allow lists to avoid malicious attacks.

TeamViewer’s secure channel encryption provides an essential protection feature, protecting data between endpoints from being intercepted or altered in transit by any unauthorized parties. Moreover, the private key never leaves client computers, meaning even routers that relay it cannot decipher it.

This allows a user to securely connect to the right device, which reduces hacking and data theft risks. Furthermore, the software updates regularly so any new vulnerabilities can be fixed quickly. Having such features installed can be particularly beneficial for businesses employing remote workers or employees who use mobile devices for work as it reduces attack points.

Users looking for added protection can utilise two-factor authentication, which requires them to install a compatible authenticator app before initiating their connection. This adds another level of defense against brute force attacks used by hackers to break into accounts and obtain passwords.

Trusted Devices provides users with another layer of security by allowing them to add devices, browsers or IP addresses directly from a list to which only they can connect – this means even if an infiltrator gain access, their password won’t work on it since only devices on this list will work properly with it.

TeamViewer also features Allowlist and Blocklist features, which give users more granular control of security by enabling them to curate lists of authorised IDs and accounts that can access a device from multiple locations or companies, making remote control simpler as well as restricting access for specific partners or companies.


TeamViewer for business users provides an array of functions including device monitoring, software deployment and asset management. It features a simple interface which is user-friendly but could prove confusing for those without much technical experience. In addition, iOS devices often prompt for disconnection/reconnection prompts which may become irritating when not attended to regularly.

GoToAssist and Rescue Lens offer similar remote access features as TeamViewer; however, their versatility does not match that of TeamViewer. TeamViewer enables remote connections with multiple parties sharing controls of devices simultaneously to increase productivity and workflow in the workplace; faster resolution of technical problems means greater customer satisfaction with lower support fees costs.

TeamViewer offers another advantage by running on any platform, including mobile phones. This can be particularly advantageous to businesses serving mobile customers as it allows them to resolve any issues quickly in real-time. Furthermore, TeamViewer can be used across networks to monitor and manage devices for monitoring or managing purposes or troubleshooting problems more efficiently.

TeamViewer makes starting up simple and straightforward; just install both its host app on the device you need accessing and its full app on technician devices, enter their host IDs to begin remote connection sessions and save multiple connections for future reconnection. Furthermore, TeamViewer features many helpful functions like locking screen display pause session sharing.

TeamViewer may offer some advantages, but the company has recently come under scrutiny due to a few high profile incidents. YouTube video blogger Linus Sebastian documented calls from TeamViewer at unsociable hours trying to convince him to switch from his perpetual license to subscription model; although Linus later decided on an alternative product; this incident underlines the need for greater transparency and improved communication from TeamViewer.


TeamViewer remote access and connection software package is an ideal choice for individuals who want to help family or colleagues with tech issues from home, while its paid packages feature advanced capabilities like mass deployment capacities and more channels for simultaneous work.

This application offers many add-on features, such as mobile device support and the capability of connecting to computers with limited internet bandwidth. No matter your requirements, be sure to explore each option thoroughly before making a decision; be mindful when comparing prices for different features as you don’t want any unexpected upgrade pricing surprises later on!

TeamViewer allows users to quickly establish remote connections between two devices within seconds. The application works by creating a secure tunnel between endpoints and transmitting data through it; additionally, TeamViewer can identify restrictions placed by firewalls or security systems to protect sensitive data from being exposed to third parties.

TeamViewer stands out among other remote desktop services with its versatility of running on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other systems, making it ideal for IT teams working across various locations with various devices and operating systems. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and quick performance make it popular among both users and IT professionals alike.

TeamViewer offers three commercial packages that each feature different features and pricing options, starting with its free personal version that supports up to five devices; its mid-level plan provides licenses for up to 15 managed devices as well as IT support over the phone; while its largest plan caters to businesses with over 30 licensed devices and unlimited channels to allow simultaneous work.

TeamViewer may offer many advantages to businesses; however, it may not be suitable for every organization. Since no single software solution can meet every company’s needs perfectly, it may be better to select one with key functionalities that match up and evaluate options carefully later.

Thank goodness there are other remote desktop software solutions that offer similar functionality as TeamViewer, such as GoTo’s website or reading online reviews. Some solutions may even have additional features not offered by TeamViewer that you might find more appealing than TeamViewer itself.


TeamViewer software enables businesses of all sizes to utilize an effective remote support tool for computer issues, tech mishaps and device failures that threaten productivity and revenue losses. On-site technicians may be costly; with TeamViewer they can access and fix problems remotely from anywhere around the globe.

Security features of this program include strong password protection, brute-force attack detection and a system to restrict multiple users from accessing a single computer at once. Furthermore, its management console offers IDs, passwords, chat histories and connection logs management features for easier management across platforms including Android devices as well as Chrome, macOS and Windows-based computers.

One useful feature is its ability to transfer files between computers. This enables businesses to collaborate more easily on projects with clients and colleagues while making communication and file sharing simpler – especially beneficial in businesses that rely heavily on file sharing. Unfortunately, however, there can be some drawbacks with this tool, including its high price tag and potential lag issues.

GoTo offers several alternatives to TeamViewer that provide similar functionality, such as GoToAssist and Rescue Lens. These apps are designed to help solve technical issues quickly while offering customer service support; plus they come equipped with state-of-the-art security protocols.

TeamViewer servers are housed in state-of-the-art data centers certified under ISO 27001 to ensure both your and your customer data remain safe. Each data center offers multi-redundant carrier connections and redundant power supplies, and are monitored 24/7 with video surveillance, motion detectors and 24/7 monitoring by experts utilizing industry standard hardware.

TeamViewer also utilizes an extra security measure known as “Trusted Devices,” which adds another step to the authentication process for each device that connects with your computer and prevents unauthorised users from connecting without your consent; you can easily switch this off. Furthermore, all data transferred using TeamViewer is encrypted ensuring its safety and reliability.

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